Hurraw! vegan lip balm rocks my world!  »

I am so popular at work right night. Even more popular than I already was! Which was very popular. Why? Because Hurraw! sent me a bunch of lip balms to try for free and they sent me so many, I decided to be charitable and see what the omnis around the office thought. THEY ARE OBSESSED. Like, the office manager just ordered 12 more tubes online. And everyone is saying it’s their new favorite lip balm. 

They are very light, not waxy or greasy, and my lips have been so soft. My favorite is the almond one because I love almond smelling things. I also like the cinnamon tint one. It gives you a very subtle tint. I was worried it would sting because it’s cinnamon? But it didn’t at all. Totally smells cinnamon-y though. And I like the Ayurvedic one I tried, Vata. It smells like almond too AND it has a pretty label. 

You can order right from the site. I highly recommend them! Order a few extra for your work friends and boost your social profile. 


Bare Bones Beauty Are the Skin Products for Sensitive Vegans  »


Um, so that’s all of us, right? Damn sensitive vegans. 

Bare Bones Beauty is a line of skin products developed by vegans for people with sensitive skin. There’s cleanser, toner, moisturizer, and lip balms, and they’re all made of very few ingredients you can pronounce and feel amazing on your skin.

Since using them, I haven’t had any itchy red skin or breakouts. I don’t know if it’s coincidence, but it just is. If you’re looking for something super simple to clean, tone, and moisturize your skin, you’ve found it. Also, the logo is an adorable skull and crossbones with bubbles on its head. The whole thing is just so (vegan) quiche, I can’t stand it.  

Full disclosure: I received these for free, but I will definitely pay for them in the future. 

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