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Happy new year, everyone! In honor of the passing of the 2013 calendar year, we here at Vegansaurus have compiled a list of our favorite vegan finds of the last 12 months. Keep in mind some of the products were not necessarily new to the market, just new to us! What better way to celebrate the new year by discussing what we loved in 2013? Okay fine, pizza, champagne and friends is pretty good way too. 


I’ll start with myself because I, Jenny, am very excited about this list! I would like to be a gentlewoman, but I’m going first. In no particular order, my very favorite vegan finds of 2013 are as follows:

  • Green New American Vegetarian
    A super restaurant in Phoenix, Arizona! My pal Britney and I stayed in Phoenix two nights, on a trip to see the Grand Canyon. We ate at Green three times. I need to make it back in 2014 for their Big Wac burger and “cream cheese crab” puffs. Nami bakery, another vegan spot, is located right next door and they are so much fun to follow on Instagram (@namivegansweets). 
  • New Vegan Skincare Finds
    On the skincare front, I discovered
    Too-Faced mascara and Own eye cream! Vegan beauty life-savers! 
  • Olives for Dinner
    More specifically, Erin’s recipe for hearts of palm crab cakes! I love them so much, I make them constantly. You may not know this, but I’m kind of the vegan seafood queen. At least that’s what Holly, aka Veganadian, has dubbed me, and I’m taking it! 
  • Artisanal vegan cheeses
    Last but certainly not least. My two faves this year were the smoked
    Punk Rawk Labs cashew cheese and Kite Hill’s White Alder. I’d pick some up for my NYE party, but I don’t like sharing them! 

Now onto the rest of the Vegansaurus crew! 


  • Best vegan cheesesteak
    Spak Brothers in Pittsburg. The seitan was perfectly sliced thin and fried crisp, with just the right amount of mayo and daiya cheese, and a perfect bun. Worth the road trip!  
  • Earth Balance’s new cheese puffs and popcorn
    Probably the most addictive new food products to hit store shelves…ever? [JB note: Thanks, Rachel! Just picked some up because now I can’t get them out of my head!]
  • The Northface Thermoball Hoodie
    The best synthetic alternative to down puffies ever made. My day job,
    Backpacker Magazine, gave them an editor’s choice award; I’ve got one and it rocks! 

Sarah E. Brown:

  • Defiant Daughters
    Defiant Daughters: 21 Women on Art, Activism, Animals and the Sexual Politics of Meat. [Our Sarah was one of the contributors!]
    I was thrilled to put to paper some of the many ways that Carol J. Adams’ work has impacted my life and activism career, and to share how my relationship with my brother Asher grew due to our mutual love of Carol’s book The Sexual Politics of Meat and shared commitment to veganism!
  • I am Healthy" juice
    From Cafe Gratitude, at Larchmont in LA . It’s pretty standard with kale, celery, cucumber and lemon juice but you can’t beat it.
  • Brussels sprouts
    I totally fell hard for
    Brussels sprouts this year; I blame Vedge Restaurant


  • Viva La Vegan grocery express
    In Santa Monica. VEGAN GROCERY STORE: need I say more? They have every vegan item you could imagine!
  • Sophie’s Kitchen vegan crab cakes 
    Jenny Bradley turned me on to these and 
    they are SO good in vegan “fish” tacos. [JB note: See everyone?! I am the vegan seafood queen!]
  • Follow Your Heart’s fiesta blend shreds
    They equal nacho and quesadilla heaven! 
  • The tofu “egg” salad on gluten-free bread from Flore.
    This is the sandwich of the century! 
  • Stuff I Eat restaurant
    In Inglewood, CA.
    Definitely in my top five fave vegan restaurants ever. They have a variety of comfort foods, and raw fare. It’s reasonably priced and the staff is SO nice and welcoming. 


  • Stuff I Eat restaurant
    It’s vegan soul food! I’ve never had such hospitality at a restaurant before. They told us everything about the food and were genuinely interested in how long we had all been vegan. One of the cooks even came out and sat down at our table! 
  • The Bad Ass breakfast sandwich from Locali
    Not that I found it 2013, but I moved to LA this last year and it was my go-to during my move. I’ve taken all of my guests there, out-of-towners especially. [JB note: it’s true, he took me to Locali to get one before he, Caroline and I hiked to the Hollywood sign a few weeks ago! It’s scrumptious!]

Megan Rascal:

  • Wynn hotel 
    A vegan mother-loving oasis. 
  • Center City Soft Pretzel Company
    My fave Philly soft pretzels are vegan! AND YOU CAN GET THEM SHIPPED TO YOU!
  • Paulie Gee’s
    The Greenpoint, BK favorite has an extensive vegan menu and their vegan ricotta is out of control! 
  • Gristle Tattoo
    And more generally, the joy of vegan tattoos!
  • My new vegan friends Jess and James
    The dynamic duo, are just the coolest most best and show me lots of great vegan food and terrible, terrible 90s music. [JB note: there is such a thing as terrible 90s music?]
Stuff I Eat restaurant made it on the list twice! Something tells me Andrew and Caroline went there together (probably because I saw the pictures on Instagram). If they love it, I’m sure it’s fantastic! What a fun list, and seeing it, I now know I have a whole bunch of new stuff to try out in 2014 (soft pretzels delivered to me and faux down??? YES PLEASE, THANK YOU). What were your favorites? Any of ours? Let us know what you discovered and loved in 2013! Happy new year, peeps!  
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Los Angeles vegan eating, in pictures! I love L.A.! I love it!  »

I was recently in L.A. taking meetings just to eat (lez be honest), and here are some of the really, really delicious things I ate. As usual, I turned to Quarrygirl for advice, because girlfriend knows her vegan eating, and I was not led astray. Man, I ate so much, I really love Los Angeles. On the travel panel for Vida Vegan Con (miss you, VVC!), we were asked what our favorite vegan eating city is, and most everyone said Portland (valid) or New York City (valid), and I had to be the sole voice of dissent (I’M SO BRAVE), and went with Los Angeles. Seriously, the vegan eating in L.A. has really stepped it up, and it’s UNSANE. We’ve written about it before, but here’s more. In pictures. And words, I guess, because I can’t shut the fuck up! 

All this shit is delicious and I highly recommend eating it immediately:

1) AMAZING Vegan Reuben (Quarrygirl says it’s her favorite in L.A.!) from Locali:

2) MIND-BLOWING Biscuits and Gravy from Flore Vegan Cuisine:

3) SO DAMN GOOD Fried Mac and Cheese Balls (!!!), Chef Salad, and Bahn Mi Spring Rolls from Sage Organic Vegan Bistro:

4) EXTREMELY TASTY Chicken Caesar Wrap from Veggie Grill:

5) Case of delicious house-made vegan meats at Vinh Loi Tofu. YOU MUST GO HERE:

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