Humpback whales are pop music geniuses!  »

As any yoga-loving hippie weirdo (HUGS) will tell you, humpback whale songs are the most relaxing way to decompress while you’re posing in svetlana or whatever it’s called. satsuma. saunasauna. The relaxing pose. Anyway, now we know more about what exactly the songs are!

David Rothenberg, a musician and environmental philosopher, writes:

The mainstream scientific view about humpback whale song is that it’s all a kind of pop music evolutionary strategy; that the whales all like the same hit song, but it has to be a continually changing new “hit.” Just like humans listening to Top 40 radio, quickly getting bored with the latest chart topper and always craving the next variant.

They’re creating their own hits! Suck it, Adele, these whales are rolling in the deep, FOR REAL.

[photo, “A female humpback whale and its calf,” by OAR/National Undersea Research Program via NYT]

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