Eat new flavors of Coconut Bliss; gain 10,000 pounds!  »

Coconut Bliss has four new flavors. I already had a mega-ladyboner for the existing ones, so I flipped at the chance to try them. (Dear Luna & Larry: I would flip at the chance to re-try all the old ones, like, a million times each as well, thanks.) You asked for my thoughts? Oh, you didn’t? Well, TOO BAD:

Lunaberry Swirl: This is your typical crystalline berry-flavored swirl in vanilla base. It’s got blueberries, strawberries, and blackberries without that weird texture that makes berries gross (I hate fruit). The flavor is pretty mild, and the whole experience reminded me of those single-serving ice cream cups with the wooden spoons they’d give you at ice cream socials. Help me out, guys: What were those called? It’s driving me bananas! Fruit joke!

Mocha Maca Crunch: It’s crunchy, all right; my jaw is like the Hulk now. It contains maca (revered by Aztecs or somebody for its energy- and libido-boosting properties), mesquite, coffee, and cocoa nibs. Lucky for me, the coffee flavor was not too strong (I hate coffee; related: I’m an alien). The texture was pleasant, but it could have used a soft swirl (fudge maybe?) to balance out the crunchiness.

Chocolate Walnut Brownie: This has real brownie bits! I’m in heaven! They are gluten-free and soft and chewy! My dream has been realized! Also, I don’t always love chocolate-flavored stuff or even chocolate itself (I know! What is wrong with me?!), so I was pleased that I enjoyed the chocolate base. It’s probably the best chocolate ice cream in the biz, yo.

Ginger Cookie Caramel: This one was the winner. You didn’t know it was a contest? Surprise! Soft, molasses-y, gluten-free cookies pair up with an uber-yummy caramel swirl. The ginger flavor is really strong, so if you don’t like ginger, you are dead to me you won’t like this. This ice cream brings back memories of that one time I made gingerbread cookies except less disastrous.

Go to your local Coconut Bliss-carrying store and stockpile that shit, along with my all-time favorite flavor, Cherry Amaretto (hooray, alcohol!). Stuff into your face, and be happy.


Coconut Bliss, we love you!  »

So, you’ve heard, we’re headed to SXSW! Vegansaurus is ready to take over Austin and eat everything in the city and tear some shit up. I’m not exactly sure what we’re going to tear up but it’ll probably be vegan tamales from Mr. Natural. Oh! Also, I’m speaking about veganism online. Fancy! If you’re attending, please come to the panel and be my friend. We’re gonna be doing all sorts of fabulous giveaways, too. Including an opportunity to win some free fabulous stuff from Luna & Larry’s Coconut Bliss (which we LOVE), one of our righteous sponsors! Yes! And when we get back from SXSW, we’re gonna do a taste test with their new flavors (you can also WIN SOME RIGHT NOW), which we are crazy excited about because HOLY SHIT MORE ICE CREAM PLZ.

 We are thrilled that Coconut Bliss is one of our sponsors because we are nuts about the product and think they’re the greatest best. Woo!
Naked Almond Fudge, I love you the most of all.

If you’re in the mood for even more SXSW inspired deals, check out our Twig & Leaf Botanicals 20 percent off coupon!


Luna & Larry’s Coconut Bliss in Cappuccino! PLUS FREE ICE CREAM!  »

Over at, they are hosting a Luna & Larry’s Coconut Bliss giveaway! One lucky vegan can win five coupons for free pints of Coconut Bliss. OMG! This is great timing since I was JUST about to write about my new favorite thing: the cappuccino Coconut Bliss. It’s the sheezy! Well, it’s not as amazing as the coffee-flavored ice cream I had in Italy in my pre-vegan days, but it’s the first vegan coffee-related flavor I’ve found and it hits the spot! I like my coffee ice cream to be like straight-up black coffee flavored and this is a little weak. But it’s very creamy; it has a great consistency, much better than other vegan ice creams I’ve had. Sometimes they are more icy and crunchy than creamy, but not Coconut Bliss. There is definitely a bit of coconut flavor and I’m not a superfan of coconuts, but it doesn’t bother me so don’t let the coconut turn you off. Another bonus: it’s got all fair-trade ingredients, including the coffee for the cappuccino one. Yay!

So, fatties (OK, skinnies too) go enter! And if you win, there’s no reason why you can’t share one of your FIVE free pints with, I don’t know, MEGAN RASCAL! HOLLER AT YOUR GIRL!

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