Maggie Mudd closing: Last day is Sunday, Apr. 3  »

Our worst fears regarding Maggie Mudd's closure have come true* BUT, owner Michael tells us:

[W]e’re not entirely closing MM but transitioning to an online-only cake service, as we have now. We just won’t be keeping the retail shop. We’ll be rolling out a new website in the next several days. All the old vegan options will still be available.

Since MM won’t be entirely going away, there’s a chance it’ll appear on the street again somewhere. The currently location is really not the best, since it’s so far away from one of its core audiences.

I’ve also had some discussions with one vegan restaurant owner in the area about keeping the product flowing to the vegan community.

So, all hope is not lost! There are still cakes! And still the chance they might open in a new location! Keep hope alive! It’s a major bummer that we won’t be able to hike up Cortland for a waffle cone sundae from a surly teenager, but that’s just one more reason to buy many cakes and support the crap out of them so they’ll set up shop in one of the empty storefronts on Valencia. Maybe even where American Apparel was supposed to go? OMG REMEMBER THAT? Fucking Mission.

Anyway, today we mourn. But tomorrow? TOMORROW WE FEAST! For there are many cakes to eat before we are done, and we are not quitters. I will not stop eating ice cream cakes until it fully funds a new location or I’m buried in a piano box.**
Maggie Mudd character cake (LOVE THOSE THINGS) from digiyesica! Hi digiyesica!

*Probably lots of our other worst fears have come true but this is just about ice cream.
**Preferably face-down on top of Bruce Vilanch! Oh the (mostly awful) jokes we’d tell!


The Vegansaurus Diet: Laura!  »

I was inspired by Meaverly and La Rascal to do a Vegansaurus Diet. So I did. BAM:

Monday, Jan. 24.
shake (chocolate flavor mixed with water) and coffee with coconut creamer. The thing with Vega is, it tastes DISGUSTING but makes you feel SO ALIVE. I’ve never had a protein shake make me feel the way Vega does. Seriously, I feel like I could punch out Superman! I want to puke while I’m drinking it (it does not help that it looks and smells like puke) but afterwards, my head is clear, my eyes are bright, and I have weird amounts of energy. Freaky.

Lunch is my patented “Couscous Surprise.” Actually, Jonas patented it but I innovate on the base so ANYWAY. What I do is, I put Israeli couscous, half a Field Roast Chipotle sausage, some broccoli, a dash of olive oil, a little vegan chicken broth powder, some nutritional yeast, spices galore, and water into my rice cooker and BAM! half an hour later, Couscous Surprise! This dish is very tasty and delightful. Highly recommended. My lunch dessert is a pear. BORING, it’ll get sexier/fatter at dinner, I promise.

For snack I had one of those high-fiber fruit bars from Trader Joe’s. They’re all right-tasting and full of fiber!

Dinner was the new Loving Hut on Irving in the Inner Sunset with the lovely Eve Batey. We split the Ocean Basket (deep-fried vegan fish and green beans and mushrooms), a mango salad, and this tofu veggie vermicelli thing. Oh, and fried bananas and ice cream. Everything was okay, if a little bland. And then later when I got home, I had a piece of leftover Maggie Mudd ice cream cake. Delicious. God, I love that fake frosting flavor, I have such horrible taste in everything.

Tuesday, Jan. 25
Since it probably took you half an hour to read about my Monday, I’ll get more succinct up in this bitch. For breakfast today, I had a vaginal exam. After that, I enjoyed two cups of coffee with coconut creamer, a molasses cookie, an apple, and a pear. Lunch is chia seed gravy with tofu, spinach, and broccoli over quinoa! Love that chia seed gravy. I snacked on TJ’s fruit leather and one of those delicious maple leaf cookies they sell. Dinner was cooked at my parent’s house so we could watch downloaded legally recorded Big Love. We made spaghetti with a zucchini and mini heirloom marinara and the Trader Joe’s meatballs and a big salad with Sabra spinach and artichoke hummus and some herb slab bread. It was all very delicious and OMG BIG LOVE SO SCANDALOUS.

Wednesday, Jan. 26
A bowl of Trader Joe’s Oh’s (or whatever the fuck they’re “cleverly” named) with almond milk, a pear, and coffee with coconut creamer. BAM! For lunch, I had last night’s leftover spaghetti and two diet Hanson’s sodas. I love soda, one of my new year’s resolutions was to drink more of it and I’m no quitter! Except when things are hard! Then, I had a TJ’s Laxative Fruit Leather. For dinner, homemade Mac and Cheese with quinoa pasta and loads of broccoli (my own recipe, it’s the bomb, one day when I’m feeling less lazy, I’ll share it with you)! The last of the Maggie Mudd ice cream cake which ended up giving my funky tummy. I will also say that I was at Maggie Mudd’s the other night and they only had TWO vegan flavors on the board WTF? Oh, and BEER. I enjoyed some beer. 

Thursday, Jan. 27
Coffee with coconut creamer, laxative bomb fruit leather, and Trader Joe’s Oh’s with almond milk. I totally forgot to have lunch because it was a crazy crazy day and  was starting to feel shaky, so I stopped at Whole Foods and picked up some cucumber and avocado sushi (what’s up, Rascal!), a Synergy kombucha, a banana, and a ProBar. Ate everything but half the ProBar but not because it’s gross, just because I was full. I stopped in the downstairs cafe to eat like a proper human and they were doing wine tastings. Nobody else was indulging so the wine lady poured me three giant glasses of wine. No clue what the wines were but this is probably because I had three huge glasses of wine. Cheers! For dinner, I met with two wonderful ladies, Amanda and Leda, for Vietnamese food in the place that’s where Yum Yum House used to be on Valencia (it’s now on Divisadero!), Thanh Tam II; we split spring rolls, tofu with string beans, white rice, and veggie noodles. It was pretty all right. I think if I still lived nearby, I might get it for delivery, but no, in this neighborhood, I prefer Sunflower for Vietnamese food. Sometimes people complain about our mainly positive restaurant reviews but the thing is, we mainly review the places we really love. Or that really suck. Maybe we should do more places that are like, O-KAY. I dunno? Thoughts? I AM VERY SLEEPY, GOODNIGHT. 

Friday, Jan. 28
Vega + coffee with creamer! Lunch is chia seed gravy over broccoli and multi-grain crackers with eggplant garlic dip. Late afternoon snack is roasted Brussels sprouts (olive oil, salt, pepper, balsamic vinegar; roast at 425 for 20 min!). 6 p.m. rolls around and I’m craving chocolate like crazy so I make a pan of Fat Bottom Bakery fudge. Waiting for that cool because I want some before I go see a movie with my mom tonight. I’m gonna fall asleep during it, guaranteed. Now, MORE WORK! Goodnight, sir.

Saturday, Jan. 29
Coffee with coconut milk creamer. A million episodes of Breaking Bad. Made some chickpea “tuna” salad (YUM) and ate that and Sabra Spinach and Artichoke Hummus (YUM) with multigrain crackers. Then, I indulged in some of yesterday’s fudge. I packed it in. I really love FUDGE!! Then, I cuddled Hazel and took a nap—not really food-related but digestion-related. Next, picked up sushi and soba and goma-ae and edamame and miso soup from Cha-Ya in Berkeley and took it to Minty and Damien's house to meet their 3 day old baby, who is named Sally, and is beautiful and perfect in every way. I wish I was a baby, what a life! All just eating and sleeping and people cleaning you and hugging you constantly. It's like I always say: It's a baby's world, we're just living in it! Oh, this is a good time to mention that I also had two glasses of wine. Red wine! Heart healthy! Anyway, delightful visit with delightful people (and dogs and cats) and then so, we came home for more Breaking Bad and cider and garlic fries. GARLIC FRIES!!! Now, fudge? Or, sleep?

Sunday, Jan. 29
Coffee with vanilla soy milk! Then, some dried mango and a carrot. Fast-forward to lunch, which is Souley Vegan gumbo (delightful spiciness with okra, tofu, and seaweed), collard greens, southern fried tofu, and mashed potatoes with gravy, split with Jonas. Followed by some vegan gummy worms. For dinner, we made Red Curry with Rice and Purple Kale. I’m really loving that recipe, except I used hemp seed oil as the oil and it’s my first time cooking with it and it has a gross-ass fishy smell. NO ME GUSTA. 

Monday, Jan. 31
Having a down day today so it’s time to eat! Actually, today didn’t motivate me to eat so much as cry in a corner. Anyway, I made myself hot chocolate for breakfast and ate some leftover red curry for lunch. I had an apple and four Candy Cane Joe Joe’s and then I wasn’t super hungry or motivated so I had some chickpea salad for dinner and a big glass of soy milk. Th-th-th-that’s all, folks!

[Cha Ya photo from Yelp; maple cookies picture from VegNews!]


GIVEAWAY OVER! Davey won! Woo! Vegansaurus Giveaway: 5 Free Sundaes or Shakes at Maggie Mudd!  »

So, the deal is, we hella bought too many of these groupons. And now we have WAAAAAY too many of these coupons that get you 5 free shakes or sundaes at Maggie Mudd (delicious!) and no time to use them all. This expires February 28th, 2011 so you’re gonna have to get to eating fast. Which you might want to do anyway because Maggie Mudd is hella for sale (BUY IT!!) and so WHO KNOWS WHAT TOMORROW WILL BRING!?

For a chance to win FIVE of those bad boys, let us know your ideal weight. The bigger the better, folks. This ain’t Weight Watchers*. Winner chosen AT RANDOM WITH SPECIAL FAVOR GIVEN TO BIGGER NUMBERS. J/k, we use so whatever. This will end on Friday, January 21st, because you need to be using these coupons STAT!

*That said, if it were, the people at Weight Watchers would be FUUUUUCKED. And probably a whole lot happier.


Attention rich vegans: Maggie Mudd IS FOR SALE!  »

Yo! Do you have mad cash and love ice cream? Buy Maggie Mudd! And turn it all vegan! DO IT! I don’t have many more details than that but if you are interested in knowing more, email Michael Juarez, the current owner. A vegan HAD to buy it, because what if some asshole buys it and takes away all our ice cream!? I’ll cry 1 million rivers/set this town on fire!!

Until then, let’s all stare at this picture of this crazy-ass iPhone cake that Maggie Mudd made for our Megan Allison’s birthday like 50 years ago. Like sand through the hourglass: these are the days of my life PASSING ME BY OMG I’M SO OLD.


Quick-Ass San Francisco Bay Area Thanksgiving Guide!  »

You guys! We’ll add to this but for real right now, here’s what you can do if you have no family because of distance or fighting or deaths or what have you. HERE GOES:

Restaurants serving vegan Thanksgiving!
Millennium is having an amazing Thanksgiving meal, as always. It’s $60 ($30 for kids under 12!), and the menu looks unsane. Go on, get fancy!

Souley Vegan is doing a special Thanksgiving menu (info is further down the post). I’m hoping for a veganized deep-fried turkey leg. I wanna get Medieval on your asses! 

Café Gratitude returns with their FREE VEGAN THANKSGIVING! No matter that it’s raw, it’s free! I mean, you’re already vegan, might as well become a full-on holiday meal weirdo. Oh, and it looks like you might have to work? But, er, FREE FOOD!

If you want to get a meal at a supermarket and bring it home, check out:
Whole Foods
 varies what it offers store-to-store. Our pals in Los Angeles, quarrygirl, got the Whole Foods dinner last year and looooooved it. Search by store location on their site, or give your closest store a call and find out what they’re offering!

Andronico’s has a pretty rad deal at their eight Bay Area locations! They’re introducing a vegan meal this year and it sounds delicious:
Field Roast: Wild rice, cranberry, fig and grain roast en croûte (1 pound)
Roasted root vegetables (1 pound)
Vegan yukon gold mashed potatoes (1 pound)
Vegan mushroom gravy (½ pint)
Cranberry orange chutney (½ pint)
Vegan pumpkin pie (6 inches)

It’s only $30 for all that awesome food! GET ON IT! 

AND NOW: it’s DESSERT TIME! That means PIE!!
You can get vegan options at Mission Pie (order ahead!), Bike Basket Pies (OUR FAVORITES! Best pie in the Bay Area! Order ahead!), or pick one up at Rainbow Grocery or Whole Foods. Also, check out all our our local vegan bakeries and see if they might make you up something special? Bet they will! A cake from Sugar Beat Sweets? Cupcakes from Fat Bottom Bakery? A giant cinnamon roll from Cinnaholic? A toffee treat from Wholesome Bakery? Nabolom Bakery has lots of good vegan options! There are pies and Weekend Ruiner cinnamon rolls from A Fire Inside. Idle Hands Baking Company makes cupcakes and cakes if you aren’t a pie person. Or get a pumpkin pie ice cream cake from Maggie Mudd—that flavor’s coconut milk-based, it’s intense. The options are endless, but you better call now!

Also, if you don’t want others to do the dirty work, you could totally make your own fabulous Thanksgiving, lazy!

Now, let’s get fat, American-style! Happy Thanksgiving!

[photo credits: top, QuintanaRoo; middle, digiyesica; bottom, sweetbeatandgreenbean]


Spekuloos Spread is COMING TO AMERICA ALL RIGHT!  »

Actually, it’s already here! If you haven’t previously indulged, it’s basically a concoction of crushed-up cookies and magic. You spread it on everything and it makes it better! Including OTHER COOKIES. Melisser is obsessed with the stuff and turned us onto it, and we’ve been nuts about it since. Before, it was only available in Europe but now you can eat this shit on everything in the U S of A! AMERICA FUCK YEAH!

Order a bunch and eat cookies topped with cookies TODAY!

And speaking of sweet treats, Groupon has a Maggie Mudd deal, $20 for $40 off a VEGAN ICE CREAM CAKE. Don’t stop, get it, get it!


50 percent off a Maggie Mudd ice cream cake. It’s simple, you pay $25 now and get $50 off a cake later. And not just any cake, a heavenly vegan ice cream cake from Maggie Mudd. It looks like you have until Thursday, July 29th (that’s tomorrow!), at midnight to buy it so anyway, make it happen, cap’n. 
[Above photo is of my Maggie Mudd b-day cake this year, as designed by Jonas to feature all my favorite things. Imma Wario, Imma gonna win! Further, thanks to Andrea for the tip!]

50 percent off a Maggie Mudd ice cream cake. It’s simple, you pay $25 now and get $50 off a cake later. And not just any cake, a heavenly vegan ice cream cake from Maggie Mudd. It looks like you have until Thursday, July 29th (that’s tomorrow!), at midnight to buy it so anyway, make it happen, cap’n. 

[Above photo is of my Maggie Mudd b-day cake this year, as designed by Jonas to feature all my favorite things. Imma Wario, Imma gonna win! Further, thanks to Andrea for the tip!]


Here’s a couple super cute kids going all nutso for vegan ice cream at Maggie Mudd. Really cute. Man, kids love ice cream and candy. Have you seen those marshmallow experiment video? Kids literally start to go crazy if they can’t eat candy that’s put in front of them. I wonder what happened to the woman who led them into the room and told them not to eat the marshmallow? Probably dead. Also, I think the kids who can’t resist the marshmallows are supposed to have really poor impulse control and go on to become homeless and serial killers and stuff. If that’s the case, then I’m Charles Manson because HOLY CRAP MARSHMALLOWS!!!! (vegan, of course!)

Thanks for the tip, Joel! You got a tip? I BET YOU DO. Email us!


Can I get a what-what for $1 Wednesdays at Maggie Mudd!?  »

Just wanted to inform/remind yall that Wednesdays are $1 cone days at Maggie Mudd. If that won’t get your fat ass up Cortland, MAY GOD HAVE MERCY ON YOUR SOUL.

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