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Have you voted yet? There aren’t a ton of animal- or food-related measures on the ballots this year; still, it is important to vote. It’s not always easy or clear, but we have to make an effort.

We used Ballotpedia to research the propositions, just like last time, but for further information you can check your local secretary of state’s site, or your preferred nonprofit political group’s voting guide (i.e., Vote411 from the League of Women Voters). Because this is Vegansaurus, we’re limiting our guide to animal-related issues.

Alabama: Amendment 1YES—maybe!
Why: We don’t understand the complexities of the Forever Wild Land Trust, but it seems good, and the World Wildlife Fund is for it. Alabamans who know more about the FWLT should opine.

Arizona: Prop. 120 - NO!
Why: Arizona appears to be full of jerks who think they can do whatever they want to anyone and anything within their borders, just because they’re Arizonans. This could undermine all kinds of federal protections on public lands, including those on wildlife. Shades of Prop. 109, eh guys? Quit being stupid jerks already.

California: Prop. 37 - YES—maybe!
Why: Honestly, there are good arguments for and against Prop. 37, but ultimately we are really uncomfortable voting in agreement with Monsanto, so, provisional yes.

Idaho: HJR 2 - NO!
Why: This amendment “forever preserve[s]” the right to “hunt, fish, and trap” in Idaho, which makes it immediately gross to us, but it would also make it more difficult both to protect the populations of the animals being hunted, fished, and trapped, and to conserve other wildlife.

Kentucky: House Bill 1 - NO!
Why: Again, guys, “mandat[ing] that hunting and fishing should never be outlawed in the state without the vote of the people” isn’t going to make there be more animals to hunt and fish.

Maine: Question 3 - YES!
Why: It appears to make it easier to buy land for protection and preservation by the state? Save the land and its wildlife!

NebraskaAmendment 2 - NO!
Why: For the billionth time, amending a state constitution to protect your residents’ right to hunt forever and ever is ridiculous pandering to hunters. Also, “stat[ing] that public hunting, fishing, and harvesting of wildlife shall be a preferred means of managing and controlling wildlife” rubs us the wrong way. You gonna take up hunting cats to reduce feral populations, too? Gross.

Mountain Lion Hunting Permit Measure - NO!
Why: It sets up a fee-based lottery for mountain lion hunting permits, without limiting the number of permits or specifying recipients of the money raised by the lottery tickets. Also, we hate hunting.

North Dakota: Measure 3 - NO!
Why: It “calls for a constitutional amendment that would block any law ‘which abridges the right of farmers and ranchers to employ agricultural technology, modern livestock production and ranching practices.’” In other words, it is a big Fuck You to any future farm animal protection legislation, through the state or federal government. This is because North Dakota is afraid of the Humane Society.

Measure 5 - YES!
Why: No, it doesn’t extend its protections far enough regarding the animals or the abuse, but it is far better than the law now. Plus it is supported by adorable North Dakotan animals, which is a weak reason, but still valid.

Oregon: Measure 81 - YES!
Why: If you’re going to allow fishing, better make it harder to overfish. Honestly, Oregon, are you looking to fish wild salmon to extinction?

Wyoming: Constitutional Amendment B - NO!
Why: This is the fourth HUNTING FOR ALL FOREVER ballot measure in this election (just like 2010!), which we find pretty gross. What are you hunters so afraid of, that you think you have to amend your state constitution to protect your right to kill (mostly) wild animals? This type of legislation is a slap in the face of every citizen without equal rights. How dare you put the rights of animal-killers ahead of any other human being? You’re all fucking jerks.

Good luck, compatriots! Please, get out there and vote!

[Photo by Jocelyn Augustino for Obama for America via Flickr]


Save Pete the moose! The Man wants to “remove” him and his friends!  »

This is Pete with his BFF. Pete’s story in a nutshell, from Pete himself:

I was attacked by dogs and mauled when I was about five days old. Some nice people took me to David and he nursed me back to health. Fish and Wildlife told the people who found me to let me die. They couldn’t bear to just leave me there. David has been my best friend for the last 14 months. A nice man named Doug has a 600-acre ranch that is fenced and he lets me stay here along with about 120 other deer and moose that have gotten through the “state designed and approved” fence. Now that we are here, the Department of Fish and Wildlife wants to destroy us.

Poor Pete! More:

The Vermont DFW wants to destroy Pete and the other animals there. Part of Pete’s diet comes from from animal feed. Because of this, Vermont state officials claim animals there could contract something called “Chronic Wasting Disease,” a brain ailment that affects deer-like animals, and which can be spread through feed. And so the DFW would like to “remove” the deer and moose that now inhabit this property. And by “remove,” they mean “kill.” They have known about us all along, but they didn’t care to try and help out a long time ago. 

 WE NEED YOUR HELP TO SAVE PETE! We DO NOT want Pete destroyed! We DO NOT want Pete in a zoo! And we want the Governor to put whatever promises he makes about what will happen to Pete to be put in writing!

I don’t know anything about Chronic Wasting Disease, but if this can be passed by feed, do venison farms not use feed anymore? I looked into this, and had a bunch of info on CWD: For one, people aren’t really sure how it’s contracted—it’s only their best guess that it’s from feed. Two, “Assuming all feed companies are complying with the FDA ban [on using rendering products in feed], commercial feeds commonly used to supplement the diets of captive/farmed or wild cervids would currently be free of CWD infectivity.” So instead of destroying the animals, can’t they just make sure they are buying approved feed? If the Vermont DFW wants to shut down Pete’s home, they should have to shut down all the venison farms too—let’s see if that happens! Another important thing to note: there’s no evidence at all that it can be spread to humans. FYI.

What you can do: Sign the petition, spread the word, buy some Pete the Moose merchandise to fund the cause and show your support! 

UPDATE!: Vegan Yack Attack just alerted me to this note on the petition page: “Success — Pete isn’t going anywhere! Your signatures helped lawmakers decide to keep Pete alive and with the people who care about him”

They could have put that on the home page before I got all worried! But I’m glad this story has a happy ending. And how cute is Pete?

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