NPR does vegan: Bryant Terry recipes and more!  »

Last week, with everyone on vacation and news slow, NPR’s Morning Edition deigned to do a two-part series about veganism. Coverage is coverage!

In part one, Renee Montagne interviewed “wellness expert” Kathy Freston, who explained the reasons to be vegan in a smart, succinct, non-threatening way. Nice work, Kathy!

In part two, chef, cookbook author, food justice advocate, and Oakland resident Bryant Terry represented with recipes. Hollah!

"It isn’t all brown rice and steamed vegetables," says Renee Montagne. I’m just going to assume she’s pretending to be ignorant for the benefit of her ignorant listeners.

Best part of the interview: two recipes from Bryant’s most recent book, The Inspired Vegan! His black-eyed peas in garlic-ginger-braised mustard greens, and molasses, miso, and maple candied sweet potatoes sound perfect for chilly winter nights. Check them out on the NPR website, or maybe just buy his book, because you know it’s full of good food, and suggestions for excellent literature and music accompaniments.

[photo by Jennifer Martiné/Da Capo Lifelong Books via NPR]


Big news! Some beltway Subways now have three vegan sandwiches!  »

And we’re not talking about “all the vegetables on mustard-slathered bread,” either, because that sandwich is boring. Compassion Over Killing’s got the scoop: The three sandwiches are called the Sweet Riblet, the Malibu Greek, and Italian Black Bean, and the “Italian” bread is vegan, and that’s all we know!

Have you tried a vegan sandwich yet? Let us know! We don’t usually long to live in the D.C. area, but today, we’re totally envious. Eight franchises are offering these sandwiches; find them at COK!

If you are dying for vegan Subway in your neck of the woods (and we know you are!), contact the company via WeLoveSubway and ask, firmly and politely, for the vegan options you need. SANDWICHES FOREVER!

[photo by Compassion Over Killing]


Special for veg-friendly omnivores: get a job!  »

The SF Weekly recently laid off its restaurant critic, and is searching for a new one. Want the job? We want you to have it! Obviously, we can’t; that’s why we have Vegansaurus, right? Right. But you, careful, considerate omnivores who for whatever reasons haven’t given up your animal-unfriendly diets yet, certainly could!

I know, it sounds insane, vegans encouraging you to eat meat. Well, we’re not, exactly; what we’re thinking is, we need more mainstream restaurant critics who enjoy vegan food, and understand that you can eat very well without animal products. If you’re going to have to review new dead-cow and dead-fish restaurants, you could try the veg options at those places, or at least note if there are any. I tend to skip the reviews in publications of all sizes, not just because they almost never review vegetarian or vegan restaurants, but because they usually don’t even address the concept of not eating animal products. People like us are left to figure everything out for ourselves, which is ridiculous; if you want to increase your audience (I’d say “sell more papers” but the Weekly is free), broaden your range. Include us. Our demographic spends a lot of money on food; we’re interested in what’s new and delicious, and we love to read good food writing. How about throwing us something other than a bone?

So omnivorous readers, and readers with omnivorous friends, what do you say? An actual writing job has opened up at an actual publication; all you eligible people should apply, already.

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