“ Siebert deftly explores the connection between violence against animals and other forms of violence, but he avoids the implications. The article mentions that children who witness violence toward their family pet “suppress their own feelings of kindness and tenderness toward a pet because they can’t bear the pain caused by their own empathy for the abused animal.” That would appear to be exactly what people do whenever they sit down to eat. No matter how hard people pretend not to, we all know what happens to the animals who end up on our plates. What does our willing ignorance of this violence toward billions of animals do to us as a culture? „

From Mariann Sullivan’s (she’s the deputy chief court attorney at the New York State Appellate Division and former chair of the animal law committee of the New York City Bar Association and the current love of my life HANDS OFF PEOPLE) excellent letter to the editor in response to the New York Times Magazine article, “The Animal-Cruelty Syndrome”. 

It just sums everything up perfectly. I hope every snob who reads that paper (WHO READS THE PAPER, LAURA!??! You have a point, Dear Reader.), sits down to their steak dinners with maybe a small thought of how screwed up their plates are and how we’re ALL part of the huge, fucked-beyond-words problem. What is this doing to us as a culture? I have a few guesses and that Tolstoy quote, “As long as there are slaughterhouses, there will be battlefields.” keeps coming to mind.

Ugh, how do we fix us? I guess I will start with a few cupcakes at today’s East Bay Vegan Bakesale

[Hat tip, Sarah! Thanks, lady!]

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