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Move over, San Francisco! Make room, Berkeley! San Jose is a hotbed* of vegan activity. There’s a little bit of something for everyone in downtown San Jose regardless of your reason for coming here, be it a nerd-fest comic convention, a quick pit stop on the way home from scoring weed in Santa Cruz, or that you actually live here (YES, AWESOME VEGANS DO LIVE DOWN HERE**). If you’re into hipsters straight off the SJSU campus, head over to Good Karma for some honey-free baklava—IT’S THE SHIZ. If you’re into some Asian awesomeness with a touch of cult-creepiness, head over to Vegetarian House for some non-dairy FRIED ICE CREAM. If you’re into cute girls in nurse costumes (AND WHO ISN’T?) then head over to Psycho Donuts for some unusually flavored vegan donuts.

Psycho Donuts is the newest vegan-friendly addition to downtown San Jose, and this fat vegan’s new obsession. They offer two vegan donut choices: one constant, and one that changes weekly. The RazVeganPucker, available every week, has a strange combination of freeze-dried berry powder and lime juice over a cake base. The special when I went for reviewing purposes was a cake donut with blueberry frosting and fresh*** blueberries on top. Both donuts were tasty, and clearly marked vegan.

Psycho Donuts’ asylum theme is complete with kitschy Halloween-esque d├ęcor, including eyeball lights and traffic cones. If you’re in the mood to release some aggression, ask for some bubble wrap to pop; they always have a stash handy. Their hours are amazing—open before I wake up, and closed after I go to bed. They also offer soymilk with their organic Tony’s coffee and Numi tea. With plenty of seating both indoors and out, you can be sure to find a table. There is no need to worry about parking, if you’re not lucky enough to live within walking distance, as they are located at the base of a parking garage, and offer validation. My only complaint is that they need MORE VEGAN DONUTS, both in options and quantity. I’ve been there three times since they opened a couple of days ago: once they were sold out (TRAGIC!), and the other two times their vegan stock was dangerously low. So if you want to guarantee yourself a feast of donuty goodness, make sure to call ahead and place an order.

*By “hot”, I mean sunny, sweaty, find-me-some-air-conditioning hot!
**If, like me, you live in the Valley of Silicon, holler at me! I’m always looking for awesome vegans to hang out with.
*** Fresh fruit on a donut; so WRONG, and yet so RIGHT!

Marie Dadap is a fat vegan extraordinaire whose life won’t be complete until someone makes a vegan brie. You can reach her at marie [at] dadap [dot] net. All these awesome photos are by Marie, too!

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