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Pooches for Pigs? Dogs for Hogs? Canines came out for porcines in force this week at our rally to ban gestation crates in New Jersey. The rally took place at Monmouth County SPCA and garnered attention from the Asbury Park Press and Click here to see some excellent (as well as very cute) photos! Additionally, the Courier-Post editorialized in favor of our campaign, concluding “New Jersey’s lawmakers have already stood up for mother pigs who can barely move. We urge them to take one more step to outlaw cruelty.”

Big names are also joining our NJ campaign, with Martha Stewart calling on state lawmakers to do the right thing, saying of gestation crates, “This is torture, and we shouldn’t permit it to be inflicted on anyone, especially animals who have done nothing to deserve such callous punishment.” And my friend and MUTTS comic creator Patrick McDonnell has an op-ed today on the NJ campaign that’s a must-read, as well!

If you missed Washington Post humorist Gene Weingarten’s piece last week in which he awards a meat industry lobbyist with a “George Orwell Award,” now’s your chance to see it.

Finally, if you like free food, cute dogs, and beer gardens, I hope to see you at the DC VegFest tomorrow!

Video of the week: Why do cats always feel the need to knock everything over?

Photo of the week: 20-year veganiversary!


This is Nigella Lawson making breakfast bruschetta on television. It’s vegan, but she doesn’t use that word (it’s scary!). So how do we know this even exists? Our new favorite YouTube channel, Accidentally Vegan!

Some beautiful vegan genius culls the whoops-it’s-vegan recipes from the thrilling/terrifying orgy of animal products that is (most of!) the Food Network and uploads them! Imagine serving your nervous friends and relations something vegan and amazing, quelling their fears of kale six ways by casually mentioning, “Oh this?I got the recipe from Guy Fieri/Bobby Flay/Ina Garten/Nigella Lawson/Martha Stewart/etc. ad infinitum!” and watch their faces relax, lulled into accepting your vegan offerings by the implicit promise that it can’t be weird, it was on the Food Network.

Accidentally Vegan is doing the lord’s work. Follow her blog/Twitter/YouTube and thank her for calling attention to the glory of vegan recipes on basic cable. 

[link via One Green Planet]


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It’s Paul Shapiro’s Animal News You Can Use! Yay!

Like good news? Here you go: Americans are eating 12 percent less meat than we were just five years ago. For real. Interesting takes by Mark Bittman and Forbes on the issue.

Not so good news: Six states—Florida, New York, Minnesota, Iowa, Indiana, and Nebraska—now have “ag-gag” bills pending in their legislatures; the bills seek to criminalize whistle-blowing at factory farms. See what Wayne Pacelle’s got to say on the topic.

In better news, did you see that Martha Stewart’s speaking out for farm animals? Check her out.

Back to bad news: In a sickening display of the foxes guarding the hen house, the North Carolina Department of Agriculture leaked confidential info about an upcoming cruelty raid on a Butterball turkey facility in advance. Weak.

And finally, some really good news: Video of the week: Rat and cat sharing. I’ve seriously watched this thing like five times now. It’s just amazing.


You know I love Martha Stewart! So check out her new PSA against factory farming. Go Martha! I think I’ve already said everything before that I can say about Martha Stewart so I guess I’m kind of tapped out. Um, well, I love her! If she becomes vegan I will die a million times and go to heaven over and over. 


Fuck yeah, Kathy Freston!  »

I’m hearing lots of vegans talk smack about Kathy Freston, and I get it. I don’t think I’d want to hang out with her (or maybe I would, do you think she’d buy me a Prius if I lost 10 pounds?) and I don’t totally understand her kooky rich-person ways but DAMN, she’s reaching a shit-ton (technical term) of people! Do I wish someone else repped veganism on Oprah and Martha? Yes, I do. But I’m also beyond stoked that she’s out there doing it. The fact is, if Kathy Freston weren’t on Oprah, NO vegan would be on Oprah. They’re friends, I think her husband might own part of Oprah’s network/soul, and you know what? I trust Oprah. Call me crazy but she’s motherflipping OPRAH. She knows what she’s doing! You don’t become Oprah without knowing a thing or two about EVERYTHING.

I know the Oprah vegan episode wasn’t 1/20th of what a lot of us wanted, but you can be damn sure that many people went vegan that day. And you know where they’re gonna head? To the internet to learn more! That’s more people buying vegan cookbooks, reading vegan blogs, and becoming radder people. It makes me want to service Freston sexually. Seriously, the vegans of the world should all be going in on some kind of gift for her. If you don’t think I’m sexy enough (SCREW YOU I’M SEXY), how about a pool boy? Some stock in Gardein? One-tenth of her next salon visit? Let’s brainstorm!

As far as the honey-on-Martha thing, I think Megan’s response is spot on. Yeah, Freston should’ve said something, but she’s a person with flaws, just like you and me. I mean, Martha didn’t even trust Freston to supply her own recipe for the show: they made someone else’s! How sad is that? And what does that tell you? Martha does not suffer fools; clearly she was all, “FRESTON! STAND HERE! DON’T TALK! IF YOU MISBEHAVE, I’M EATING YOUR GENITALS!” You guys, no joke, Martha is fucking terrifying. I would not step to her, and I’m made of NO FEELINGS and cold, hard steel (underneath my layers of sexy chub!).

I agree, it’s annoying that Freston is basically a spokesperson for Gardein, but you know what? THAT SHIT TASTES GOOD. People already know about vegetables; what they don’t know is that as vegans, they can still have comfort food like mac and cheese and hot dogs! She’s like, “Check it out, you can have your cake and eat that same cake covered in facon and Vegenaise! BAM!” I do wish Freston wouldn’t harp on veganism as a weight-loss diet. It’s the only thing about her I have a problem with, and yes, I’ve heard her laugh. I think Freston fell into the trap because she’s naturally skinny and so she has no clue what it’s like to be fat. No amount of vegan food is going to make a fat person skinny. Uh, unless it’s a very small amount. Sure, if you were eating a REALLY unhealthy S.A.D. before going vegan, and you switched to a whole-foods diet with major portion control, you’re gonna drop the pounds,* but that’s a restrictive DIET. It doesn’t have much to do with veganism, and Freston freely admits that she’s ALWAYS been skinny. Girl, you know your weight ain’t got nothing to do with veganism so quit your frontin’, and let’s eat some vegan Twinkies.

Let’s face it: Rich, famous people rule the world and right now, Freston is our vegan lifeline. Maybe she’s not doing things exactly how I would but that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t be getting a tattoo of her face on my back. The thing I ultimately give a shit about is who is helping the most animals, and Kathy Freston and her cheesy (tight!) ass are saving a lot of them. We can make fun of Freston all we want (and how!) but at the end of the day, only one of us has a bestselling book,** appearances on Martha and Oprah that are convincing thousands of people to eat more meatless meals and go vegan, and is laughing all the way to the bank. Where she probably has them open the vault so she can roll around in her piles and piles of money. The rich get richer, for realz. I don’t totally accept that, but I understand it’s the current way of the world (we’re all going down in flames!) so to Freston I say: You go, girl. I’d Jazzercise with you any day!***

DISCLAIMER: I know this post is dated but I’m busy and sometimes it takes me awhile to get around to shit so you know, catch me in a couple of months and maybe I’ll have an opinion on who killed Laura Palmer!

*At first, but you’ll gain that shit back the second you discover Coconut Bliss VEGANS AM I RIGHT?!
**Where is my g-d book deal?! I’ve got some motherfucking wisdom to impart! I’m over here dropping truth bombs and there ain’t a Simon or a Schuster in sight! And where’s Penguin?! I’m assuming that company is run by a very well read penguin with the power to make or break authors like Salman Rushdie and Shakespeare. Yo, Penguin! Holler at your girl! I will totally hook you up with a little top hat!
***Fit is IT, baby!


Top 10 links of the week: a rollercoaster ride through veganism!  »

[Deer and Goose are BFF. Your cute animal viral video of the week!]

Ecorazzi had a post today where they quoted yours truly! In Martha Stewart, Honey and the Great Vegan Debate, they discuss the state of honey in the vegan community. Is honey vegan? Do bees count? Go comment and weigh in!

From City’s Best, “10 Meatless Musts in San Francisco." Vegansaurus is about to drop a similar list so be on the lookout. Ours will of course be not only informative but also the funniest ever.

Recently, Huffpo did a piece about the best sandwiches in the U.S. and none were vegan. Now they’re all vegan! Huzzah! A bunch of vegan bloggers—like, everyone besides us—created vegan versions of each sandwich. Maybe next time we’ll be included, eh? Just kidding! Cooking is for the womenfolk.

Our Hen House (who I hear was at the Martha Stewart episode with me but I didn’t meet them!) has started a cool endeavor, The Gay Animal Series, about the relationship between gay rights and animal rights. Check it out! You will feel so cultured and smart, you can skip the next This America Life! Which works out great for me because when you rehash the episode to me in detail, that’s not actually a conversation.

The Village Voice has an NYC guide to tofu—imagine that! I love me some tofu so I’m all over this one. It’s all the best tofu from various restaurants throughout the city. I haven’t been to any of them. How come you never take me out anymore!

Head over to A Soy Bean for a recap of the NYC Vegetarian Food Fest last weekend. Treehugger has a review too but no pictures! There’s a few videos, but no pictures? We love the pictures! Abby Bean has a ton of pictures. Pictures.

Cheeky Chicago has a nice post on how to make a variety of vegan cheese-substitutes. Walnut Parmesan Sprinkles? YES DEFINITELY GIVE IT HERE.

For a little homespun fun, check out Laura’s The Week in Vegan at SF Weekly. Leave a comment, let her know you care! And let SF Weekly know we vegans are plentiful and emotive.

Babe in Soyland has a great post about veganism and the idea that it means AUTOMATIC weight-loss. Here’s a taste: “People need to know that vegans come in ALL shapes and sizes and that fat vegans (the ones I’ve met are proud to be both fat and vegan) aren’t doing something “wrong” in their vegan diets. There is no “stereotypical vegan”—unless the stereotype is having awesomely low cholesterol.” Read it and tell me what you think.

Finally, from Lovely Bike, a list of vegan bike saddles! That means bike seats. I’m partial to this first one they’ve picked out, it’s the hotness:


The Martha Stewart vegan episode! Megan Rascal’s recap!  »

Here I am post-Martha Stewart show! I’m totally Hollywood now and can barely condescend to talk to you guys anymore. Just kidding! It’s the same old me. But the show was so fun! Bad news: she uses honey in her granola bar recipe with Kathy Freston. Good news: she said she’s giving up beef!

So yeah, the honey thing. It was just like, she was adding ingredients to these granola bars and then, all of a sudden, she added the honey! It happened so fast! I don’t know if Freston even had time to say anything! But my heart SANK. It had been going SO WELL up until then. Biz's segment at the beginning was great and his recipe looked super. Freston was kind of peppy and seemed very focused on the weight-loss angle but she was also a font of information. Then BAM! Martha adds the honey. There was a low gasp in the crowd and I buried my face in my hands. Why, Martha, why!

My official opinion: The honey connection is not obvious to everyone so I think she JUST DIDN’T KNOW. SO this should be viewed as an opportunity to educate, not to attack her. The good Martha did with this episode outweighs the bad; she exposed your everyday American to the realities of factory farming! And considering her other episodes use all kinds of meat, eggs and dairy and that she’s not in fact vegan, this episode was a big step forward. I’m sure there will be varying opinions, but that’s mine.

Now for the beef! In questions after the show, someone asked if we’d be seeing more vegan stuff from Martha in the future and she began to talk about a recent experience with some beef she bought:

I didn’t buy it from my regular butcher; I usually buy three pounds of good ground chuck and I took it home—this was from the supermarket—and I rolled it in my hands and my hands were stained red and I vowed I wouldn’t eat beef again…. No really, it was horrifying…. What the heck do they do to the beef that made my hands red? It shouldn’t do that.

Uh, no, it shouldn’t do that. Hey, imagine how many people will give up beef if Martha does! SO MANY! Hopefully she will replace that beef with veggies and seitan instead of chicken and fish. She also said she doesn’t eat veal and that she’s just been slowly progressing toward a more plant-based diet. OMJESUS WHAT IF MARTHA GOES VEGAN?! That would be like the greatest day of my life. It would be the greatest day of the world’s life!

Other things that happened: I was in the very front row and that was close enough to see the beautiful sparkle in Gene Baur’s eyes. Really. It’s quite a sparkle. His conversation with Martha was really great. Did you know she adopted a sheep from Farm Sanctuary? She did. And Baur was totally well spoken and informative. She asked him if they ate the eggs the chickens lay at Farm Sanctuary and Baur’s answer was, “no, because we want to set an example.” Great answer, no? He said they feed the eggs to some of the other animals and Martha was like, “Like what would happen in nature!” So I liked that chat a lot. 

Biz was really good and everyone thought he was hilarious. At one point while they were filming, the stage manager turned to another person on stage like, “this guy is really funny!” So everyone was impressed. Biz made his wife Livia's amazing seitan Bourguignon (I hella just spelled that). And Martha seems totally into twitter. And Laura pointed out that she has a white iPad which is totally baller. Her shoes were pretty too but I can’t speak to whether or not they were vegan. Oh and Martha was totally funny and pretty and great and I LOVE HER.

That’s not all! Check out all the swag I got!:
I’m rich!

All in all, I think it was pretty successful. The honey setback was unfortunate but overall, I think what Martha did to shed light on factory farming was awesome. I hope this snowball keeps rolling! More vegan episodes! More vegans! Vegans, vegans, everywhere!

Martha Stewart goes vegan and we’ll be there!  »

I don’t know if you know this, but I love Martha Stewart! I know, I’ve said it before, but it’s still true. In my younger days, I was basically the Martha Stewart of West Philly. Ask anybody. I was obsessed. Since I became vegan, we’ve been a little distant, but all that is about to change! Your friend Megan Rascal is going to be in the audience for Martha’s vegan episode!!! I AM SO EXCITED I DON’T THINK I’LL BE ABLE TO SLEEP!!! What am I going to wear?! JESUS CHRISTMAS I’M GOING TO DIE!

Hey! I’m back! And I’m calm. So! Do you follow Vegansaurus on twitter? Because 1) we tweet some seriously magical shit on the regular and 2) I will be live-tweeting from the taping! If they let me! Exclusive Martha Stewart behind-the-scenes tweets! If I can get them! Make sure you follow us so you can be “in the know,” as we say in the business. And if you get to watch the episode (10 a.m. on the Hallmark channel. Also, what is the Hallmark channel?), be sure and look out for me in the crowd! I’ll be the extra pretty one with the goofy ecstatic smile! I might have a sign. It might have a marriage proposal. It’s live TV, ANYTHING can happen!


Martha Stewart is doing a vegan episode! My heart explodes!  »

I love Martha Stewart like whoa, so I’m feeling a little overwhelmed since I heard she’s doing a vegan episode. I’m tearing up! I’ve loved her since I was little; I would read her magazine every month and make crazy desserts for my family. Nowadays, she has plenty of vegan recipes on her site! Including vegan Worcestershire sauce! You should make this so we can make vegan Chex mix! Chex mix RULES. I have had a fondness for Worcestershire sauce ever since I was little because there was this great episode of Scooby Doo where the running joke was that he couldn’t pronounce “Worcestershire.” Hilarious! Except now I have no idea how to pronounce it either. Thanks, Scooby!

That’s all very interesting but GUESS WHAT! You can get tickets for the Martha Stewart vegan episode! It’s filmed in New York but I think you SFers should fly over for it! I promise if you do, we can totally get brunch—mimosas on me! I’m not sure which day but it’s going to be filmed this month. I’ve already requested my tickets! WHAT IF I MEET MARTHA STEWART?! OMJESUS I WILL DIE AND GO TO HEAVEN!

Meanwhile, make me this crazy vegan banana tart thing!


Recipe: Roasted root vegetables with rosemary biscuits!  »

Hey pals, once again my mother did a lovely vegan spread alongside the lame turkey and stuff. The vegan mashed potatoes and vegan stuffing were delish but this was the special center of the vegan Thanksgiving at my house! It’s a roasted-root-veggie cobbler-type thing. We made it once many moons ago from a Martha Stewart recipe but I couldn’t find it anywhere! We found some approximations online but we just sort of did it the way I remembered in the end. Well, a very simple version of it.

You just chop up a bunch of root vegetables (and brussels sprouts because I love them!) like parsnips (I’m so into parsnips now), beets, sweet potatoes and all those good things. Mix them up with salt and olive oil, and then roast them in the oven! Once they are all roasted and you know, tasty, add from a half to a whole cup of vegetable broth, depending on the size of your dish. Then you put the biscuit topping on and bake. Use any biscuit recipe you want; I really really love Bisquick so I just did their basic recipe and added rosemary. Boooom! Roasted root vegetables with rosemary biscuits!

[second picture is of the “vegan” leftovers section in the fridge—how cute is my mom?]

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