The beatification of the pigeon  »

Hey young world! It’s the art beat! You know I love pigeons so when I read about this art installation in Philadelphia, I was so excited. Then I was so sad to see it closed on Saturday! We missed the show. But! We can still look at the pictures!

Matt Zigler created The Mobile Museum of Pigeon Culture and History, a pigeon museum in a Pod (you know, those storage containers popular with the college set), to venerate the disrespected bird. Along with the mobile museum, the installation included a series of altars, “Five Saintly Pigeons of the Book of Columba,” to various pigeons with a seed dispenser nearby to provide offerings. Zigler is not fucking around; he set out to elevate these birds to saints. As the bearer of so much public disdain, this is just what the pigeons need! You got to make serious moves. No half-stepping for Zigler and the pigeons—they’re like, “bow down, bitches!” Jeez, pigeons, relax.

Hopefully the mobile museum will travel nearby soon, I’ll let you know. In the meantime, be kind to your local pigeon.

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