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imageHampton Creek Foods is the latest, Bill Gates-backed egg replacer taking over the nation! I think they are coming out with a fake egg at some point? But for now they have used their egg replacer to make vegan mayo AND vegan cookie dough! They sent me some gratis samples to try. 

Let’s just pretend for two seconds that I didn’t immediately eat the cookie dough and had my dinner first. So I hear this is weird, but I grew up eating veggies with mayo. I thought that’d be a good way to test these out. Enter: broccoli! I steamed some broccoli and tried the Chipotle Mayo and the Just Mayo on it. I was scared of the Chipotle Mayo because I’m scared of spicy stuff but I totes liked it! It’s not that spicy, it’s more smokey. Sometimes I find smokey stuff gross and meaty but this wasn’t like that. Just good. 


I liked the plain mayo too. It had a hint of lemon or something and was less sweet than I usually think mayo is but it’s very good. And it wasn’t super heavy like some vegan mayos and there was no weird aftertaste I sometimes find. I give it all my thumbs up! I can’t wait to try it on my next vegan hoagie


But more importantly: chocolate chip cookie dough time! Of course none of the dough made it to the oven (hey, it was just a sample!), I ate it raw. Which is the beauty of vegan cookie dough, am I right? It was totally delicious! Not better than Eat Pastry but I’d say on par. 


In conclusion: why do we ever eat food that’s not cookie dough?

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