Vegans! Enough is enough! Splitting the tab with meat-eaters is jacked!  »


Um, how much do we need this app Tab?! I LOATHE when omnivores want to just divide the bill evenly…I’m like, oh hell no, look at the bill! My pears were 2 freaking dollars!*

I’m serious. First of all, meat generally is more expensive than veggie dishes (and in reality it should be even more expensive than it already is—goddamn subsidies) and secondly, half the time I’m getting hummus when I’m out with omnis! The other half the time, it’s a side salad and fries! I’m not paying the same portion of the bill as some jerk who got lobster sliders and chicken-fried bacon or whatever the latest flesh concoction is. And eff that, I’m not paying for your brie either. You think I don’t want brie? I want brie! I just believe it’s not worth the suffering! And I’m not going to pay for a single portion of that suffering any more! Thank you, Tab! And good day, sir!

*that corn and greens are expensive, right? And you know that salmon was more than $13.70 if the greens are $9.50. Or those greens are seasoned with hella truffle oil. And gold dust. Wilted kale in a gold dust-truffle oil reduction, that’s what I’m talking about. Come at me, bro.

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