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You know, it might just be time to re-think the way our “food chain” is working when we have to start worrying about things like how to best glue tiny, disgusting pieces of animal flesh together into a homogenous substance. Sadly, that has what we’ve come to. “Meat glue” is actually a substance called thrombin, which is derived from pig or cow enzymes, and a fibrous substance called fibrin. It’s designed to basically glue together different smaller pieces of meat into one bigger piece of meat. Yum, right? Well, you’re in luck if you live in Europe, since the European Union just approved the use of thrombin for consumption.

At least the Swedes are kicking up a fuss—the Swedish Consumer Association is protesting the EU’s nod that allows the substance into the food production system. Here’s hoping someone over there will be willing to listen and nip this Frankenmeat thing in the bud!

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