New Vegan Product Alert: Beyond Meat Crumbles!!!  »

Let’s get ready to CRUMBLE!!!!!!

You know how Beyond Meat chicken-free strips make you want to joyously do the chicken dance down the aisles of Whole Foods singing their praises? Enter Beef-free Crumble, stage left. WOOOOOT! 


Beef-Free Crumble “beefy” flavor. “Without the Bull” GET IT?!?

Bonus that they are both GLUTEN FREE and SOY FREE, thanks to the power of pea protein! 

I was lucky enough to go to the Beyond Meat headquarters for their holiday party in December, where Chef Dave Anderson, owner of the late Madeline Bistro, showcased the Beefy Crumble in a Shepherd’s pie. Holy beefless-roni, it was good! 

Don’t feel like seasoning these little love crumbles yourself, no problemo!! Beyond Meat’s got you covered for a lazy taco night with the Beef-Free Crumble “Feisty” flavor


Beef-Free Crumble “Feisty” flavor: killing it in tacos without killing anyone.

I don’t think there are enough exclamation points to truly show how excited I feel about this. (See what I did there???)

Find out where you can buy these beef-freelicious crumbles, NOW!  (If you’re in the LA area, go to Viva la Vegan to get yours!) 


Meat substitutes: Buy ‘em by the mile!  »

A factory says it can make a vegetable-based meat substitute by the mile. BY THE MILE. Do you guys even now how long that is?! It’s 5,280 feet. That’s, like, almost 1,000 Sarahs laid end to end.* It’s really long.

So great news, right? The environment wins, the animals win, our digestive systems win. The downfall, however, is that our taste buds might not win—yet. Those crazy scientists are experimenting with a lot of plants to design just the right combo. The substitute will hit the market in about a year.

Can we get this technology on other shit? Like, tofu by the mile. Or kittens by the mile. Or friendship bracelets by the mile. Vegan shoes by the mile! What else?!

*Ed. note: Sarah has forced me to reference Dorothy Parker: If a thousand Sarahs were laid end to end, I wouldn’t be a bit surprised. Ha! She gets laid! -MR

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