Paul Shapiro presents: Meatless Monday, mischief in Iowa, and HSUS is Hitler?  »

It’s Paul Shapiro’s Animal News You Can Use! Yay!

Want to start your Monday off well? HSUS’s Meatless Monday video won a Telly Award!

The irony of this one really made my day. The Iowa Farm Bureau—the same folks who supported a bill to ban hidden cameras on factory farms—recently had an employee doing something on his coworkers’ chairs that he might not have been doing had he known there was a camera there. What exactly was he doing? See for yourself.

Industry publication Meatingplace isn’t exactly a fan of HSUS. In fact, they recently compared us to Hitler. Well, in their new issue, while they didn’t exactly say they like us, they did editorialize about our gestation crate efforts with words that were quite remarkable. Specifically about McDonald’s and gestation crates, they said HSUS got “the last word in its long argument with the meat industry,” that it’s “game over,”  that “the McDonald’s announcement makes the move inevitable” and that it’s “is a game-changer.” And in the same issue but a separate article, Meatingplace concluded that “HSUS is kicking down crates left and right — not to mention doors.” Boom.

Photo of the week: My cat Sam getting ready in the morning—isn’t he cute?!:

Video of the week: This past Saturday was Cesar Chavez Day. Here’s a great short video of the heroic farm worker advocate speaking about animal protection, including farm animals.

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