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In honor of today’s Meatout, NPR’s The Salt blog got all excited over the rise in vegan meat analogues. According to the Global New Products Database, “110 new meat substitute products were introduced in 2010 and 2011,” and in 2011, sales of frozen meat substitutes hit $267 million.

I know not everyone loves the fake meats, but they’re so tasty. Do you know how many omnivores I’ve turned into Golden Era superfans? SO MANY, is the answer. So many superfans.

What are your favorite supermarket fake meats? I love Gardein’s chipotle lime crispy fingers, and basically every “mock” animal they sell at Asian groceries. (Also Soy Curls, but those don’t count here.) And I don’t think you can beat a sandwich with peppered Tofurky, spicy mustard, pickles, and lettuce. Though Janet Hudson’s Oklahoma sandwich does look insanely good.

[photo by our beloved Janet Hudson of Vegan Feast Catering, via Flickr]

Today is FARM’s Meatout! We totally forgot, what with every day being a meatout at Vegansaurus HQ. Thank goodness we had someone to remind us. The MMU is throwing a party—what are you doing to celebrate?

Today is FARM’s Meatout! We totally forgot, what with every day being a meatout at Vegansaurus HQ. Thank goodness we had someone to remind us. The MMU is throwing a party—what are you doing to celebrate?


It’s time to do stuff! Shut down fur stores, help animals in Japan and join the Great American Meatout in this week’s link-o-rama!  »

Have you been thinking about the animals affected by the earthquake and tsunami in Japan? Well, @FigaroRascal’s favorite paper, the Anipal Times, has posted a wealth of information on how the situation with animals in Japan is being handled as well as what you can do to help. GO! READ! HELP!

Lunch Box Bunch had a post this week with 15 food photography tips! I need to read them. Shut up! I do the best job my iPhone can do.

Bay Area vegan Ai Hiruma-Martinez of If Martha Was Vegan got a recipe published in Rachel Ray’s magazine! Go Ai! It’s a quinoa salad. Pick up your copy of the magazine and tell them you love vegan recipes! In other news: I find Rachel Ray insufferable, anybody with me?

If there’s one thing I love, it’s bechamel sauce! I started following this French blog on twitter and they posted this super-looking bechamel recipe. I plugged it into google translate and it doesn’t look that difficult! What’s your favorite recipe that calls for bechamel sauce? Tell me now! I’m hungry!

The oldest wild bird in the northern hemisphere, a 60-year-old albatross named Wisdom, totally got her groove back! Wisdom has a new chick! She is amazing scientists with her longevity and fertility. God bless you and your libido, Wisdom.

Hey, ever wonder what a gay rights activist thinks about being vegan? Check it out!: Being Vegan is SO Gay!

Hey, ever wonder what Glamour magazine thinks about being vegan? Check it out!: Why is Everyone Going Vegan?

Hey sandwich-lovers! Check out this list of the seven best vegan sandwiches in New York for under $7! GIVE THEM TO ME.

Now here’s something, from, a successful grassroots model to shutting down fur stores! Successful stuff is like my fave.

What are you doing this weekend for Meatout? You are supposed to host a meat-free event and get the people excited about vegan food! DO IT! OR go to an event someone else is hosting like this one in San Francisco:

What: Vegan Feed-in, leafleting, and signs at the March & Rally to Stop the Wars
When: Saturday, Mar. 19 at noon.
Where: UN Plaza
RSVP: Contact FARM’s new West Coast Coordinator, Alex Felsinger;


Give Meat a Break, John Stossel  »

We don’t normally like linking to Fox News, but sometimes they’re begging to get mocked, and we can’t help but oblige. You see, Fox News’s John Stossel, author of Give Me a Break: How I Exposed Hucksters, Cheats, and Scam Artists and Became the Scourge of the Liberal Media, has a really hard life. If it’s not the eco-fascists denying him his God-given right to eat endangered animals, it’s those lazy women mouthing off about how their easy jobs don’t “pay” enough.

This time he’s locked in epic battle against the Forces of Tyranny, in the urban hell-hole known as Cambridge, Mass., where "Vegan Mondays" have been proposed by the city as a way to fight climate change.

In dubbing it “tyranny,” Stossel comes to the startling revelation that Mayor Denise Simmons wasn’t legitimately elected by a democratic process, but in fact seized control of Cambridge by military coup, because that’s what actual tyranny is. After a decade of cheering on racial profiling, torture, secret prisons and other war crimes, Fox News wants us to believe that leaving meat off the menu one day a week is tantamount to jackbooted thugs marching through the streets.

Never mind how much meat production and animal experimentation remind us of the cold, mechanized efficiency of a certain World War II-era regime that will remain nameless, or how island nations like Tuvalu and the Maldives are faced with evacuating their entire populations. None of that matters if someone, somewhere feels guilty about eating a steak. No one is free when others are oppressed; that’s a bumper sticker we take to heart here at Fox, though we’ve exempted “confinement crates” and “watching your nation slowly drown to death” from “not free.”

Be sure to let John Stossel know what you think.

[Ed.: we’d like to take this moment to again commend the city of Ghent, Belgium, for instituting Thursday Veggie Days to near-total civic success. Europe wins again]

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