This is Nigella Lawson making breakfast bruschetta on television. It’s vegan, but she doesn’t use that word (it’s scary!). So how do we know this even exists? Our new favorite YouTube channel, Accidentally Vegan!

Some beautiful vegan genius culls the whoops-it’s-vegan recipes from the thrilling/terrifying orgy of animal products that is (most of!) the Food Network and uploads them! Imagine serving your nervous friends and relations something vegan and amazing, quelling their fears of kale six ways by casually mentioning, “Oh this?I got the recipe from Guy Fieri/Bobby Flay/Ina Garten/Nigella Lawson/Martha Stewart/etc. ad infinitum!” and watch their faces relax, lulled into accepting your vegan offerings by the implicit promise that it can’t be weird, it was on the Food Network.

Accidentally Vegan is doing the lord’s work. Follow her blog/Twitter/YouTube and thank her for calling attention to the glory of vegan recipes on basic cable. 

[link via One Green Planet]


Bunna Café at Mama Joy’s for lunch! Ethiopian in Bushwick!  »


I don’t remember the first time I had Ethiopian food, but I can remember the last time: It was Bunna Café at the Vegan Shop-Up, and you guys, it was incredible.


The only way to improve this, I thought, would be to eat it sitting down, on a bigger plate, with even more food and more people to share it with. 


Which is now possible at Mama Joy’s, where Bunna serves totally vegan Ethiopian lunch Tuesdays through Fridays from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. You should go! Take your friends! Take a date! Go eat!

Here’s how it looked today:


Mama Joy’s is at 1084 Flushing Ave. in Bushwick, Brooklyn. Bunna Cafe’s Ethiopian lunch is cash-only.


The Vegan Shop-Up returns for July! Every time I go I eat something new and delicious, I buy something awesome, and my heart fills with joy to see what a crowd turns out for a vegan event. Also I just finished the last of my queso on Sunday and it’s time to stock up.
Interested? Check out the list of vendors! I’ll see you on Saturday.
As usual, the Shop-Up is open from noon to 6 p.m. at Pine Box Rock Shop, 12 Grattan Street in Bushwick, off the Morgan L stop. For more information, visit them online.

The Vegan Shop-Up returns for July! Every time I go I eat something new and delicious, I buy something awesome, and my heart fills with joy to see what a crowd turns out for a vegan event. Also I just finished the last of my queso on Sunday and it’s time to stock up.

Interested? Check out the list of vendors! I’ll see you on Saturday.

As usual, the Shop-Up is open from noon to 6 p.m. at Pine Box Rock Shop, 12 Grattan Street in Bushwick, off the Morgan L stop. For more information, visit them online.


Nicora Johns wants to make gorgeous vegan shoes. They want to make them domestically, with environmentally responsible materials, in beautiful, classic styles.

They’re asking for a LOT of money on Kickstarter to launch the project, which seems daunting, but isn’t this everything you could ask for in a vegan shoe? Check out the styles! I want ALL OF THEM, especially the Sylvias boot and patent Sallys lace-up, oh man. So elegant!

Seriously, if you’re into U.S.-based manufacturing, vegan fashion, environmentally responsible fashion, or beautiful shoes, you should probably support Nicora Johns. One day the only option for (new) shoes will be vegan styles, but let’s work to make that a choice, not because we’ve ruined the planet and have to fashion foot-covers out of burlap sacks and old leaves.

(link via Ecouterre)

California court rules selling banned foie gras isn’t “free speech”  »


Turns out that selling foie gras products in California after the state ban took effect last July is still illegal. Or at least it’s totally not free speech, as La Toque restaurant in Napa unsuccessfully argued. Per our pals at Animal Legal Defense Fund:

 In a ruling by the Napa County Superior Court, the Sonoma County-based ALDF successfully defeated La Toque’s anti- SLAPP (a Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation) motion which aimed to allow their continued illegal sale of force-fed foie gras products as a “protest” protected by the freedom of speech. The court denied La Toque’s motion and agreed that illegally selling foie gras is not protected by the freedom of speech.

Despite the state ban, ALDF’s undercover investigations have revealed that La Toque routinely sells foie gras, the enlarged livers of force-fed birds, in clear violation of California Health and Safety Code § 25982. The lawsuit alleges that La Toque aims to circumvent the law by calling its actual sales of foie gras “gifts.”

Nonsense! And now they have to stop. It’s been fully 13 years since the ban passed and a year since it was implemented, and people are still crying about it. Like there aren’t 10 million other meals to make out of tortured animal bodies. Come on, you whiny babies.

Your Vegansaurus of course thinks the Regal Vegan’s Faux Gras is tops, but none of us has ever even tasted overstuffed goose liver—because we’re not total jerks. Foie gras is banned in California! Accept it and move on!

[photo of Périgord geese by JanetandPhil via Flickr]


How to find the rarest dog in the world: On the trail of the New Guinea Singing Dog  »


Why is the New Guinea Singing Dog so special? Why should we be trying to save its dwindling wild population?

The Highland Wild Dog of the Island of Papua is considered by many to be the rarest dog on the planet. NGSDs exhibit many unique behaviors found nowhere else in any other breeds of dogs. NGSDs are considered [to be the] link between the first dog—wolf—and today’s domestic breeds. Isolation has kept them pure, but encroaching villagers, accompanied by their domestic village dogs, threatens their continued genetic purity. Little is known about the captive needs and behaviors of NGSDs, but nothing is known about their natural history in the wild. No scientific estimates of the wild population can legitimately be made. Education, scientific captive management, and habitat and species protection are just some of the measures that need to be taken if the NGSD is to survive.

Becky Crew of Running Ponies continues the story of “the rarest dog in the world" with an interview with field zoologist James McIntyre of the Southwest Pacific Research Foundation, who is leading an expedition to find and study the dogs in the wild.

[photo of captive New Guinea Singing Dogs by Nathan Rupert via Flickr]

Scientists finally get off their butts to study the effects of farm runoff on our goddamn water  »

imageIt’s not that they don’t care! It’s that the extreme weather has increased runoff to a degree so alarming that scientists thought, Gosh, maybe now is the time to see what the effects of like seven decades of industrial agriculture has had on our waterways. NPR has some pretty delightful (horrifying) quotes:

Agriculture is the nation’s leading cause of impaired water quality, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

"It’s been happening for years," says [Bob Broz, a water quality specialist with the University of Missouri Extension]. "The problem is now we seem to be seeing more of these more intense rainfalls. And that, in turn, creates a huge amount of nutrient loss."

"There’s the direct impact on the aquatic ecosystem," says [Bob Lerch, a USDA soil scientist]. "And then there’s the downstream impacts on say, drinking water, or a reservoir, or a recreational [body of water]."

Want to freak the fuck out about whether the next generation will even understand the concept of “tap water”? (Potable water from … the government? Available to all of us citizens for a nominal fee? Go on, old person, tell me another ridiculous story about life before you ruined the planet for us.) Read the article at The Salt blog.

[photo by Penn State News via Flickr]

“ It’s the demand that’s driving it," says Paul Sauder, who owns Sauder’s Eggs. "I mean, I wouldn’t take the risk of paying double for these eggs, versus commodity eggs, if I didn’t have the demand pushing on the other side. „

Turns out educating consumers about the nastiest parts of the agricultural industry, then providing them with slightly less disgusting alternatives, kind of works.

For more information on the latest studies on the chickens who have to lay the cage-free eggs (which term I kind of hate, by the way—like the cage ever affected the egg), check out the May 2013 issue of Egg Industry magazine, and the October 2012 report prepared for the International Egg Commission. Yes, both those things actually exist.


Stop New York’s annual slaughter of geese!  »

imageGothamist rounds up the info on the Department of Agriculture’s annual New York City-area goose-murder, this year targeted at the geese living in the Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge. Is that actual irony? It’s certainly disgusting.

If you want to help stop the totally unnecessary murder of hundreds of geese, get more info from Goose Watch NYC, and sign the petition addressed to Mayor Bloomberg and Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY).

[Photo by Peter Roan via Flickr]

Oakland City Council adopts citywide Meatless Mondays!  »


Looks like one Bay Area city is earning its MMU badge of honor! Just like the city of Los Angeles and the Oakland Unified School District, the city of Oakland has resolved that Mondays should be meatless.

What does that entail? Not the Meatless Monday police yanking the animal parts off omnivores’ plates, of course. “The resolution encourages residents to eat meat-free meals on Mondays and restaurants, businesses, and other local institutions to offer more plant-based foods at the start of every week to improve community health, environmental sustainability, and to reduce the number of animals factory farmed.”

What’s your favorite place to eat meatless in Oakland? Check out our Oakland tag for suggestions, and if we haven’t covered it, let us know! Then share the best meatless (read: animal-productless) spots with your omnivorous friends and neighbors. What if they don’t know about Timeless Coffee yet? Take them on a Monday!

[You love the MMU, the official mascot of Vegansaurus’s Meatless Mondays? Check out Megan Rascal’s entire MMU library on Flickr!]

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