Stop New York’s annual slaughter of geese!  »

imageGothamist rounds up the info on the Department of Agriculture’s annual New York City-area goose-murder, this year targeted at the geese living in the Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge. Is that actual irony? It’s certainly disgusting.

If you want to help stop the totally unnecessary murder of hundreds of geese, get more info from Goose Watch NYC, and sign the petition addressed to Mayor Bloomberg and Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY).

[Photo by Peter Roan via Flickr]

Oakland City Council adopts citywide Meatless Mondays!  »


Looks like one Bay Area city is earning its MMU badge of honor! Just like the city of Los Angeles and the Oakland Unified School District, the city of Oakland has resolved that Mondays should be meatless.

What does that entail? Not the Meatless Monday police yanking the animal parts off omnivores’ plates, of course. “The resolution encourages residents to eat meat-free meals on Mondays and restaurants, businesses, and other local institutions to offer more plant-based foods at the start of every week to improve community health, environmental sustainability, and to reduce the number of animals factory farmed.”

What’s your favorite place to eat meatless in Oakland? Check out our Oakland tag for suggestions, and if we haven’t covered it, let us know! Then share the best meatless (read: animal-productless) spots with your omnivorous friends and neighbors. What if they don’t know about Timeless Coffee yet? Take them on a Monday!

[You love the MMU, the official mascot of Vegansaurus’s Meatless Mondays? Check out Megan Rascal’s entire MMU library on Flickr!]


Via KQED’s Bay Area Bites comes this video of chef Jimmy Zhang, master fruit and vegetable carver, practicing his craft on a watermelon. Food art! It’s incredible.


Suite ThreeOhSix tasting by chef Daphne Cheng!  »

Megan Rascal and I are the luckiest vegans, I swear. We were recently invited to a press event at Suite ThreeOhSix, a vegan supperclub and cooking school featuring the fancy work of chef Daphne Cheng. It was delicious! All of it! So delicious we couldn’t get photos of all of it, which stinks, but we got some, so here they are for you.


Zucchini bisque, with red cabbage, cilantro, and chili oil. I had two of these. Not a real strong zucchini flavor, but very refreshing with the cabbage and herbs.


French lentil pastry with parsley scallion sauce and whipped bell pepper cream. I could eat the whipped bell pepper cream all day, it was rich AND light, and delicately bell peppery. Plus, lentils in a pastry pocket!


Cultured cashew cheese on baguette, plus mache and carrots with toasted buckwheat in a champagne dill vinaigrette. You guys know nut cheeses and salads are my favorites, and these were both very good. There were also oil-cured olives on the plate with the cheese that I did not photograph, but rest assured, they were also delicious.


Truffled ricotta, smoked agave, and broccoli microgreens on crisped yuba. I believe this was Megan’s favorite dish of the night. I was really into the truffled ricotta, of course, and the texture of the yuba was a nice change from bread. At this point I may have had too many glasses of wine to have remembered to go back to the spot with the best lighting.


Rosewater yogurt ice cream with apricots. So refreshing! I don’t really go in for rose-flavored (or -scented) anything, but this was very good, especially with the tart apricot. The texture was perfect, too, so velvety!

Delicious things I failed to photograph: rambutan on the half-skin; chocolate mezcal truffles with coconut chips (of which I ate like four). And she sent us home with gorgeous little brownies!

Suite ThreeOhSix hosts supperclubs and workshop and demo classes in the loft space, hosted by chef Daphne, who is somehow this talented at 24 years old. For more information, check them out online. Vegan food is really coming into its own; we already know it tastes good, but the techniques being applied to craft these gorgeous, delicious little works of art are really outstanding. The omnis are out of excuses.


Animal Place turns 24! Let’s party!  »


To celebrate its 24th year of hard work as an animal rescue group and beautiful sanctuary, our beloved Animal Place is having a party, and we’re all invited!

Lucy cordially invites you to our 24th birthday party—our Pig-Out BBQ Birthday Bash. While you may celebrate all the animals, Lucy wants to celebrate food with you the most. Bring a watermelon or cantaloupe: At 2 p.m., we’ll let you give them to the big pigs! Be welcomed with some bluegrass music by local band the Fruit Jar Pickers, and enjoy vegan hot dogs from Field Roast and burgers from Amy’s kitchen. Cupcakes will be available as well—because what’s a birthday party without cake!

When: Saturday, July 6
Time: 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. (food served 11 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.)
Barns are open 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Tickets are $15 per person, and include a vegan hot dog or burger!

You can arrive any time, but if you want to hear a birthday speech from Executive Director Kim Sturla and enjoy feeding the pigs some watermelons and cantaloupes, then be sure to stop by the pig barn at 2!

Pre-registration is required. Open to all ages—a great event for the family!  

For more information, visit Animal Place on Facebook, or just click through to register. Pig out with the pigs and celebrate 24 years of amazing work and happy animals.

[Photo of Lucy by Marji Beach]


Two things I am infatuated with right now, beets and cashew cheese, together in one gorgeous triple stack of vegan glory. Vegan Food Addict, you’re brilliant.
[photo by Vegan Food Addict]

Two things I am infatuated with right now, beets and cashew cheese, together in one gorgeous triple stack of vegan glory. Vegan Food Addict, you’re brilliant.

[photo by Vegan Food Addict]


Product Review: Buddha Cups, raw organic dark chocolate almond butter cups!  »

imageYour Vegansaurus loves (vegan, fair trade, organic) chocolate, and your Vegansaurus loves almond butter, so when the lovely people of Buddha Chocolate offered to send us a sample two-pack of their fancy gourmet cups, you know we took them up on it.


I cut one in half to share with whoever else was in the apartment that day, namely one of my roommates, her boyfriend, and my brother, all omnivores.

The results were … mixed. While the chocolate was rich, the almond butter was dry and crumbly. The omnis all said they could “tell” the chocolate was vegan; I haven’t had dairy chocolate in like seven years, so I wasn’t really sure what they were tasting that I wasn’t (or vice versa?).

I suspected user error, though—they’d gone from a hot package in the mail to the fridge, and then right back out to a hot apartment—and the second one I let sit on the counter a while before eating it. Much better. The almond butter was softer, the chocolate melted into it, and it was really satisfying. Not too sweet, so you could totally eat one for breakfast (seriously, the fat and protein? Awesome to start the day) if you didn’t want to wait till dessert.

Buddha Cups are handmade in Brooklyn by a couple of awesome vegans, and are available at select Manhattan and Brooklyn locations, or you can buy them online. They’re like Justin’s, but almondy and harder to get! I recommend them. In fact, I’d eat one right now if I had it.

[Top photo via Buddha Chocolate; second photo by me]


Help FFAC get better ads on BART!  »

FFAC needs our help again! Now they’ve won another $50,000 of free advertising on BART, they need fresh new ads! They’ve got an Indiegogo campaign up now to raise money to pay for professional graphic design. They’re looking to raise $2,000.


High-quality design will give our ads maximum visual punch and allow us to relay our message clearly and effectively.

Any additional money raised will go towards our educational outreach program, to train more presenters and reach out to new audiences.

Want to see super-slick pro-animal rights ads on BART? Throw a few bucks FFAC’s way. The Indiegogo campaign is open through July 15, and they aren’t quite halfway yet.

ugh is this quid pro quo?

“ The exponential growth of the human population will continue to pose a threat to other species. In other words, there does not appear to be a threshold above which population growth would cease to have an incremental negative effect. „

Just a friendly FYI from “Are We Pushing Animals Over the Edge?,” a study  published this month in the Journal of Human Ecology. Can’t wait till the only non-domesticated animals only live in zoos!


Well-dressed vegans everywhere know Vaute Couture is the place for the chicest, warmest, best-looking, and best-made vegan coats on the market. Leanne is a beautiful genius and we should be thanking her on every cold day that we are looking good and feeling gorgeous.

Now’s our chance to scoop up even more gorgeous Vaute clothes! Per Leanne:

By appointment only, you can come in and preorder a dress in a new print, or a soldout size, one of our new summer pieces, or take home something from the store—all at special Favorite Fan prices only (25 percent off everything that’s full price, plus sample sale prices on winter coats)! (Walk ins won’t get the same discount you will.)  So if you’ve had your eye on something, like our Waxed Canvas Motorcycle jackets, or tees or sweatshirts, button downs, etc, now’s the time to stock up!

WHEN: This Saturday through next Saturday, June 8-15, BY APPOINTMENT ONLY

WHAT: Fav Fan 25 percent off pricing on EVERYTHING (and Sample Sale pricing on winter coats), including preorders on new summer pieces, new summer prints, soldout sizes, all special pricing!

HOW: By Appointment Only! (Walk Ins won’t get to preorder or get special pricing or get to preorder.) Make an appointment by emailing Kristina at with your ideal day and hour, and we’ll email you back with your half hour time slot. You can bring up to 4 friends (to help decide what to get, or shop too!)

PLUS Vaute is having an empty-the-warehouse coat sale! Shop online from 1 p.m EDT Tuesday, June 11 through 1 p.m. EDT Thursday, June 13, and in person on Sunday, June 16 from 1 to 8 p.m. Even more opportunities to buy glorious Vaute coats for way super-cheap.

Inventory is limited, prices are insane, clothes are beautiful. Go Vaute!

For more information, visit Vaute Couture online. RSVP for the Summer Love pop-up and the sample sale at Miss this and you’ll end up paying full price—what are you rich?—or freezing come winter (and winter is always coming).

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