We made $3,000 at the World Wide Vegan Bakesale SF!  »


That is not a typo, we don’t mean $300. We mean THREE THOUSAND DOLLARS FOR THE ANIMALS WHAT’S UP, BIZNATCHES!!!

Many, many thanks to all of our fabulous bakers, donators, advertisers, eaters and other awesome folks who donated time, money and space to make this happen! You are all so so so so amazing. Thank you x 10 million bajillion trillion!!

Now, we’re off to bathe in our mountains of cash before we send it to Animal Place and East Bay Animal Advocates. We couldn’t think of two more deserving animal helping non-profits to bake our butts off for! Check out their websites and consider donating even more!


The Urban Housewife & Vegansaurus!


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Check out these businesses/blogs/designers/restaurants/food carts/etc and support them all because they are the very BEST!

Photo courtesy of the fantastic Sharon!


World Wide Vegan Bakesale San Francisco is THIS WEEKEND!  »

This is just a reminder that we will be out in full force on Saturday, June 27th (in front of Ike’s Place at 3506 16th St., 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.!) and Sunday, June 28th (24th St. at Capp St., 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.!) with HUNDREDS of delicious vegan baked goods! Pies, cakes, cupcakes, pastries, donuts, breakfast bars, blondies, brownies and much, much more! Our bakesale is stocked by generous donations from VegNews magazine, Sugar Beat Sweets, Bike Basket Pies, Pepple’s Donuts, Angel Cupcakes, Pure Life Chef, Pie Truck, and many other talented bakers from all over SF and beyond! We’ve even got pastry chefs from some of the finest restaurants in SF and Oakland making vegan goods! Ow!

Daisy Wares is donating a tube of her delicious lip balm to anyone who buys a dozen or more cupcakes/cookies/etc! FREE STUFF!! YES, PLEASE!

EVERY penny raised is going to be split between Animal Place and East Bay Animal Advocates, two nonprofits doing amazing work for animals. This sale will only be a success if y’all show up and turn it out in the gluttonous consumption department. So put on your eatin’ pants and come eat us I mean see us on Saturday. And Sunday. Yes. More details can be found at the World Wide Vegan Bakesale SF blog.

You should stop reading now if you’re not down for a bit of a tangent.

Okay, you’ve been warned. I’ve gotten a couple emails from people wondering if we can make a few things with butter and/or eggs. You know, for the non-vegans. The answer is NO. Further, IT’S ONE CUPCAKE. You can’t abstain from butter for ONE BAKED GOOD? Come on; it wouldn’t kill you to eat a tasty vegan treat every once in awhile. Do your heart and cholesterol a favor and take a pass on the mucus and pus spread for a day.

Ugh, now I’m just annoyed. The best is when fools get all dramatic about your response, like you’re some judgy dogmatic vegan who is just being ridiculous and even discriminatory. It’s the same mentality of people who want a straight pride parade in response to the gay pride one. EVERY PARADE IS A STRAIGHT PRIDE PARADE. Every romantic comedy and freaking blue jeans ad is a straight pride parade. Almost everything in our society is made for consumption by straight people. Let gay people have their ONE FUCKING PARADE. They deserve a lot more. Like say, equality.

But I digress. It’s infuriating when omnivores (or even vegetarians! Traitors!) get all harsh when vegans have one fucking vegan bakesale and won’t cater to their butter NEEDS—GOD THE NERVE. And don’t get me started on vegan options in restaurants. Guess what, if a restaurant doesn’t cater to vegans, I’m gonna at least let them know that I’m here and want a piece of that. If they don’t change, hell yeah I’m gonna complain. You know what? This is San Francisco in the year 2009. You want to live in a progressive city? You gotta take the good with the bad. And guess what, your nasty, dead-animal-eating ass is the bad.

So no, there will not be any butter and/or eggs at our vegan bakesale.


SF Vegan Drinks tomorrow night!  »


Vegansaurus will be there, in full force, ready to drink all the martinis in Martuni’s! We are THAT amazing!


Southern Comfort Dinner at Millennium!  »

Once a year fancy-shmancy Millennium turns into a trailer trash hootenany. It’s called the Southern Comfort Dinner and it’s a meal you don’t want to miss if you’re a fan of foods like FRIED EVERYTHING and SUNDAE BARS. If you don’t have an eating disorder (or are looking to start one! ‘Tis the season!), I’ll see you on May 21st! I’ll be the girl who keeps eating through the pain; they just shouldn’t give people like me access to an all-you-can-eat dessert bar. It’s just bad for business.

click here for the menu from last year.

click here to see the appetizers from last year and here for the “catfish” po’ boy! Oh and don’t forget the DRANKS! Love, I know thy name and it is $5 mint julep!

Make reservations because the dinner fills up FAST! Vegans ain’t stupid, we need our fatty fried food fix just like the rest of you assholes!

AND FINALLY I PRESENT TO YOU, the Sundae Bar in action:

PS: As is sort of evident from the above photo, the waitstaff really take the “trailer trash” theme seriously, and they dress the part to EXTREMES. You can too! Wifebeaters are unisex and uni-trashy.

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