October 4th: Join the Global March for Elephants and Rhinos!  »

imageAttention, world! The Global March for Elephants and Rhinos is Saturday, October 4th! The situation is dire: ”Africa loses 4 elephants to poachers EVERY HOUR, EVERY DAY of the year. It is estimated that less than 300,000 survive today. Africa loses 3 rhinos to poachers EACH DAY; of the 5 species of rhino, less than 25,000 survive today.” And you know we love eles and rhinos!

To find where your closest march is, check here. If you’re in NYC of SF, I’ve done the work for you!  

NYC, join the FB event page and meet at 42nd Street and 12th Ave at 11am.

SF, join the FB event page and meet St. Mary’s Square (in China Town at 601 California St.) at 10:15 am. 

In conclusion, watch this baby rhino playing with this rock


Beet pops, vegan pudding pops, instant pops: Popsicle season is never over!  »


If you follow me on instagram (@meganrascal adoy), you know I recently got a Zoku quick popsicle maker! IT IS THE BEST PURCHASE I MADE IN MY LIFE (not including when I bought the Sweet Sweetback’s Baaddasssss Song soundtrack on vinyl, because clearly). You keep the maker in the freezer, and then when you want a pop, you take it out, pour the juice in, and SEVEN MINUTES LATER YOU HAVE YOUR POP! I am not kidding. Anyway, so I been eating like 6 grape popsicles a day (that’s quota, right?). And life couldn’t be better. 


One day, I even got it in my head to make a vegan pudding pop!:


Kinda uggo but tasted yum! I made it with Zen almond milk chocolate pudding. Delicious! But it was kinda harder to make, fyi. 

But then I saw our man Jerry James Stone is ALL ABOUT making cray pops! I don’t think he has an Zoku (amateur) but he makes all kinds of cool pops, like these beet and berry ones:


He also makes cool boozy pops with like champagne and tequila (not in the same pop, you lush) and all kinds of neato stuff! BUT he didn’t have a red wine pop recipe. CORNY! So I tweeted to ask him about it and he said he’d make one for me! EVIDENCE:


Yet I STILL have no red wine pop recipe! While I wait eagerly by the Twitter for JJS, here are some other vegan pops I want to make:

Fudge and Pumpkin Pie popsicles from My Recession Kitchen. Pops for pumpkin season, everybody!

Chocolate Peanut Butter Coffee pops from Spabettie! HOLY CANNOLI. 

And Coconut Chai pops from Food Doodles! (Has honey but could easily sub a simple syrup for that.)

There you go! Those are my fall plans right there! In conclusion: if you are a true popsicle fan, you need a Zoku. 


A question for the fashion world: Who do we love, who do we wear?  »

imageThe Brave Gentleman himself!

Meave and I had to pleasure of attending the recent Brave Gentleman Fashion Week pop-up event at the Alexander Gray Associates gallery. To kick off the event, Joshua Katcher gave a talk about fashion and animals. Turns out, not only has Joshua been teaching a course at Parsons, he’s got a book in the works! The book will discuss the role of animals in fashion and the talk was a bit of a preview of what’s to come. 

We’ve all heard the question, “why love one, but eat the other?" But, addressing the world of fashion, Joshua poses a different question: who do we love, who do we wear?


This is the image that started it all. A woman, adorned in fur, is also covered in kittens. Then Joshua showed us image after image from fashion spreads throughout history with this same trope: women in furs, posed with (usually young and adorable) living animals. I loved the way Joshua phrased it; on the one hand, we have these sweet animals we can all fawn over, and on the other hand there is an animal “who has disappeared in the fashion object.” People don’t even see the animal. It’s just leather, fur, etc. 

Of course this brings us to the cognitive dissonance we come across daily with people and what they choose to eat. But Joshua points out, that same cognitive dissonance shows up in fashion over and over. He even had an old fashion photo of a woman with a pet skunk…wearing a dead skunk fur!

The talk was great and I can’t wait for the book to come out! I might break my strict “ew, books!” policy just for this occasion. After Joshua spoke, we all got to see his latest collection. As always, the garments aren’t just vegan and beautiful, they are environmentally friendly and sweatshop-free. 

imagePhoto by Damani Moyd Photography.

imagePhoto by Damani Moyd Photography. From the left: Tyler James, model; Alexander Gray and David Cabrera, co-founders Alexander Gray Associates Gallery; Joshua Katcher, Brave GentleMan; Andre Watson and Declan Cullen, models, Q Model Management.


The above jacket was the star of the night! As Alexander Gray Associates are big supporters of the Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary, Brave Gentleman created this vegan, one-of-a-kind cow print biker jacket for the gallery to sell and donate the proceeds to WFAS. The jacket is made from super hi-tech recycled ultrasuede and priced at $1000. I’m not certain if it’s still available, but if you’re at all interested, I would contact Brave Gentleman asap.  


And what would a fancy vegan event be without a fancy vegan spread? NOTHING! Luckily, Brave Gentleman understands. We got to try Miyoko Schinner’s new vegan cheese line AND go to town on some vegan macaron’s by Sweet Maresa’s! The cheese was amazing and the macarons were like awesome brownies with cream in the middle. 

Basically, Meave and I are dead from over vegan stimulation. RIP, us. All I ask now is that you bury me in the latest Brave Gentleman and tell my mother I said, “it was totally worth it!”


NYC Vegan Drinks is this Thursday! Party for the animals!  »


Yay NYC Vegan Drinks is here once again! I will be there spinning some dope records as will my main man DJ Grand Format (Ace of Bass fans, this is your night!).


Freakin’ Vegan, empanada-suppliers of Vegan Shop-Up, will be serving up the yum. They announced on FB that they will have a special-just-for-Vegan-Drinks-limited-edition-get-it-while-you-can buffalo chicken empanada, complete with vegan blue cheese dressing! I’ll see if I have room for one of those but you know I first have to try their vegan cheesesteak empanada as you know I am the vegan cheesesteak expert (you know so much stuff). 

And this month benefits Stewie to the Rescue!:

Stewie to the Rescue has two primary goals: Make sure that no pet is ever relinquished to a NYC kill shelter due to the expense of their medical care, and that no rescue group is ever prevented from saving an animal’s life because of a lack of funds when a foster family or adoptive family is available.

As always, there are awesome raffle prizes including gift certificates from Mooshoes, Cinnamon Snail, The Green Radish, and Mercury Bar! So bring your cash money! Proceeds go to Stewie to the Rescue and you could win awesome shiz! 



Vegan zombie fans: Toe Tag Riot is available for preorder!  »


Remember when we talked about Toe Tag Riot and what the ethical zombie would eat? Well now is your chance to preorder the comic and find out!

This is your preorder coupon! You can print it and bring to your comic shop OR you can preorder online:

imageIn the US, there are a lot of options to preorder, but here’s one at 45% offAnd here’s one offering a 2-cover set (both covers) at a discount. In the UK, you can order from Forbidden Planet.

If you have any questions, you can hit Matt up on Twitter @MattMinerXVX and he’s happy to help! And just so you know, preorders of issue 1 are how shops determine how many they’ll order of the full series. So we got to represent!

ALSO! Critical Hit #1 (the continuation of the Liberator storyline, with a new art team) will be in comic stores October 1st. It’s all about awesome vegan women doing the animal rights vigilante thing!



Here it is, your peek inside the August Vegan Cuts Beauty Box!
This box had Pacifica BB cream, Emani Vegan Cosmetics mineral hybrid cream, Enfusia bath soak, Balanced Guru energy mist, and Zabana Essentials green clay facial cleansing bar. 
I totally heart the Pacifica BB cream. Very, very light. The Emani cream was like a multipurpose pressed powder. It’s fun, but you don’t get a lot of control, you’re just kinda mixing the colors. Still fun. I haven’t tried the energy mist yet…TOO TIRED! HA! Dad jokes. 
I got this for free but if you want to try it, the box subscription is $19.95 a month, shipping included (for US addresses. International is more). 

Here it is, your peek inside the August Vegan Cuts Beauty Box!

This box had Pacifica BB creamEmani Vegan Cosmetics mineral hybrid creamEnfusia bath soakBalanced Guru energy mist, and Zabana Essentials green clay facial cleansing bar

I totally heart the Pacifica BB cream. Very, very light. The Emani cream was like a multipurpose pressed powder. It’s fun, but you don’t get a lot of control, you’re just kinda mixing the colors. Still fun. I haven’t tried the energy mist yet…TOO TIRED! HA! Dad jokes. 

I got this for free but if you want to try it, the box subscription is $19.95 a month, shipping included (for US addresses. International is more). 

NYC: Come out for boozy vegan fun this weekend! Get your discount code here!  »

imageHey friends! You KNOW I love the drank, so I’m very excited about the Better Booze Fest this coming Saturday! The run down:

The 1st annual Better Booze Festival comes to New York City on September 20, 2014 at Center548 located at 548 W. 22nd St. Attendees will enjoy two floors of tastings from a variety of brewery, winery, and liquor company brands, a selection of delectable food vendors, as well as speakers, classes, activities and entertainment throughout each session. What makes it better? All beer, wine, and liquor at the event is 100% vegetarian and vegan!

Sounds nice? Sounds nice! You can see a list of the vendors here but our favorite, Champs, will be there serving food along with Great Performances. I don’t know them but I love trying new vegan caterers! Foster Dogs NYC is on the vendors list too so I’m hoping I get to pet some cute pups! Booze and cute pups are my two favorite things!

Tickets WILL NOT be available at the door so you have to buy them here. And just because we love you guys, enter this code to get $45 admission: DrinkBetter

Ok, hope to see you there!

Cowspiracy: the environmental documentary with a new message the world needs to hear  »

imagePicture from the premier, from Splice Photography’s FB

Last month, I went to the Cowspiracy NYC premier. I was not prepared to be so moved! I went into the theater like, “OMG I’m tired and work is annoying and now I have to see a documentary and learn shiz” and I left like, “OMG I’M SO GLAD I’M VEGAN HOW CAN WE MAKE THE WORLD VEGAN?!”

The movie starts as a first-person journey to sustainability for Kip Andersen. He’s a self-proclaimed environmentalist, but it’s not until some serious digging that Kip discovers the devastating impact of the meat and dairy industries on the environment. As someone who turns to organizations like Greenpeace and Surfrider for info and guidance, Kip wonders why they have almost no information on the number one cause of environmental destruction (i.e. meat and dairy). He goes to speak to these organizations and films interviews (sometimes secretly). The interviews are nothing short of hilarisad (my own word, you can use it). By the middle of the movie, we have what shapes up to be a very real conspiracy. I know, sounds melodramatic, but watch the movie. There is no more appropriate word than conspiracy. The groups that are supposed to be helping the environment are spitting out more crap than a factory farm. Really, it’s bonkers. 

imageThis guy was my fave. 

At the beginning of the movie, I was a little put off by the numbers the filmmakers cite, as I know they are all hotly contended. But then it occurred to me, no matter who’s numbers you pick, meat and dairy is still the number one threat to the environment! We can debate the specific numbers all day but no matter where you net out, it’s bad. Here’s a great example from a Beef Magazine article: Why Ranchers Should Care About The Documentary “Cowspiracy”

Of course, Cowspiracy just appears to be regurgitating the common myths the beef industry has worked hard to correct over the years. For example, the Cowspiracy website claims it takes 660 gals. of water to make one hamburger, or the equivalent of 2 months’ worth of showers.

However, according to Facts About Beef, “In reality, it takes 441 gals. of water to produce 1 lb. of boneless beef…” 

Well! A mere 441 gallons. So there’s my point: no matter who’s numbers you use, it’s bad. 

Oh one thing I should warn you about, while the movie is not very gruesome, there is one slaughter scene. But you know it’s about to happen so you can close your eyes, as I did. Because the main focus is environment and not animal welfare, the disturbing images are of effed up forests and whatnot, not abused animals. So if you close your eyes for the one part, you should mostly be ok. EXCEPT you may be SO ANGRY that this shiz is going down!


One of the filmmakers, Kip Andersen, at the after party with Noah Gittell and Dania DePas of Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine. Photo by Splice Photography

I also attended the after party, organized by vegan media maven Nell Alk. Suite ThreeOhSix was kind enough to host and eats were supplied by Dr. Cow, juicers PitangaThe Vegan VineDun-Well Doughnuts, and Pipsnacks.

And here is my goodie bag in all its splendor! 


Featuring: candles from Produce Candles, body lotion from Bulldog Skincare, honey sticks from Bee Free Honee, chocolate bars from Brooklyn Dark, white chocolate medallions from Obsessive Confection Disorder, soap bars and bath bombs from LUSH, protein bars from 22 Days Nutrition, lip balm from Hurraw, and coupons for free products from Beyond Meat and Gardein

Plus everything came in eco totes from Minnesota-based brand Relan. They make their bags with recycled billboards! How cool will I look at the farmers market this weekend?! Spoiler: SO COOL!

Basically, the party was the perfect chaser to the movie. Back to the film: I encourage everyone to see it and organize a viewing in your area if you can! 

Here’s how you can see the film yourself:

-For DVD and digital download pre-sale options, visit the Cowspiracy site.
-For information on how to organize—or attend—a screening in your own community, visit the Tugg site.
-Watch for Cowspiracy on Netflix and iTunes this fall.

And follow them on FB for updates and great graphics like this one (my new favorite image):



Share the new anti-dairy BART ads, you could win awesome vegan prizes!  »

imageAs you may have heard, the Factory Farming Awareness Coalition won free ad space on BART for the third year in a row! Congrats, you guys! In part thanks to many of our readers voting I’m sure. Well, the ads have launched! And they are already getting some nice coverage

This year, I actually helped with the ad concepting and copy a bit. FFAC wanted to target dairy, including an ad taking aim at the role of dairy in the CA drought. They were inspired by this Mother Jones post showing just how much water goes into various dairy products. The shower idea came because, like us vegans continue to lament, it’s ridiculous how the water conservation agenda focuses so much attention on things like turning the water off when you brush your teeth or watering your lawn at dawn but they neglect to inform people about the impact of meat and dairy on the water supply. Meanwhile, avoiding those products would make a HUGE impact in water conservation. Not that the other suggestions aren’t good, but they are so minor compared to resource-suck that is animal agriculture.

imageHere’s the other ad, a gentle alert to the fact that dairy cows have to have babies to produce milk—and those babies aren’t hanging out with mom if people are drinking the milk. It doesn’t go all the way to the veal industry relationship but just connecting the dots for people about mammals…milk…babies…is important. I have conversations all the time with non-vegans who are completely unaware that dairy cows don’t just constantly produce milk without being impregnated. Actually, if we’re being honest, I didn’t really know that before I started looking into veganism. I mean if you think about it, it’s like duh, but we are just so distanced from food sources that people don’t even think about the logistics of it all. 

However! It’s not all doom and gloom in this post! FFAC wanted me to inform you that they are holding a little Instagram contest for the ads and the prizes are SO EXCITING! There’s a contest for each ad. It doesn’t appear that you need to post an actual photo of the ad in the station, but just the ad itself. You do HAVE to follow @ffacoalition's IG account though. More details:

Drought Ad: From now until September 19th, post the Drought ad on your Instagram account, tag @ffacoalition and hashtag it with #ffaconbart, and you could win a three-month subscription to either the Vegan Cuts Beauty Box OR the Vegan Cuts Snack Box! Winner’s choice!

Calf Ad: Starting September 21st and ending October 5th, post a pic of the calf ad on your IG account, again tagging @ffacoalition and hashtagging #ffaconbart. For this one, you could win a $50.00 gift certificate to Vegan Essentials! That’s ONLY my FAVORITE store EVER. 

The super official rules are here but that’s the basic need-to-know. Nice prizes, right?!

Has anyone seen the ads irl? TAKE A PICTURE FOR ME! I want to see it “in situ” as us ad folk say. I’ll be your best friend!


Cute elephant plays with giant ribbon like a true hero of fun  »

The Dodo posted about this forever a while ago and just how cute is it? Here’s a hint: SO FREAKING CUTE. The choreography gets really elaborate around :43. 

This lil’ ele is a resident at the Elephant Nature Park, a sanctuary in Northern Thailand. 

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