Dr. Dennis Gross’ products are cruelty-free and my favorite!  »

I love Dr. Gross! I used to use the above Alpha Beta Daily Face Peel years ago before I was vegan and they are the best. So how happy was I to learn this peel is vegan?! Hint: SO HAPPY. These things make your skin so pretty. My sister and I also love the Alpha Beta Glow Pads. They give you a little tan but it’s just light and gradual. It’s great!

The site says they are “cruelty-free” and PETA approved. Not ALL of their products are vegan, but the vast majority are. Including this new Active Vitamin D Serum Oil! It’s supposed to deliver vitamin D to your skin without sun exposure—do you think it could benefit vegans in terms of vitamin D? But it would just be for your skin, right? I don’t know, I’m not a mathematician! But I’m excited to try this. Maybe I can email them about it and see how exactly the vitamin D works. And I’ll let you know when I can get my hands on some of this stuff. Have any of you tried it?

The only downside to their products is that they are hella expensive! Ouch! Maybe you can ask for some Dr. Dennis Gross products for your presents. I mean you know if you don’t ask for stuff, it’s vegan cookbook town. Which is great, but after a few years, my book shelves are getting a little heavy. 

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