Flats, bitch! Alternative title: Vegan shoes, flats edition  »

I can’t recall who, but some reader was like, “Damn, Megan Rascal! Why you always trying to make me wear high heels?! You KNOW my feet are delicate!” So here, dear reader, a flats round-up! These are totally Cally-approved. I swear to your mom.

Cally calls these Cri de Coeur crochet flats “super beautiful.”

They are sweet and pretty, right? Sorry dudes, couldn’t get a bigger picture. I think these are elegant and super summery. 

Next, these nice dress shoes from Madden Girl. Cally says, “Pretty cute I don’t love the color.” What she lacks in brevity, she makes up for in punctuation. FYI, they also come in tan, they just don’t picture them on Mooshoes.

From olsenHaus, some nice sandals.

Cally likes these a lot: “Cute!!” That’s TWO exclamation points. I can’t stress the importance of that enough. I’m pretty into these too, I might buy them so leave a size 7.5 for your homegirl.

Now some Beyond Skin jawns. The sizes available are limited on this one. Cally’s reaction: “Pretty I like the low vamp.” I say, “Hey Cally, what’s the vamp?” “The vamp is how far the shoe comes up, so a normal loafer has a higher vamp than the grey ones. A really low vamp is like a shoe that shows lots of toe cleavage.” The more you know, the more you grow!

Lastly, the BoBo Estelle from Bourgeois Boheme.

Cally approved these but she don’t love them. I think they are SHARP! Cally’s official opinion: “pretty OK.” But really, that is a high rating! There’s, “OMG I love it!” Then, “pretty OK.” Then several levels of, “uggo” that I don’t subject you to.

Flats round-up complete! Booyah!


Keep shoes for Japan!  »

I got this in an email from Keep today. Pretty cool! “A portion from every sale of our Japanese Thatch collection will be donated to Japanese Disaster Relief efforts.” There’s no more info on their site about it, at least none I can find, so I don’t know the percentage they’re donating or anything but every little bit helps! Plus VEGAN SNEAKERS HOLLER AT ME.

Now if only they had some kind of Haitian thatch shoe! Of course you don’t need to buy vegan shoes to donate money to Haiti, or Japan for that matter, but it would definitely be a bonus! Vegan shoes make everything better. It’s nature’s way!

Olsen Haus on The Price is Right! Yes, one of my favorite vegan shoes brands was on one of the greatest shows on television. The fact that this show exists gives me the will to live. People just guess the price of stuff? What an absurd premise! I love it. The total for this olsen Haus collection was a little over $2,000 but the closest guess was $600 short and no one went over. Yeah people, olsen Haus is THE FANCY-FANCY!
The shoes appear at about 25 minutes in. It was for their special Earth Day episode. Another thing to note: Drew Carey is a conservative jerk. Yay!

Olsen Haus on The Price is Right! Yes, one of my favorite vegan shoes brands was on one of the greatest shows on television. The fact that this show exists gives me the will to live. People just guess the price of stuff? What an absurd premise! I love it. The total for this olsen Haus collection was a little over $2,000 but the closest guess was $600 short and no one went over. Yeah people, olsen Haus is THE FANCY-FANCY!

The shoes appear at about 25 minutes in. It was for their special Earth Day episode. Another thing to note: Drew Carey is a conservative jerk. Yay!


Discount for Vegansaurus readers from Bourgeois Boheme!  »

Hey pals! Bourgeois Boheme is giving 15 percent off all non-sale items to Vegansaurus readers until May 31! Yay! Party! They are based in London and I actually visited their showroom when I was there last year. It was way the hell out but I got some dope shoes. I’m pleased.

They have a lot of boys shoes so you guys should take a look. For chicks, I’m into this heel:

But I haven’t asked my sister’s opinion so I could be wrong about it. There’s also a lot of animal print stuff which I’m quite fond of

Bonus! “The Bourgeois Boheme ranges are completely leather-free, with no animals harmed during production; eco-sustainable materials used include microfibre faux leathers and suede and Fair trade natural and organic fabrics.” Yay! Fair trade! Sustainable! Party!

To get your discount, just enter the coupon code “BoBoVS” and wham bam! Discount!


Beyond Skin shoes RULE! Get your own pair with 10 percent off for Vegansaurus readers!  »

Now, you all know Megan Rascal loves shoes. My absolute favorite shoe brand is the vegan UK company Beyond Skin. They are nothing short of awesome: not only are their shoes beautiful and well made, but Beyond Skin is devoted to ensuring the workers who make their shoes aren’t exploited. On top of that, they make every effort to be environmentally friendly! Could you die? I could die. Super-fly shoes that neither contribute to nor result from the abuse of animals, humans or the earth? Those are all the things I care about!

Celebrities like Leona Lewis (you know you like that song) have been spotted in Beyond Skin shoes but more importantly, so have I! I own several pairs and can attest that they do in fact rule. If you are tired of cheap (or worse, expensive) vegan shoes that fall apart, these are the shoes for you. I’ve had all my pairs for years and they are still in great condition. They are also comfy! The best part about them: omnivores are ALWAYS drooling over them!* The second best part about them: they say, “genuinely not leather” on the bottom! Ha!

These shoes are not cheap. They’re kind of the same price as leather shoes. But I have good news! Beyond Skin is having a big sale now, AND Vegansaurus readers get a 10 percent discount on top of that! Just enter the code “vegansaurus10" at checkout. This offer is good for one week only—it starts tomorrow, Thursday, Jan. 6, and ends next Thursday, Jan. 13, so get on that! Currently, I’m really into the the white booties (ha, booty) pictured above. I’m also into these red kitten heels:

They are simple but dead sexy. Beyond Skin is great with the toe shape; it’s the perfect mix of rounded and pointy. I also like low heels because you know none of the boys I date have cars.

They don’t have a U.S. retailer yet but they do ship worldwide. Take note, the prices are in British pounds! That gosh-dang U.S. dollar. Gets on my last nerve. Use the vegansaurus10 code and alleviate your exchange-rate suffering a little!

*Then I’m like, “they’re vegan!” and the omnis are like, “Megan, I assumed. You don’t have to say that every time.”


Vegan-friendly shoes from Milk and Honey! And a discount for Vegansaurus readers!  »

Milk and Honey—I know, not a very vegan name! But their website is the most fun you can have online without verifying your age! They contacted us because they make shoes in faux leather and faux snakeskin! I have a thing for faux snakeskin. And crocodile. It’s that glam-trash/1940s secretary thing. Maybe? OK I don’t know, I just love it.

The site is fun because they have this design-your-own shoe thing and you get to pick like EVERYTHING, from the toe shape to the heel height and all the materials in between. They have predesigned shoes, but the build-your-own is so super fun. This is my latest creation to the right. OMJesus, welcome to the hotness! It’s got the round toe, with the “modern spectator” add-on around the toe and heel. I’m into that spectator business. I went with brown faux leather for the shoe and brown faux snakeskin for the spectator part. Wow, is anyone else thinking what I’m thinking? I SHOULD BE A PROFESSIONAL SHOE DESIGNER! I know, right? Totes. Don’t worry, it won’t interfere with my vegansaurus duties, I swear.

Milk and Honey was founded by sister duo Ilissa and Dorian Howard. I had a few questions that Dorian answered for us.

What inspired you to include animal-friendly options in your line?
We honor our clients who choose a cruelty-free lifestyle and love being able to offer high-end and fabulous animal-friendly shoes as an alternative! We don’t believe you should ever sacrifice fashion for compassion!

If you get a shoe made from animal-friendly materials, does that include the insole?
Correct, we line the shoe with synthetic material, use a synthetic lining and use a compressed rubber sole.

Where are the shoes made?
The shoes are all individually handcrafted in Hong Kong.

Are the glues used to make the shoes contain any animal byproducts?
We can’t be 100 percent certain that the glue we are using is vegan.  We tried to use vegan glue but didn’t feel confident with the quality. We are working on this and do hope to be able to find a very high-quality vegan glue to use soon!

So is it definitely NOT vegan or are you just not sure?
We ASK that they use vegan glue, we are just not always confident that they use the specified glue—so we are unsure. We always want to be 100 percent open with our vegan clients with respect to our animal-friendly shoes!

Sigh, being a vegan is so hard! But I feel confident that Milk and Honey is doing their due diligence on the glue issue. Their glue situation is sort of the same one every time we go to a non-vegan restaurant and ask for vegan food. Plus, I appreciate the straightforwardness! Am I right? I’d love see the day when we can all be sure but for now, I’m comfortable with the vegan-ness of these shoes.

Now, go play with the design-your-own feature! You could waste a good many hours on there. I highly recommend it. And you KNOW Megan Rascal is NOT wearing ugly shoes!

WAIT! There’s more! If you enter the code “vegansaurus” at checkout, you get a 10 percent discount! Who do you love? HAPPY NEW YEAR, PALS!


Natalie Portman gets vegan analogs of Dior shoes to wear in her Miss Dior Chérie ads!  »

Earlier this year, Natty P. was named “the face” of Christian Dior’s Miss Dior Cherie perfume. But wait! There’s more! To accommodate her, Dior made vegan versions of their shoes for her to wear in all of the ads directed by Sophia Coppola (who directed the other Dior perfume commercial that uses that dope Brigitte Bardot song. Brigitte Bardot’s music is super greatI highly recommend it)! Portman knows what she’s doing! THAT, MY FRIENDS, IS HOW YOU DO VEGAN.

You know I love when the omnis bow down to our vegan greatness! I’m glad they made them for Portman but I don’t think Dior will be releasing a vegan line anytime soon—though I don’t think I’m in the right tax bracket for Dior shoes anyway. I mean, OMJesus,* $1,000 for shoes? Damn, girl. I don’t think I’d talk to me anymore if I bought thousand-dollar shoes. That’s like a round-trip ticket to Australia!**

Maybe when you heard the news, the same question popped into your head; specifically: does Dior test its perfumes on animals? Well! According to Dior: No! From the horse’s mouth:

They aren’t on PETA’s list of companies that don’t test on animals though. However, they also aren’t on their list of companies that do test on animals. They are on as a company to boycott but it doesn’t explicitly say why. According to Uncaged, a company can state that they don’t test their products on animals without addressing the animal-friendliness of every ingredient. Dior could not have sufficiently demonstrated it or its sibling companies’ opposition to animal testing. So I don’t know, guys: They say they don’t and I couldn’t find anything saying they definitely do; I am le tired and disheartened. It’s still dope about the shoes, though.

*My new catchphrase, soak it in.
**That’s how I get perspective on prices, I measure them in plane tickets. For time, I use beers; like how many beers will it take to walk to Susie’s house? More than one and I’m cabbing it! 

[Photo from this dude’s twitter]


Winter boot round-up from Planet Shoes!  »

Hey people! You know I have fly shoes and now that I’m back on the East Coast where we got the snow, I began to worry about my superdope boots! I don’t want the rain and snow to ruin them! AND THEN! Reader Shelly P. sent us these Patagonia boots to check out as they are made of all kinds of vegan materials! Perfect timing, Shell-boogie! (today only! Free nicknames!) So I was looking for the boots online (you know, the internets) and found them along with several other nice winter boots on, who has a lovely vegan shop. Let’s check them out!

First, we have the Patagonia boot that inspired this round-up. It’s pretty dope. I like the whole handle thing it’s got going on, seems very practical. And you know me! Señora Practical Shoes! But for real, I’m always like, Why the heck do I not own a shoehorn? The shoehorn is really some genius time-tested technology. It should totally be added to the Simple Machines list. I know, right?

Next we’ve got the Earth Pride boot. I like the fake shearling and it comes in plum—purple is so hot right now. So hot.

This is a hemp boot from Simple. Look jerks, I’m not a hippy! These are just kind of cool and look a little rough and tumble. Or rififi as les French say. Damn, I’m always teaching you guys stuff. Congratulations!

All right all right, here’s your round-up wild card: the Acorn Ergo bootie! I know, they look a little ridiculous. Truth be told, I could do without the embroidery but I think it’s quiet enough over the charcoal color. These could be totally fly with some skinny jeans, for real. And like all the others, they are waterproof! SHWING! (today only! Wayne’s World exclamations!)

OK, that is your winter boot round-up—for the time being! Stay warm! And classy!

[images courtesy Planet Shoes]


Keep reveals the final Animal Collective shoe! This time for serious!  »

Hello, sailor! Your friend Megan Rascal is in love. Ew, no! Not with a person! Gross! I’m in love with the final shoe from the Keep and Animal Collective Collection. The Ramos, by Panda Bear!:

Dudes, this shoe is the hotness. This is officially my favorite of the whole collection. Like, you can tell the authorities. Cut, print, dishes are done!

Panda Bear,* a.k.a. Noah Lennox, had this to say: “I’ve always liked camouflage patterns and I’d be lying if I said the idea of blending into the environment and becoming invisible didn’t excite me a little bit.” Hmmm, sounds like someone should maybe be on suicide watch? I don’t know, I’m not a doctor. Just kidding! I’m totally a doctor. Doctor of Love! Kidding again, I will die alone.

As we know from the past posts on this collection, the sale of these shoes benefits the Socorro Island Conservation fund. So you’re basically a jerk if you don’t buy them! There are two weeks left in the pre-order period, wherein buying the shoes also gets you “a cassette tape of previously unreleased music.” Incentive!

Hey, now that the whole collection is out, let’s all vote on our favorite design! After that, we can braid each others’ hair and play MASH! But for real, which one do you like best?

*I’m finding the name Panda Bear really attractive. Like, let’s bang. What? He’s not actually a panda bear! And as far as I know, not a furry so I say GAME ON.


Keep reveals the third Animal Collective Collection shoe!  »

Hey-o! I think it’s the best one yet! It’s the kids Ramos by Geologist (nice nickname, Brian Weitz. Just kidding, I hate it (but we can’t all be Rascals! Just kidding, I’m taking applications)) and it’s the third and last in the Keep/Animal Collective Collection to benefit the Socorro Island Conservation Fund. I’m a little conflicted because it has SHARKS and it rules, but they don’t make them for adults! BUT! The kids’ shoes are tiny and adorable and how excited would little you have been to wear shark shoes?

Geologist had this to say about the shoes:

My design was inspired by three things—a doodle I often draw based on an image of a shark I saw on a beach closed sign, a birthday card Abby Portner made me a while back that had sort of a wallpaper feel to it, and having to get clothes for my kid. I just thought about how psyched I would be when I was a kid to have had sharks on my shoes and how psyched my kid will be to wear a pair if he ends up liking sharks. So basically I wanted to make a shoe for him and I decided to combine the above three things.

Now I want to know if his kid does eventually like sharks. Maybe he will update us! See people, that’s how you do a human-interest story: leave them wanting more! If you happen to order these kicks for your tiny tot, please please please send your Vegansaurus pictures! I promise to post them!

[Edit: there’s actually four shoes coming out in total! My bad! Thanks for the catch, Super Friend!]

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