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Hello, Turn Down Chukka QT

The New York Times' International Herald Tribune did a little feature on Unstitched Utilities, a vegan shoe company that uses Tyvek to make sustainable, theoretically recyclable shoes. And they are kinda hot, you guys.

The totally vegan Hang Up Slip On, in a sunshiny yellow

What I particularly love is that not only are Unstitched Utilities shoes totally vegan and eco-friendly, they are waterproof. This means you can pop out of the house in your cheery yellow slip-ons, get caught in a freak rainstorm, and still have happy, dry feet! Because as much as I love a rainboot, I don’t always want to commit to full-on wellingtons. These are casual and charming and just weird-looking enough. And the men’s shoes are absolutely great, vegan dudes.

Read more about Unstitched Utilities at their site. Wearing stylish, eco-friendly vegan shoes increases your sexual attractiveness by 20 percent, guaranteed.


Men’s Vegan Dress Shoe Round-up: Step Up Your Game, Bros!  »

Hello friends! I’ve been meaning to do a men’s dress shoe round-up for like ever but I totally forgot because HELLO I DO HAVE A LIFE. Just kidding, I was busy watching hulu. But then twitterer @Midnighthaircut reminded me, so here we go!

From Alternative Outfitters, we have the men’s Frey loafer in brown!:

Sorry, Cally is unavailable for comment so you will just have to go with my opinion for now. I think these are BEAUTIFUL.

Up next, the Brogue from Ethical Wares:

What do you think? I think they are a little square but classic.

Here we have the Justin shoe from Novacas (I like the brown ones that Mooshoes has but the pic was terrible so here they are in black. I guess the black is pretty nice too):

Now where I really scored was over at Vegetarian Shoes. They have several I like!

The antique Brogue for the dandy:

The Regent boot:

And the Jenson for the mod hipster:

Of course if you want to be a total pimp, which I know you do, you can get the new vegan loafer from Gucci:

Though the site says they are unavailable and I have no idea where to get these.

If you work in a more relaxed office like mine, you could totally do the Solis from Keep:

And there you have it! The men’s vegan dress shoe round-up! Congrats. Tell me if you get any of them and tell me which you like the best.


I forgot about Bourgeois Boheme, they have some great men’s shoes like this super-sharp Graham above.

Another update! Tumblerer Vegan Shoe Gazer reminded me of the Noharm collection!:

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