Mercy For Animals makes history! First-ever cruelty to animals FELONY conviction!  »

MFA made history last week, when Brian Douglas of Butterball factory farm pleaded guilty to felonly cruelty to animals on August 28th. It was the MFA undercover investigation at the farm in Hoke County, North Carolina that sparked what is believed to be the “first-ever felony cruelty to animals conviction related to birds used for food production in US history.” Douglas will serve 30 days in jail, followed by 42 months of probation, for the horrifying violence towards the butterball turkeys he executed. On August 31, Butterball employee Rueben Mendoza also pleaded guilty to felony identity theft and misdemenor cruelty to animals. He faces a “consolidated sentence of a minimum of 8 months, and a maximum of 19 months, in state prison”.

I can’t watch the undercover video at the Butterball Factory farm. But it’s up on MFA’s site if you can stomach it. To show my advocacy however, I like to sport my MFA “Not Cool” t-shirt around town. If you get one too, we’ll be twins! We can start a club! Maybe wear them to Vegan Drinks so we’ll know to schmooze with each other? If the merch doesn’t appeal to you, you can always donate to the cause as well! Man, I love Mercy for Animals, and the incredibly difficult work they do on the behalf of animal rights.

The little chick in the stomach is saying “Not Cool”. I love, love, love it!

Of course there always needs to be a naysayer, doesn’t there? plays that role well with this article which I think screams, THANKS A LOT CAPTAIN OBVIOUS AND BY THE WAY, MFA IS A VEGAN NON-PROFIT. Rachel touched upon all the same points, about the injustices that the workers must face on on these farms, back in Febuary. I think she covered this issue in a much more compassionate and well-informed (I’m not biased!) way. Thoughts? I noticed there’s nowhere to leave comments, but that might be a good thing considering the comments section usually makes me want to throw myself off a building sick.

ANYWAY. No more turkeys for holiday feasts, or sandwiches OR ANYTHING. Why eat an animal when we can have delicious vegan turkeys???? RAINBOW please order more this season; I did not get one last year and it gave me a case of the sads. Actually no, because I made this delectable tart, but I want both this year!

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“ According to Centers for Disease Control, nearly twice as many people die annually from tainted meat than died in the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001. Making a powerful comparison, Kristof points out that “while the terrorist attacks of 2001 led us to transform the way we approach national security, the deaths of almost twice as many people annually have still not generated basic food-safety initiatives.” „

The New York Times Compares Antibiotic Abuse on Factory Farms to Terrorism. Via MFA Blog.


NYC Vegan Drinks tonight!  »

Ya heard? It’s vegan drinks in NYC tonight and your friend Megan Rascal is PUMPED. I will be there and I will be fun and awesome as usual!


You’ll get an extra hour to drink, eat and donate to Mercy For Animals (MFA) at this week’s Vegan Drinks NYC on Thursday, Apr. 28 at Angels & Kings Bar in the East Village. We’ll get started at 7 p.m. and keep things going until 10. Draft beers and well drinks are $1 off all night!


BEST PART OF THE NIGHT? An anonymous donor moved by MFA’s undercover footage of calves being bludgeoned with pickaxes at E6 Cattle Co. has agreed to match up to $2,500 of our donations to MFA. So, bring your wallets and give big so we can meet (and hopefully exceed) that $2,500 mark and turn our $2,500 into $5,000!

Dang! What is better than getting drunk for charity? NOT MUCH. If you missed the MFA footage at E6 Cattle Co., you are lucky. Plus, maybe you should check it out. It’s not pretty but it will sure get you ready to donate! And donating to good causes pulls mad chicks. That’s what we’re really after, isn’t it? Yes, duh.

So come! Say hi to me! Just look out for the super-attractive woman. You can also go by nametags if you want but really, just look for the hottest chick in the room.


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