OH HELL YEAH: Millennium hosts Sunday Supper at a real-life farm (they exist!)!  »

Dude, we are all totally going to this. Millennium restaurant is hosting Sunday Supper at the Farm, featuring Michel Schlumberger and Tierra Vegetables. It’s on Sunday, Oct. 24, and basically we drive to Tierra Vegetables Farm (under 90 minutes from SF!) and then enjoy a day of pumpkin-carving (HELL YES), a farm tour, and then a five-course family-style meal with wine pairings. It’s $120 each, but that includes tax and tip. Plus: a freaking JACK-O-LANTERN. OMG, I am totally gonna carve “Hide Your Kids, Hide Your Wife" into mine!!! Or maybe a self-portrait; I’m looking to really scare kids this holiday season. If you’re willing to swing by Millennium and take extra passengers, you’ll get 25 percent off the price of your dinner! Finally, a situation in which having a car in San Francisco doesn’t make you a total asshole.

WHAT’S MORE: Genius Chef Eric Tucker, Wine Director Chris Tavelli, and Mike Brunson, winemaker for Michel Schlumberger winery will be at your table to talk about food and wine/maybe ask on a date/publicly molest. 

Millennium warns that space is limited, so call Alison at
415/345.3900 ext. 13 for more information and to reserve your seat at the table.

[photo by Maggi_94 on Flickr]

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