It’s Pi day! Another excuse to eat pie!

Back in January it was National Pie Day, a fake holiday made up by pie marketers, god bless ‘em. But today, the 14th day of the third month, is International Pi Day, a real holiday made up by math nerds, god bless ‘em.

Get yourselves some pie, people! If you’re too lazy busy to bake it yourself, make go to Mission Pie in SF or Souley Vegan in Oakland or perhaps Watercourse Foods in Denver or, um…somewhere in NYC? Help me out, guys! Anyway, the point is to EAT PIE. Do it.

[Pie photo by on Flickr]


Quick-Ass San Francisco Bay Area Thanksgiving Guide!  »

You guys! We’ll add to this but for real right now, here’s what you can do if you have no family because of distance or fighting or deaths or what have you. HERE GOES:

Restaurants serving vegan Thanksgiving!
Millennium is having an amazing Thanksgiving meal, as always. It’s $60 ($30 for kids under 12!), and the menu looks unsane. Go on, get fancy!

Souley Vegan is doing a special Thanksgiving menu (info is further down the post). I’m hoping for a veganized deep-fried turkey leg. I wanna get Medieval on your asses! 

Café Gratitude returns with their FREE VEGAN THANKSGIVING! No matter that it’s raw, it’s free! I mean, you’re already vegan, might as well become a full-on holiday meal weirdo. Oh, and it looks like you might have to work? But, er, FREE FOOD!

If you want to get a meal at a supermarket and bring it home, check out:
Whole Foods
 varies what it offers store-to-store. Our pals in Los Angeles, quarrygirl, got the Whole Foods dinner last year and looooooved it. Search by store location on their site, or give your closest store a call and find out what they’re offering!

Andronico’s has a pretty rad deal at their eight Bay Area locations! They’re introducing a vegan meal this year and it sounds delicious:
Field Roast: Wild rice, cranberry, fig and grain roast en croûte (1 pound)
Roasted root vegetables (1 pound)
Vegan yukon gold mashed potatoes (1 pound)
Vegan mushroom gravy (½ pint)
Cranberry orange chutney (½ pint)
Vegan pumpkin pie (6 inches)

It’s only $30 for all that awesome food! GET ON IT! 

AND NOW: it’s DESSERT TIME! That means PIE!!
You can get vegan options at Mission Pie (order ahead!), Bike Basket Pies (OUR FAVORITES! Best pie in the Bay Area! Order ahead!), or pick one up at Rainbow Grocery or Whole Foods. Also, check out all our our local vegan bakeries and see if they might make you up something special? Bet they will! A cake from Sugar Beat Sweets? Cupcakes from Fat Bottom Bakery? A giant cinnamon roll from Cinnaholic? A toffee treat from Wholesome Bakery? Nabolom Bakery has lots of good vegan options! There are pies and Weekend Ruiner cinnamon rolls from A Fire Inside. Idle Hands Baking Company makes cupcakes and cakes if you aren’t a pie person. Or get a pumpkin pie ice cream cake from Maggie Mudd—that flavor’s coconut milk-based, it’s intense. The options are endless, but you better call now!

Also, if you don’t want others to do the dirty work, you could totally make your own fabulous Thanksgiving, lazy!

Now, let’s get fat, American-style! Happy Thanksgiving!

[photo credits: top, QuintanaRoo; middle, digiyesica; bottom, sweetbeatandgreenbean]


Adopting bunnies, eating ramen, pie making contests & more! It’s your weekend activities!  »

We’re here to make your weekend amazing! Do the damn thing(s):

Saturday, Oct. 16
The House Rabbit Society and Harvest Home Sanctuary will have their regular adoption event today! Go see the bunnies from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. at George in Berkeley! Harvest Home Sanctuary and House Rabbit Society buns will be waiting for you in the Fourth Street Shopping Center at 1824 Fourth St. Why not look at some of them now?

It’s the Berkeley’s Walk for Farm Animals today! Go! Walk! Be awesome and help animals and walk it out for a good cause!

Help a Brother Out bakesale and street food party fundraiser in the mission. All sorts of delicious baked goods (in the afternoon!) and street food (in the evening!) and GO!

SwapSF is back! I feel like this counts as vegan because when people obtain leather shoes or woolen sweaters through trade, they’re stopping the supply-and-demand cycle that keeps new leather shoes and woolen sweaters in production. y/y? Also it’s good for the environment, and SwapSF always has drink specials because the organizers love drinking in the early afternoon. Buy a $6 presale ticket and bring your tradeable clothes to Mighty at 119 Utah St. (between 15th and Alameda Streets); the swap goes from noon to 3 p.m.

Sunday, Oct. 17
It’s the 8th Annual Spice of Life Festival in Berkeley! From 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Shattuck Avenue between Rose and Virginia Streets (five blocks!), there will be all kinds of Berkeleyania—an “eco-carnival,” an “interactive nature sculpture project,” a puppet show—but also awesome foodstuffs from places we love: Saturn Cafe, Scream Sorbet, Flacos; plus some places that sound like they should be vegan, like Raw Daddy Foods, Chick ‘o Peas falafel, Skylite Snowballs; and Chairman Bao makes a crispy tofu bun. Best: it’s free. Have fun, East Bay!

Mission Pie’s fourth annual Pie Contest is today! Did you enter? You still have until 5 p.m. on Friday, Oct. 15 to do so! Just send an email with your name, type of pie, and contact information, then bring your pie to Mission Pie at 2901 Mission St. at 25th Street between 2 and 2:30 p.m. on Sunday!
Did you want to come sample the pies? Show up at the same place around the same time, pie-free. Easy-peasy.

Southern Ramen and Blues from 6 to 10 p.m. at Gravel and Gold—we told you all about it already, remember?

Wednesday, Oct. 20
There will be a protest against the Grand National Rodeo held at the Cow Palace (2600 Geneva Ave. in Daly City) on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday of this week. The protests are scheduled from 6 to 7:30 p.m., and banners and signs will be provided. This is all the information we have now; we’ll give you more as we get it.

Friday, Oct. 22
Next weekend already? Yes, it’s important: Carol J. Adams is speaking at UC Berkeley! The Berkeley Organization for Animal Advocacy put this together; aren’t they great? Ms. Adams will speak from 2 to 4 p.m. in 2060 VLSB on campus; “many vegan treats” will be provided, and Ms. Adams’ books The Sexual Politics of Meat and The Pornography of Meat will be available for purchase.

Even later this month!
On Wednesday, Oct. 27 at the Saturn Cafe in Berkeley (2175 Allston Way at Fullton Street), Stephanie Redcross of Vegan Mainstream will have answers to your questions about making your vegan blog the best vegan blog it can be! This seminar/Q&A is called Unleashing the Power of Efficient Vegan Marketing, is scheduled for 6 to 8 p.m., and is free with registration. Naturally, Karine Brighten Events is hosting.

Don’t forget about the East Bay Vegan Bakesale! It’s happening on Saturday, Oct. 30 from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m., in front of Issues (20 Glen Ave. at Piedmont) in Oakland. All proceeds will benefit Mickaboo Companion Bird Rescue and the East Bay Children’s Book Project. Want to volunteer (of course you do!)? Email the organizers!


Mission Pie Contest!  »

HEY GUYS! Get to Mission Pie this Sunday, Oct. 11 for the third annual Pie Contest! Last year Vegansaurus’ own Laura was awarded Best Vegan Pie for her shoofly pie, and won a sweet Mission Pie gift certificate. And this was before they had made one vegan pie—think of how much more valuable such a prize is this year!

The competition is bound to be fiercer this year, as far as pie goes, so get over there on Sunday with your best dish!—we expect big things from you, friends and neighbors. They’ll receive entries between 1 and 2:30 p.m. on Sunday, with judging (and tasting!) to occur from 2:30 to 4 p.m. Tasting is free!

See you there!


Review: Mission Pie!  »

Mission Pie has a new pie, and finally, finally, it is vegan! The flavor is apple, and at $3.50 a slice, it will cost you as much as a cupcake elsewhere, but it is a hearty piece of pie that you eat it warm, with a fork, and a cup of coffee, and what a wonderful snack that makes! I say this because that was my lunch today, Mission Pie’s vegan apple pie and coffee, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Mission Pie moved into a new building on the corner of Mission and 25th Streets earlier this year, and began baking onsite just a month ago, on Nov. 17. This I believe bodes well for the fate of vegan pies, as the pie-bakers will be better able to meet our demands if they can turn around and bake us up something nice in under an hour.

The crust on this vegan apple pie (of THE FUTURE*) is thick, rustic I guess, and has a nice buttery flavor, although I could not say for sure if they used miracle product Earth Balance. Regardless, it does not contain the products of animal exploitation, and it tastes good, and that is that.

Ha ha NO, a three-paragraph review does not belong on Vegansaurus: we believe in the quality of quantity, as it were. So let’s discuss Mission Pie’s second annual pie-baking contest of Aug. 3, in which three Vegansaurs + Joel entered pies. Jonas made a (key, had there been any such fruits available) lime pie; Laura made a shoo-fly pie; Maria made a shepherd’s pie; and Joel made a tomato and roasted pepper tart. (For reasons I cannot now recall, Joel did not say his tart was vegan on his entry form.)Unfortunately we only have documented evidence of Joel’s tart, but rest assured we were able to taste a bit of each other’s pies, and found them all very good. There was one other vegan entry, I believe it was some kind of seasonal fruit pie, and someone snagged a piece of that for us to share as well. The crowding was not too terrible, and people were able to take their plates outside after filling them with pies (post-judging, the pies were sliced and put out on long tables, for attendees to serve themselves buffet-style).

When awards time finally, finally came, I felt quite confident in the nascent Vegansaurs’ chances of winning. Our four pies were so good! There were so many peach/nectarine/blueberry/boring old egg-and-butter entries, how could we not win at least on originality? Well! As it turned out, the same people who won for Youngest Baker, Best Crust, and Best Overall Pie the year prior won the same titles in this year’s competition, which, fine, all right. However, the good people of Mission Pie also created a new category, Best Vegan Pie, and honored our Laura and her shoo-fly pie with the award! Of course, the prize was a gift certificate to Mission Pie, which at the time made exactly one vegan item, a carrot muffin, and that only occasionally, so perhaps it was not then the most valuable prize. Four months later, it’s all worth it! Right, Laura?

Our job now is to patronize Mission Pie, and eat up all their vegan apple pie, to prove the existence of a vegan customer base and the demand for vegan pies. Because honestly, for me apple pie is OK, but it is not the pie of pies. I want all their pies veganized: walnut, pear ginger, banana cream—wait, gross, no banana cream—whatever “shaker lemon” is, I love lemon pies, and pumpkin. And they’ve got apple cranberry torture pie? Why not throw some cranberries in our apple pies, too, Mission Pie? Vegans love a culinary adventure! OK maybe that is a generalization I have no way of proving, but this vegan loves cranberries above all berries and would love to have a piece of cranapple pie from you. So let’s get to this already, there is pie waiting to be eaten and demands waiting to be made.

*the vegan lifestyle is the future, you guys, come on. the world can’t handle the massive “production of livestock,” that is to say, all the animals shoved together in huge areas, eating unnatural food, ruining the land, farting the atmosphere into oblivion. Tanneries, too, where they take cow and calf skins and magically transform them into material for shoes and coats and bags and gloves and couches and 99 percent of the items worn and used by Folsom Street Fair enthusiasts. You’ll all be in Matt & Nat-style vegan “leather” soon enough, you murderous bastards, even the shoe collectors. First of all, eat some vegan pie, and tell me you don’t get as much satisfaction out of it as any piece of murder pie (death pie? torture pie? this still needs working out).

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