Show off your Mooshoes and your cute pets to win $50!  »


MooShoes and Raven + CrowStudio are running an Instagram contest that ends this Friday. They’re giving away a $50 MooShoes gift card to the person who submits the cutest awesomest photo of their companion animal and their favorite MooShoes purchase.

This is my entry of Mitsy and my super cute grey boots I got a MooShoes like 80 years ago. This is an old pic, the boots have since died. Mitsy is chilling though! Bad ass as ever.

To enter, post your pic on instagram with #mooshoescontest hashtagged and @mooshoes_nyc and @ravenandcrow tagged.

More info can be found on the Instagram post and their blog.


Product Review: Galaxy Nutritional Foods’ new vegan cream cheese!   »

[Totes awesome Instagram pic of the whole operation]

I got a chance to sample Galaxy Nutritional Foods new vegan cream cheese and I give it all my thumbs up! It’s yummy! First I made a bagel with the chive and garlic flavor, complete with tomatoes from my parents’ community garden plot, and it was tasty. I will say that it wasn’t garlicky enough for me—if you tell me it has garlic, it has to be garlicky with a capital HOLY MOLY. But it was good and didn’t have that kind of weird aftertaste some vegan cream cheeses have, you know?

BUT THEN! I decided to take the plain cream cheese they sent me and make vegan red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting! MINI red velvet cupcakes! I made mini bundt cakes too but I can’t figure out how to make them look nice with frosting; they are more glaze-friendly. Now, if there’s one thing I hate, it’s red velvet cupcakes with VANILLA frosting. BLEH! It’s GOT to be cream cheese. I used this recipe and it was good for the cake but I don’t recommend the cream cheese frosting recipe that goes along with it. The frosting recipe doesn’t have any sugar in it and kind of tasted crazy. I looked at every other cream cheese frosting recipe on the internet and they all had two to eight (eight!) cups of confectioners sugar in them, so I added about a cup to my butter-and-cream-cheese mixture. MUCH IMPROVED! My final decision: YUM! Excellent cream cheese frosting! My omni sister loved it too, and my mom said it was delicious and it’s the only red velvet cake she’s ever liked! High praise.

[The only mini cupcake papers we could find in our house were Halloween-themed! SPOOKY!]

The thing I like about this vegan cream cheese is that it’s like kind of tangy—you know how real cream cheese is a bit tangy? Like plain-yogurt-tangy? Yeah, it’s like that. Tofutti and those others totally lack that. Maybe it’s because this is the first vegan cream cheese that’s cultured? Could be! You know how science is! I think this cream cheese would be really good for making those simple cream cheese-based cheese cakes; those should be a bit tangy.

My sister said you can’t tell how small and adorbs the cupcakes are so we took a pic with Mitsy to show scale:

Oh, Mits. 


Big June: Dairy Month AND Adopt a Shelter Cat Month! Guess which one we’re not celebrating  »

Yes, it’s Dairy Month. Eff that noise, dairy-eating jerks! It’s also Adopt a Shelter Cat Month. Yay! I have a shelter cat who is the most perfect little cat you’ve ever met. Oh, little Mits! You’re the cutest! Please stop scratching up the furniture!

Above is Lilac, who is at a shelter here in Brooklyn. You should adopt her! Look at those eyes! Hey, if any of you know of a nice shelter kitty looking for a home, send me a pic during June and I’ll post it! Let’s get some cats adopted!

Here’s some kitty stats for you from the National Council on Pet Population Study and Policy:

Data from shelters participating in the survey done by the NCPPSP for four years, 24.9 percent of the dogs and 23.4 percent of the cats were adopted into new homes. The percentage of dogs euthanized averaged 56.5 percent. The cats did not fair so well as an average of 71.1 percent were destroyed. It is not possible to use these statistics to estimate the numbers of animals adopted or euthanized on an annual basis. The reporting shelters may not represent a random sampling of U.S. shelters.

Dang, 71 percent? That sucks. It’s probably higher now; that study was done in the ’90s, pre-mortgage-meltdown. I hear a lot more pets are being surrendered these days because people are forced to move. The site was also saying that the majority of people get cats from other people they know and not from a shelter—you know what that means? Everybody knows some jerks who can’t spay or neuter their cats or think it’s cute to have a litter. It’s not fucking cute. Get your cat fixed!

I remember when I got Mitsy spayed, she didn’t even care. But she’s a total thug. The day I brought her home after surgery, they told me she might hide for a bit but she didn’t hide or act any different or anything; she was just like, “nbd, just got my kitten-machine clipped.” They shaved a little bit of her hair and put a pain-killer patch on her—kind of cool! I didn’t know they had patches for that. I was supposed to leave the patch on her for four days, but like 10 minutes after she got home, she ripped that thing off! I tried to stick the corners back down but then she was just like, “blammo!” and ripped it off, pulling out fur and whatnot. She didn’t even care! She’s like, “I don’t feel no stinking pain! Pain is for suckers!”  See what I’m saying? THUG. has a nice list of things to consider before adopting a cat, check it out! One such thing: adopt two! Then they can keep each other company, so you won’t feel guilty when you’re working late, leaving poor Lilac* home alone all night. Read the list and then go out and get your cat!

One last thing: I’d love to hear some adoption stories in the comments! Happy adoption stories are the best!

*Or the cat of your choice!


News you need: My Furry Valentine winners!  »

The ASPCA had a photo and story contest called My Furry Valentine. People submitted pictures and the short stories about when they knew it was love with their adopted pet. I entered Mitsy but jeez, our picture was not in league with these winners. Check out Flopsy Lopsy!

Holy cannoli, try not to die! How anyone buys a bunny from a pet store when there are guys like this up for adoption, I’ll never know. Ridiculous.

[Photo from ASPCA contest page]


Christmas at the Rascals’!  »

I got it the recipe for this squash stuffed with apple cornbread dressing from that Philadelphia Inquirer article, and it became the center of the vegan part of our Christmas dinner! Well, we ended up just buying vegan cornbread from Whole Foods. It was supposed to be delicata squash but we couldn’t find that so my mom got this carnival squash instead; it had a sort of pumpkin-y flavor. The cornbread-and-apple stuffing—OH! the cornbread-and-apple stuffing! It’s what stuffing dreams are made of. And one squash is very filling, I could only eat half with all the sides we had. Oh, I should warn you, at one point in the cooking process I got really cranky because cutting the squashes and scooping out the innards was like totally hard and annoying. But in the end, it was worth it! So keep calm and carry on.

Not all my vegan dreams went so well; my vegan popovers didn’t pop! I always get pouty when the omnis eat my mom’s Yorkshire pudding (it’s the food of my people!) so this year we tried to make a vegan version but, alack, it didn’t work. I let my mom make them (I’m so nice to her!) and she’s notorious for adapting recipes, so we can’t be sure what exactly went wrong. Next year, though! Meanwhile, if someone has a killer vegan Yorkshire pudding or popover recipe they want to share with me, COME FORTH AND BE COUNTED!

Here’s my favorite present of the year: Mitsy! Just kidding; I’ve had little Mits for years (and we didn’t really wrap her up)! How many kitties out there went crazy for the wrapping paper and ribbons and boxes? Mitsy was not at all impressed with her kitty-grass seeds from her grandparents but the PAPER they were wrapped in was apparently out of this world.

Another holiday surprise: it snowed! The holiday being Boxing Day of course—it was not a white Christmas. I’ll still roll a snowball in your honor, West-Coasters! Happy holidays to all my pals!


Cats in clothes! Don’t be upset!  »

Clothing company United Bamboo is making their second annual cat calendar! The calender features cat-sized versions of the company’s fall, winter and spring lines. Say hello to the cuteness!

Every time we post about cats in clothes, some people get upset. But really, I don’t see the big deal. Well, if your cat hates it, I don’t think you should dress fluffers up; but if your cat doesn’t mind, I don’t see the problem. 

Sorry for the picture quality (pre-iphone days, the horror!) but below is my cat Mitsy. The sweater vest was too tiny for fat old Figaro (who totally loves wearing clothes by the way. Like, freaks the frick out when I show him one of his shirts. My theory is it’s because we are usually going to a party or something when I put him in clothes and he loves going to parties) so I thought, “I wonder if it fits lil’ Mitsy?” And it totally did! I had no trouble putting it on her, no protests. I would have taken it off her right after I put it on but it was apparent that she really didn’t care that she was wearing it. She went about her business stalking Fig, scratching my dad’s precious oriental rugs, you know, the usual.

Cats can be very communicative when they are displeased—ever heard of hissing? And claws? I think you’ll know if the cat doesn’t like it but if your cat doesn’t mind, what’s the harm?

Finally, don’t fucking tattoo your cats!


Fascist jerky landlords can suck it! (and no, this isn’t about Ike’s Place)  »

Just saw this good news from the LA Times!:

State legislation that would make it illegal for landlords in California to require animal declawing or devocalization as a condition of tenancy passed in the Assembly on a 63-7 vote Thursday…

AB 2743 also would forbid landlords from giving preferential treatment to tenants with declawed or devocalized animals and from advertising in a way designed to discourage applicants whose animals have not been declawed or devocalized.

Yay! Go kitties, shred the carpet, shred the carpet, go kitties! And puppies, your vocal cords will soon be safe!

This seems like maybe it’ll be hard to enforce but still, a very positive step! I HATE the idea of devocalizing dogs. It’s completely crazy. Someone actually suggested I do this to my dog Figaro. I’m serious! I mean, the boy does seem to be 75 percent lung power—he’s loud as all getup. But I’m always like, he talks way less than I do! And everybody LOVES me. But can you imagine? If you couldn’t talk? Barking is just how a dog expresses her or himself; if they can’t bark, how are they supposed to tell you when Mitsy is breaking into your brand-new bag of pita? I ask you!

And declawing—don’t get me started! Did you know declawing is pretty rare outside of North America? BECAUSE IT’S INHUMANE AND CRAZY! It’s illegal in many countries and I swear it’s the same countries where capital punishment is illegal. I’m not saying causation but I think there’s totally a correlation. Countries advanced enough to recognize the death penalty as cruel and inhumane are also advanced enough to recognize the need to protect those who can’t protect themselves—like poor lil’ kitties. It’s like that Gandhi quote, “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.” DUH EVERYBODY.

In other animal cruelty news, here’s Figaro in his latest photo shoot!:

(It’s cruelty because I’m making him read Nathanial West. But I’m like, put down the Cosmo and get some damn culture, Figaro!)

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