Mojave Desert Animal Rescue robbed twice over the weekend, because people are terrible  »

Mojave Desert Animal Rescue is a wonderful and necessary nonprofit that helps out homeless people with pets. They register people’s animals (collecting spay/neuter and vaccination information), and provide food for them. They also provide emergency supplies for homeless people who can’t stay at shelters because they have pets. And over the weekend, some horrible, heartless jerks robbed MDAR’s warehouse twice.

The thieves took almost everything in the warehouse, including “canned food, both for human consumption and for pets, veterinary supplies, jackets, coats, socks,” and they tried to take a backhoe. MDAR founder and Director Annie Lancaster told the San Bernadino Sun

You can tell they just threw things across the room and just completely trashed the place. … I mean who does that? We had signs in there that clearly said we were a charity and there were pictures of the homeless people we’ve helped and their pets and they still had the heart to do something like this? I just don’t understand.

It’s winter in the high desert. People are the WORST. 

You can donate here to help out MDAR. Read more about this gross crime at the Sun.

[Story via Ken Layne at The Awl, where he covers the animal beat! Photo via MDAR]

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