Monkey saves puppy? Monkey saves puppy!  »

I saw this picture and had to share it! It’s a damn MONKEY holding a PUPPY! Can you handle it? It’s actually a downer as the monkey is said to be saving the puppy from the terrible pipeline explosion that just happened in Nanjing, China. Several people died and a ton of people were injured. But the monkey saved the puppy!

Do we have any readers in China? I can’t get any info on this besides the picture. What’s the deal with this monkey? What’s he wearing? It’s either some sort of contraption to keep him captive or he’s totally into S&M.

There’s not even that much info online about the accident at all but according to, this is one of a growing number of industrial accidents in China. This is especially interesting because I didn’t know Time still existed. Time also has pictures of a recent oil spill in China, though not a single one addresses any animals that may have been affected.

Moral of the story: monkey saves puppy!

UPDATE! There’s evidence that the picture is from 2008? WTF? is lying to me! Why does everyone lie to me?! Well there was a pipeline explosion and there was an oil spill but as far as monkeys saving puppies, the jury is out.

New moral of the story: WTF and can anyone shed light on this?


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