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Flacos is an all-vegan Mexican food cart that is at many of the Berkeley Farmers’ Markets!

Did you hear me? I SAID, ALL-VEGAN MEXICAN FOOD!!!

Taquitos, enchiladas, chicken pozole (a hominy-and-veggie-chicken stew of sorts, YOU MUST EAT THIS), tamales, MOTHERTRUCKING CHALUPAS! I’m running for the border, bitches! What?!

Flacos uses all-organic, local ingredients whenever possible and lists their vendors on the website. I love knowing exactly where my food is coming from and that it’s not coming from Monsanto or some shit. But the best part about Flacos is that the food is INSANE. My favorite is the veggie-chicken tamales with homemade sauce, capers, green olives and potatoes inside corn masa and steamed in a banana leaf! It’s truly enough to bring tears to this vegan’s eye. Which is sad because I haven’t cried because of my own emotions in something like five years. But I’ll save that for therapy, not my blog. OR WILL I? Only time will tell, therapy is expensive and this blog is free! Prepare to know more about my mom than you do about yourself.

Anyway, Flacos would be on my I-only-have-24-hours-to-spend-in-the-East-Bay-because-I-don’t-know-maybe-someone-has-a-gun-to-my-head-and-I-have-to-get-out-of-town-really-fast list. So if you actually live in the Bay Area, there’s no reason why you’re not at Flacos right now. I DON’T CARE IF THEY’RE NOT OPEN! I SAID NO EXCUSE!*

*Ignore me, please.

[photo via Flacos]

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