Show off your Mooshoes and your cute pets to win $50!  »


MooShoes and Raven + CrowStudio are running an Instagram contest that ends this Friday. They’re giving away a $50 MooShoes gift card to the person who submits the cutest awesomest photo of their companion animal and their favorite MooShoes purchase.

This is my entry of Mitsy and my super cute grey boots I got a MooShoes like 80 years ago. This is an old pic, the boots have since died. Mitsy is chilling though! Bad ass as ever.

To enter, post your pic on instagram with #mooshoescontest hashtagged and @mooshoes_nyc and @ravenandcrow tagged.

More info can be found on the Instagram post and their blog.


NYC: Come to Mooshoes this Sunday!  »


Mooshoes is having a special sale this Sunday in honor of spring! I think spring is great so it should definitely be honored with vegan shoe discounts. Details:

Please join us on Sunday, April 14. from noon to 6 p.m. for our annual Spring Fling.

Spring is finally here and you need some new shoes to get you started. We have so many new styles to choose from that we don’t want you to have to narrow it down to just we are offering a 15 percent discount on all of our new spring arrivals. We are also offering an additional 10 percent off already discounted merchandise. Prices start at $29.99! 

Expect some fun beverages (spiked or non spiked lemonade, anyone?) and tasty treats from Dunwell Doughnuts to make this shopping day a little sweeter.

Dunwell Doughnuts? Sold!

Mooshooes is located at 78 Orchard St. in Manhattan.


NYC: Sea Shepherd’s Whalentine’s Day Bakesale!  »


Hey guys! The cool people from Sea Shepherd, NYC are having a cool bakesale this Sunday! I’ve been meaning to go to Mooshoes anyway, I’m past due for some new shoes. Well, not really. I just want some. Don’t judge me!

Bakesale details:

What: Whalentine’s Day Bake Sale to benefit Sea Shepherd Conservation Society
Where: MooShoes, 78 Orchard Street, NYC
When: Sunday, Feb. 17th, 12:30-5:30 PM (volunteers and bakers welcome starting at noon)
Join Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, NYC chapter for our annual winter bake sale to support our vital ocean conservation work. From the Cove Guardians in Taiji, Japan monitoring the dolphin capture and slaughter to the partnership with the park rangers in the Galapagos to campaigns in the Mediterranean to stop poaching of Bluefin tuna and exposing the slaughter of seals in Namibia, Sea Shepherd is on the front line of protecting the world’s oceans and marine wildlife. Come eat some savory or sweet vegan treats, purchase official Sea Shepherd merchandise, and learn how you can get involved in Sea Shepherd’s work.

If baked goods aren’t your thing, come by anyway! MooShoes is donating 10% of the day’s sales to Sea Shepherd so you can support marine conservation without even having to chew.

Please bring a container if you plan to take home any of your treats. 
Sign up to bake hereAny questions? Email


NYC: Brave GentleMan sale!  »

Hey people, Friday is your chance to hang with Joshua of Brave GentleMan and get a discount on his superfly shoes! Deets:

This Friday Nov. 30th, Get 15% off all Brave GentleMan x Novacas shoes, in-store only at MooShoes NYC from 5-9pm. More styles are back in stock for this one-day event, and  I’ll be there to help you pick out a pair and hang out.

5pm – 8pm
78 Orchard Street
New York, NY 10002

You should really try to get there kids because these jawns are hot


NYC: The Vegan Bodega is having a pop-up shop at Moo Shoes this Sunday! Holler! I’m very excited about the Vegan Bodega and Moo Shoes is my favorite place (that’s where they keep all the vegan shoes!) so this is kind of perfect. The Vegan Bodega is planning on bringing their A game with these fine products:

Monks Meat (Made in BK) Standard and Chipotle-Adobe flavorsFood for Lover’s Queso DipBee Free HoneeSweet & Sara’s Easter Skippers & SunnysCaviart Seaweed Caviar Baked goods from Gone Pie (Made in NY)Vegan Vitamin D3 from VitashineLip Balm from Pretty Monsters (Made in BK)Vegg, the New to Market Egg Replacer

You hear that? Your chance to get the Vegg! And a bunch of other stuff! Feed me, Bodega, FEED ME!

NYC: The Vegan Bodega is having a pop-up shop at Moo Shoes this Sunday! Holler! I’m very excited about the Vegan Bodega and Moo Shoes is my favorite place (that’s where they keep all the vegan shoes!) so this is kind of perfect. The Vegan Bodega is planning on bringing their A game with these fine products:

Monks Meat (Made in BK) Standard and Chipotle-Adobe flavors
Food for Lover’s Queso Dip
Bee Free Honee
Sweet & Sara’s Easter Skippers & Sunnys
Caviart Seaweed Caviar 
Baked goods from Gone Pie (Made in NY)
Vegan Vitamin D3 from Vitashine
Lip Balm from Pretty Monsters (Made in BK)
Vegg, the New to Market Egg Replacer

You hear that? Your chance to get the Vegg! And a bunch of other stuff! Feed me, Bodega, FEED ME!


Get to work: Vegan business accessories!  »

A pal of Vegansaurus just got a fancy new job and wants to know what fancy vegan shoes and accessories she should buy, so here are some of my suggestions! This is for chicks. Men, check out my men’s dress shoe round-up from last year because that list was the hotness. 

I’ve said it a million times, but Beyond Skin is definitely my favorite vegan shoe brand. Eco-friendly and worker-friendly, they are also beautiful. If you want a simple pump, I love a good kitten heel like the Leona:

I have these and they look sexy, clean, and chic. The low heel makes them good for wearing for extended periods of time. They have limited sizes now (though there’s a few other colors that might be in your size), so get on that if they have yours.

If you want to go with a classic menswear look, I like oxfords like this Antique Brogue from Vegetarian Shoes on Mooshoes:

Very nice. You can go for a Katharine Hepburn style and complete the look! And be awesome!

Sorry for the bitty picture, but I like the Selene from Bourgeois Boheme:

This mary jane comes in black and brown. Black shoes are great for work but you should have at least one pair of brown shoes.

Basically, one pair of brown dress shoes, black heels, and a nice pair of oxfords is a good work shoe collection to start with. Then you can build your collection from there with some more exciting shoes! I love this new Eva flat from Beyond Skin:

I’d expect you have to break these in a little but it will be so worth it! These are very stylish but conservative enough for an office. I love these so very much. Cally says they are great too! So you know they’re great. 

If you want to go taller (and cheaper), Lulu’s is a great resource. I like this GoMax Oksana pump:

I doubt I could wear these but women in offices definitely do wear shoes like this. If you can do it, go for it. 

Now that we have some nice shoe options, let’s look at bags! Matt and Nat is definitely the best brand for vegan professional looking bags. I really like this laptop bag, the Creed:

This is super-pro. It’s classic but sleek and modern. 

Another Matt and Nat bag, the Barnes has that whole lit professor look:

If you have a smaller laptop and want to go more feminine, check out this Taylor Satchel from Reveal:

Very pretty. But my laptop is large and in charge. 

As for other things you may need, a belt is nice. I like the Garrison from The Vegan Colleciton because it has a gold buckle and I’m all about gold (silver is 90s!):

For nice wallets, Matt and Nat is again great but I’m also a big fan of Shiraleah. The Sutton wallet by Shiraleah is pretty smart:

I used to have a Shiraleah but I lost it. It was so great though, really good quality. Looks like Shiraleah has a laptop bag or two as well. 

Once you have your accessories, you can get non-wool trousers and top with non-wool dress coat or classic trench and you are set! Anything else you need to know you can learn from Working Girl


NYC: The Whalentine’s Day Bake Sale is Feb. 12!  »

I’m sure you can read the above flyer, so I will not repeat the details, but I will ask you: What could be better than Mooshoes, yummy vegan baked goods and saving whales?! Pro tip: nothing!

You can still sign up to bring baked goods, all the info regarding that is on their Facebook page. If you are just coming to shop, they ask that you bring your own containers to take your yums home, so we keep the environmental impact to a minimum! Good thinking.

From what I hear, there will be chocolate lollipops, Rice Krispies treats, carrot cake, croissants—not to mention mini cupcakes, mini donuts, and mini pies! I love a mini treat. You know what else I love? SHOES*. So be there or be, etc.

*UPDATE: I hear Mooshoes will be donating 10% of all in-store sales that day to Sea Shepherd! Go Mooshoes!


Worldwide Vegan Bakesale: NYC keeps it real!  »

Real delicious, that is!

Ginger cookies, strawberry jam-filled muffins, and maple pecan buttons

The vegans of NYC were in fine form yesterday, appearing en masse at MooShoes in the East Village for yesterday’s Worldwide Vegan Bake Sale, benefiting For the Animals Sanctuary in Blairstown, N.J. The place was packed and there was no shortage of sweet and savory baked yumminess!

Clockwise from top left: rum raisin brownies, peanut butter cheesecake, five-spice snaps, pesto pinwheels, peanut butter s’more turnovers, strawberry jam-filled muffins

I stocked up on obnoxious loudmouthed vegan buttons over by the register, which were nicely accentuated by pear mojito cupcakes and lemon cake,
smiled at all the incredible stories of happy animals featured by For the Animals, and tried on some super cute vegan rings, handmade with all sales towards the Sanctuary.

Vegan superstar and sweetheart Hannah Kaminsky was there with her brilliant baking bible, Vegan Desserts: Sumptuous Sweets for Every Season.

And let’s not forget the amazing shopping experience that is MooShoes—every time I go there, there’s more and more to love.  Talk about inspiration to get rich!
OMG SHOES, and boots, and bags, and wallets.

Yup, a total success. My Tupperware containers left chock-full of pastry goodness, and it’s SUCH an awesome feeling to know where every dollar went.


The Worldwide Vegan Bakesale is ON, son!  »

Check the site for where your local bakesale is, but there’s some in SF and NYC! Dang, what did you guys do to deserve this? There are THREE BAKESALES around the Bay on Saturday, Apr. 30! That’s a lot of Earth Balance!

Saturday, 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. at Splash Pad Park (Grand and Lake Park Avenues) near the Grand Lake Farmers’ Market

Join us for a yummy vegan bake sale to benefit Harvest Home Animal Sanctuary. We are looking for both eaters and bakers to support our
event. All baked goods are vegan! To join in, email

Saturday, 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. outside of Cafe Trio, 363 3rd St. in San Rafael (Montecito Shopping Plaza)

Looking for bakers and eaters of delectable vegan treats for Marin County’s first vegan bakesale, in celebration of the Worldwide Vegan Bakesale and in solidarity with the people and animals of Japan.

Proceeds will go to Kinship Circle and Doctors Without Borders to support their work, especially in Japan relief efforts. Email to get involved!

Willow Glen (San Jose)!
Saturday, noon to 2 p.m. at Baby Buzz Café, 1314 Lincoln Ave. (in Charming Willow Glen) San Jose.

Stroll the boulevard and have a treat or two, take some home. We have vegan zucchini muffins, strawberry mini cakes, Cho-P-nut butter cookies, focaccia bread, muffins, seed breads, fruit pies, beer bread, Psycho Donuts, doggie treats and more! All vegan, slave-free, and organic! We’re raffling a copy of Vegan Planet, dollar-off coupons, and sunshine and smiles!

All proceeds will go to support of 13th Street Cat Rescue and The Food Empowerment Project. BAKERS WELCOME TO PARTICIPATE! We also need doggie treat bakers! Call (408) 355.0436 with questions.

East-Coasters do not fear! There are also two in NYC this weekend!

Saturday, 2 to 6 p.m. at Pine Box Rock Shop, 12 Grattan St.

We’d love for you to stop by and grab a delicious treat and perhaps a beverage to wash it down. Plus we all know you have a soft spot for kitties and fun!

Proceeds will go towards Power Street Cats' springtime Trap-Neuter-Return project and VegPress' outreach fund. For more info, email

When: Sunday, May 1, 12:30 to 5:30 p.m. at Mooshoes, 78 Orchard St.

We’ll be there with cookies, cupcakes and all manner of deliciousness. The good folks from For the Animals will also be there selling handmade jewelry and answering any questions you may have about the sanctuary. And Hannah Kaminsky, author of My Sweet Vegan, will be there signing copies of her new book, Vegan Desserts: Sumptuous Sweets for Every Season!

All proceeds will benefit For the Animals Sanctuary, Blairstown, N.J. For more info, email

Everybody, get out and get chunky! It’s time to eat for charity!

[Photo from NYC Vegan Bakeslae by Eva Prokop. Try not to die from its cuteness/sanitation issues. Screw it, I’d rather that kitten touch something I ate than most humans, for reals.]


Five vegan heels I’d wear if I hated my ankles  »

Alternative title: I get cranky in high heels. But dang it, sometimes I just want to dress like a stripper. Every time I try though, I become a total asshole. A taller, hotter asshole but still, you can’t go around being a jerk just because your feet hurt. But if I were capable of tolerating them, these are the crazy high heels I would wear!

I enlisted the help of my kid sister Cally as she knows everything about fashion (and very little about anything else!). She’s such a dear, the poor girl. Ever since I found the “gmail this” bookmarklet, she gets gaggles of emails asking for her opinion on every vegan shoe from here to outer space. She’s always nice when she responds and tells me all the shoes I like are ugly. Now you too can benefit from her fashion expertise as all these shoes are Cally-approved! Let’s start this party:

Sea Peep-toe Pump from olsenHaus
. I actually managed to pick this pair out myself! Cally’s thoughts: “
I LOVE these ones. Totes cutes. You could wear them with tons of stuff and they would even be cute with tights in the winter.” Totes.

Galaxy Hokkaido Foster Glitter Pumps from Stella McCartney
. These are the hotness, or as Cally phrased it, “they are like wham bam.”
Wham bam, indeed.

Glamour Pump from Hearts of Darkness by Cri de Coeur at Mooshoes
. This pair I picked out too though it’s hard to go wrong with a black pump. But these are hella tall! And with the amount of whiskey I drink, anything over two inches is just irresponsible. Cally’s thoughts: “They are be-a-utiful. Love a good black pump.”
GoMax Ashland 13 from Lulu’s
. Now these shoes are only $31 which normally I would think is a great thing but I feel like that means you will DEFINITELY break your ankle. Cally’s thoughts on these: “Pretty shape.” Word.

Nashira from Neuaura at Mooshoes
. OK, these are not approved! They are my wild card that Cally officially rejected: “I don’t like the weird colors.” But they remind me of Mondrian and that’s dope. I’d be walking all around like, Check me out, jerks! What? I can’t hear you over how hot I am! Everyone would really like that.

That’s all for today! Let’s all thank Cally for dropping some knowledge.

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