The vegan dopeness: five faux-leather messenger bags  »

What’s not to like about a messenger bag?! Besides the boob-divider thing. But some people find that attractive! I’m not saying you should fill these with PBR and hop on your bike, but they are all cross-body bags and they are all dope. This Espe one from Alternative Outfitters is what inspired my round-up today:

So professory! And at one point or another, everyone wants to bang a professor.

This next one is also from Alternative Outfitters, the Luella by Shiraleah:
I’m in love with this bag, goddang it! And I don’t care who knows! I’m a big fan of Shiraleah, I have one of their wallets and it RULES.

Here’s a hot Matt and Nat number from Mooshoes:
I like odd, shapely pockets. That’s also how I like my men, BTDubs.

Also from Mooshoes, the Strap Hanger bag from Tano:
LOTS OF POCKETS. That’s how you know how important someone is, by how many pockets they need. And keys.

Lastly, here’s a mini messenger from Beg for a Bag on Etsy:
I don’t feel super-confident about the quality of this one but sometimes you just want some damn pleather.

There you have it! Five faux-leather messenger bags curated by yours truly. Dishes are done.


Time Out New York goes (a bit) vegan!   »

Time Out New York has a vegan shopping guide among their many pleasures! It includes MooShoes and Vaute Couture so it’s cool by me. Plus! They have a discount code for many of the shops! Just mention “TONY” and you’re in. “TONY,” get it? Time Out New York! I didn’t get it. That’s why I tell you. Anyway, get on it and buy all the cute vegan stuff in the world and know that your consumerism makes you a better person. True. ish.


Vegansaurus NYC: Pilgrimage to MooShoes  »

My friends! I’ve been to vegan fashion Mecca and I can now tell you with all certainty that Allah loves us! The proof is in all the beautiful vegan duds at MooShoes. OMG you KNOW Megan Rascal was dying, as I do love a nice vegan shoe. And the women working there were very nice! Even though I insinuated that their cat was fat within the first five minutes I was in the store. I’m all class! They have two cats actually who are both large and both adorbs, and apparently one will kill your dog.

What can I report? Matt & Nat are doing their thing with the wallets! Like, whoa. Novacas, olsenHaus (sorry, that’s how they write their name) and Neuaura all continue to hold it down with the hotness in the ladies’ shoe department. I bought a sweet pair of Novacas boots and I also picked up these dope Neuaura oxfords:

I know I’m currently unemployed but I have to go on INTERVIEWS, jerks! If I had to interview someone and they were wearing these shoes? I’d be like, “yes sir, I DO believe you’re a rocket scientist! Hired!” See? Easy. “Work experience” is out, dope kicks are in.

They also had shoes from Keep, some cute shirts by Herbivore and lots of stuff by Vegetarian Shoes. There were many plenty of sneakers for my homeboys in the crowd; I like a nice caramel-colored men’s dress shoe, but I didn’t see any. There were some sharp black ones though, and you guys could step up your game a little. JK! I love you! Take your shirts off! Send me pictures!

Disclaimer!: they totally gave me 10 percent off—maybe because I said I was writing about them; maybe because I’m awesome and people just love doing stuff for me all the time. Another possibility: I spent a shit-ton of money.

Bonus!: It’s around the corner from Babycakes! After I got my new interview shoes, I bounced over to Babycakes and got my interview cinnamon doughnut. No, it was just a regular cinnamon doughnut! Got ya! Oh, you.


NYC Vegan Bakesales for Haiti, Jan. 28 and 31!  »

Ladies and gentlevegans!! There will be two (2!) NYC vegan bake sales to support animals in Haiti next week. The first is at Vegan Drinks at Angels & Kings on Thursday, Jan. 28, 7 to 9 p.m., organized by SuperVegan. More than 20 generous vegans will be baking all sorts of scrumptious confections—cupcakes, cookies, cinnamon buns, even doggy treats—the proceeds of which are going to the Animal Relief Coalition for Haiti and SODOPRECA. Per usual, DJ Lil Ray will be rockin’ the beats. And don’t forget the booze: 2-for-1 during Vegan Drinks!

Because VEGAN BAKESALES SAVE LIVES, Mooshoes will host another on Sunday, Jan. 31, 11:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. Those profits go to Doctors Without Borders. But this is not just a bake sale; it’s also a raffle with gift certificates from MooShoes, Candle 79, Foodswings, Sweet Avenue Bakery, Lula’s, Tiengarden, and a bunch more! Oh my gosh, I want to win one of those! And also help people!

If you’re looking for ways to help animals in Haiti but you can’t tell your ass from the mixing bowl, attend one of these fiiiine events and buy all your Valentine’s Day presents, or donate money directly ARCH or SODOPRECA. Do it!


Flip Winter the Bird with Your Very Own Vegan Boots!  »

Put your sandals away kiddies, winter is here! That means it’s boot season. Don’t let all the Uggs and leather boots get you down, there are plenty of vegan boot options. Where? I’ll tell you where! I’ve searched online and compiled a brief sampling of some of the superfly options available. YOU’RE WELCOME.

First up, Madden Girl Cazino tan pleather slouch boots from Alternative Outfitters. Clocking in at a lean $69, these boots are dope and I want them. Moving on!

I present, the westward bound boots for $54.99 from ModCloth. If you are concerned you can’t pull these off, STOP BEING CRAZY.

Next, we got the Narmada boot on MooShoes. For $165, these riding boots can be yours! And you can pretend you own a horse! A rescue horse you saved from a life of misery in the rodeo! It’ll be great.

Let’s move on to “booties” as they’re uncomfortably called. Vegan Chic has the Narmada boot from Neuaura for $124.99. If you don’t think these are awesome, you are crazy and I feel bad for your whole family.

On the cheaper side of booties (that’s what she said?), here is a lovely pair of boots for Go Jane: the leatherette buckled ankle boot. These bad boys are only $17.70.

For my last act, I am leaving you with an amazing pair of boots you cannot afford. Unless you can afford them in which case, let’s get married! I’m an excellent cook and I’m great in bed. These boots, named Finn (the picture is actually of an older model with a different name, but it’s the same), are made by my favorite vegan shoe company of all time, Beyond Skin. They are 100% vegan AND they are supercool about production, like no sweatshops. As it says on their site, “fret not, no humans, animals or small children were harmed in the making of our shoes.” The problem isn’t the shoes, it’s the damn U.S. dollar! It sucks! We can’t compete with the British pound! So the boots are £ 224 and according to google, today that is $368.50. Yowza. Actually, that’s not HORRIBLE. They last a long time. Anyway, buy them for me! Yay! It’ll be great.

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