Moses, baby orphaned elephant, is the cutest  »

This is Moses. He has a blog. Because he needs one. You would need one too if you were the cutest lil’ ele ever!* 

A very sickly baby Moses was discovered by a river in Malawi. When his mama couldn’t be found (possibly killed by poachers), he was taken in by Jenny Webb of the Jumbo Foundation. Webb is acting as the little guy’s mother until he’s old enough to head out for life on the reserve with his kin. 

Moses gets along great with his current rag tag clan of animals—including Webb’s human baby. Moses is sure to supervise her baths. 

So how much do you want a baby elephant now? Like, so much, right? I guess we have to hang out by rivers in Malawi? I have some vacation days I have to use up. But I think elephants stay with their mothers for like 10 years or so. That’s a commitment. A gazillion pound commitment. In college, I wanted to take guitar lessons but I totally took flute lessons instead because it was the easiest instrument to carry around campus. An elephant is a lot more cumbersome than a guitar. Sigh. I fear I may never mother an ele. 

*Or a highly opinionated gang of vegans

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