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Where do vegans in the San Francisco Peninsula eat? I’m always spending time there with my family, getting dragged to Cheesecake Factory, as I know of no where I can take my omnivorous family that we will all be happy. I hear there’s a Patxi’s down there, which I believe the family could get into (I’d totally get my own personal vegan pizza! I love not having to share food!)

Two new eating options have come to my attention and both look extremely tasty. First there is Calafia Cafe, located in Palo Alto. It looks like omni’s and vegans have plenty of delicious, fancy, entrees, appetizers, sides and small plates to choose from, plus they have gluten-free options! Everyone wins! I’ll have the black bean and rojo tofu tacos, please (I’m kind of obsessed with vegan Mexican food).

Next up, Milk Pail Market in Mountain View. From the website alone, it’s hard to tell if they have vegan cheese options, but rumor has it, they carry vegan versions of gouda, monterey jack and pepper jack. How exciting!

Have any readers hit up either of these places? What do you think?

[crimson quinoa salad photo via Calafia Cafe]


ZPizza featuring Daiya vegan cheese to open in San Francisco!  »

ZPizza is opening SOMETIME IN 2009 (that’s THIS year, fools!) at 833 Mission Street (at 4th Street). Yes, THE ZPizza of serving Daiya cheese fame (it’s vegan! it melts! it stretches! It’s AMAZING!) fame. Quarrygirl reports on ZPizza being super fucking delicious and according to our sources, this is absolutely correct. You can get a super-fancy organic pizza with Daiya vegan cheese DELIVERD TO YOUR DOOR WE CANNOT FUCKING WAIT WE WILL BE BRINGING YOU TO-THE-MINUTE UPDATES ON THIS BITCH LADY.

If you live farther out in the boonies, you can currently get ZPizza in Danville, Fremont, Livermore (opening soon!), Moutain View and San Ramon! (Update: We just called the Mountain View location, and it appears they won’t be getting Daiya for about two weeks, so be sure to ask!)

You can DOWNLOAD (ugh WHY) the PDF menu (ugh WHY) here.

*So that’s SOMA. Why not in the Mission!? Fuck all our current pizza places, burn them to the ground and put up ZPizza, plz! CALM DOWN, I’m kidding! Serrano’s can stay.


Amici’s!  »

Amici’s pizza has seriously stepped up the New York-style pizza game in San Francisco. As of this past weekend, they started serving vegan cheese. It’s melty, gooey, tasty Cheezly vegan cheese* and it is marvelous. A little vegan birdie told me that this would be happening months ago and I dared to dream but didn’t think too much about it because if it didn’t happen, I would’ve been all stabby. But then the day came and vegan cheese is on the menu and, my friends, it is a damn good day.

Amici’s is a local chain with two restaurants in San Francisco and the others spread out all over, from San Rafael to VACAVILLE. HOLD THE PHONE. YOU CAN GET VEGAN CHEESE PIZZA DELIVERED TO YOUR HOUSE IN VACAVILLE?! Yes, yes you can. And oh yeah, they have a pretty large delivery area so check their website to see if you can get it delivered right to your mouth. And the variety of toppings is outrageous. We got our pizza with fried eggplant, slow-roasted garlic, carmelized onions, roasted red peppers and artichoke hearts. It was about $30 for a large but you know what? It will make two meals for two people. Not bad. Also, I have salad makings from Farm Fresh to You so I GUESS I can/should/won’t eat the delicious yet fatty pizza with a disgusting yet nutritious salad. I GUESS. Ugh, why does FFtY not deliver vegan pizza and chocolate bonbon’s?! I’m turning into some unnatural combination of Peg and Al Bundy over here. Help.

So stop reading this and get on their site and ORDER ONLINE (no talking to another human! Can I get a what-what for the technology!?) and have vegan pizza at your doorstep in 45 minutes. Oh and let them know you’re thankful for the vegan cheese and maybe one day soon, they’ll start offering their four-cheese lasagna vegan-style. Hyperventilating at the thought. They could use Cheezly, Dr. Cow, Sheese and Teeze and make THE MOTHER OF ALL VEGAN LASAGNAS!!! Ugh, now I’m Garfield.

*Cheezly is a hard to find British vegan cheese that they’re now selling at Rainbow! I like the extra melty mozzarella and the bacon flavored best. The bacon-flavored cheese is especially good for mixing into creamy sauces, gives them a carbonara flavor! Ow!

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