Don’t pork chop me, bro!  »

One thing I’ve learned from writing for Vegansaurus is that there are a lot of different ideas about what’s offensive and what’s not. I’ve had to alter my language a bit—I don’t write “lame” on here anymore! Not that you cared to notice. BUT my brother and I were talking about all the word-sensitivities and he said we should come up with our own vocab for these things! Problem solved! I like it.¬†Among¬†his suggestions were “Stop pork-chopping me” and “I’m not vealing that,” both very useful. You guys got any ideas? How about something like “cheddar-pusher?” Ooh, or “cow-nippler!” Bring the brisket, yo—I want to hear more!

This is not super related but this whole thing reminds me of the Mr. Show sketch:

[Can’t see the video? Watch it on!]

Don’t pork chop a pork-chopper!

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