Here’s a brand new commercial from Mercy For Animals. It launches today in NY, Chicago, and LA on MTV, VH1, and Bravo, and then also nationwide on HULU.¬†

Say word? MTV, VH1, Bravo and HULU? That’s a big deal! What do you think? Is it good enough to represent us on the mainstream stage? Will it turn-off meat eaters or open some minds? Furthermore, do you think advertising in the mainstream media is a necessity or could it be bad for the veggie and AR movements? Or what? Discuss!


Mercy for Animals is launching this series of commercials on MTV and other cable networks. They are totally¬†macabre, but pretty tame. They show people buying meat that then turns bloody. Then, all these factory farm images go through the people’s heads.

The images they show though are definitely on the light side, upsetting but far from the worst of what’s out there. Maybe they don’t want to scare people off, right? If it’s too upsetting, a lot of people just shut down. These images aren’t super-disturbing, they are mostly really sad.

My only criticism is that they use mostly the same factory farm images in each commercial. They should show a breadth! To be like, yeah, it’s rampant. Because it is.¬†

Russell Brand, are you seriously a vegan now?  »

If you have eyes and use the internet (Twitter), you have probably seen Russell Brand’s claim that he is going vegan! At first I was all, “Oh yeah, Russell, sure. Why don’t you marry Katy Perry while you are at it?” Then I realized I was being such a hater! Dude has been vegetarian since he was 14! Yeah, Russell, watch Forks Over Knives with the Mrs. and go vegan! Do it, PETA’s Sexiest Vegetarian of 2011!

I’m just being a hater because I thought he was hot in Forgetting Sarah Marshall, and then was the funny/OMG so sexy-hilarious host of the 2009 VMAs. Jealousy—it’s not attractive. DAMMIT RUSSELL, WHY KATY AND NOT MEEEE?

The Tweet heard ‘round the world. Or, at least in most vegan circles.


Alyssa Milano transforms herself into “Jersey Shore” cast member  »

Alyssa Milano, who we think is vegan (though not even Google knows the right answer! why can’t we ever tell with actresses! I guess it just depends on what diet their trainers has them on) but who is definitely a vegetarian and friend to animals, just did a video for Funny or Die about what would happen if she were to become a guidette on the new MTV show "Jersey Shore.” It pretty much ends exactly like you think it would.

Alyssa Milano’s Evolution: Jersey Shore.

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