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Hey young world! My brother and I went to Manhattan’s Dirt Candy last week and it was pretty awesome. It’s called Dirt Candy because, like, vegetables are the candy of dirt. So all the dishes are like, “carrot” and then it has insane stuff made with carrots in the description (“steamed barbecue carrot buns, cucumber & sesame ginger salad”). The whole place is vegetarian but almost every dish can be made vegan; there was just one dessert that couldn’t be vegan when we were there. It would be a lot cooler if the whole place were vegan, but nobody besides me is perfect.

My omni brother was sweet enough to get vegan stuff too so that I could try more dishes. For our appetizers, we had squash: “butternut squash broth, squash dumplings, delicata coconut cream” and mushroom: “portobello mousse, truffled toast pear & fennel compote.” The mushroom dish (pictured above) is one of their most popular but we both actually preferred the squash dish. The mushroom plate was very good though and looked pretty with it’s crazy cube of portobello mousse.

For our entrees, we had zucchini: “mint & tarragon pasta, squash blossom relish, yogurt & saffron sauce” and cauliflower: “buttermilk battered cauliflower, waffles, horseradish, wild arugula.” The cauliflower was a truly great concept; it’s the veggie take on chicken and waffles. I applaud the idea, but the execution was not good. Though waffle was good of course, the battered cauliflower was pretty much gross. I assume it was supposed to taste smoked or something but it basically tasted like charcoal. We couldn’t finish it. The waitress was very nice and asked if anything was wrong (“usually the plates are licked clean!”) but I am such a nancy, I just couldn’t complain about it. I know, I’m not doing anybody any favors but I hate complaining about stuff while I’m actually in a restaurant. Outside of a restaurant, it seems I’m totally fine complaining! Oh well. The zucchini dish was really great though. We both enjoyed it. It had miniature falafel balls in it and now I wonder why ALL falafel balls aren’t mini; they are great and adorbs.

My favorite part was dessert! I got the chocolate beet cake! BEET cake! Can you imagine? It was actually like a chocolate lava cake which happens to be my favorite dessert ever. You couldn’t taste any sort of beet flavor, which was fine by me. Maybe it was just sweetened with beets. It wasn’t super-chocolaty but the gooey inside was great! I would definitely go there just for dessert sometime. And wine! You know I love dessert and wine—a little combo I like to call, “reason to live.”

[Photo by Scaredy_kat from flickr!]

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