Ani Kyd’s New EP is Awesome!  »


Let me be real with you: I am not a fan of metal. Or jazz. Or any combination of the two (with the exception of Diamanda Galas. Shriek shriek shriek). I also don’t like new things. But I like Ani Kyd, and here’s why.

Kyd’s new EP Entangle is gorgeous. Kyd’s voice is strong and commanding, the soundscapes are lush (as in forest, not as in me on a Friday night), and the songs are memorable without being too catchy (this is a thing) or too cloying. I probably won’t be singing “it’s like a viruuusss” out loud at the grocery store (like that one time I sang Call me Maybe at Andronico’s because I thought it was on the radio but it was only on in the radio of my mind) but I am pleased when it comes into my head, reminding me to give the album another listen. I am also autopsied by how accessible the music is, especially considering how complex the sounds are and Kyd’s history of recording metal and jazz.

Don’t trust me? (That’s cool, no one does. I’m pretty shifty.) Take a listen for yourself.

Aside from creating an awesome EP (and Kyd has a pretty impressive body of work, otherwise. Check out Evil Needs Candy Too on iTunes), Kyd also hosts a vegan video series where she and her non-vegan (the horror!) co-host travel the country by motorcycle looking for the best vegan products. Yes! Let’s do this!

You can find the EP on iTunes. You can find Ani Kyd all over the world on a motorcycle!


Wouldn’t it be cool if some vegans got married at the Grammys last night? Hey wait, these two did!  »


Are you crying yet? Christine (left) kissing her new wife, Patricia. Lady in the foreground wearing fur, is clearly unaware of how uncool that is. (Photo from Getty Images) 

For those of you who didn’t watch the Grammys last night, SPOILER ALERT: there was a pretty epic, mass marriage ceremony officiated by Queen Latifah during Macklemoore’s, “Same Love.”  It’s no shocker that I cried through it; In fact, I cried while I wrote this article. As Eve Ensler says, “I’m an emotional creature!!”

What’s this got to do with vegans, you ask? GREAT question! 

While perusing Grammy pics on Instagram, I stumbled across a picture of Christine and Patricia Garcia. Not only did this beautiful couple get married in the Grammy wedding, they are also vegan! I used my best lurking skills and asked them for an interview. They happily agreed! So I spoke with the couple and got all the details for you:

Christine’s sister Stacey is friends with the casting director of the show, so she is responsible for their incredible opportunity (sister of the year award!!). Apparently, despite them asking about it ahead of time, there was NOTHING vegan on the buffet between the rehearsal and the actual show (WTH, Hollywood!?), so someone brought them avo/cucumber rolls from Katsuya. Sweet! And thankfully, there were some tasty vegan options at the after party! Woot! 

Christine and Patricia have been together for almost 6 years, and went vegan 2 1/2 years ago (it’s like the old saying goes, “the couple who goes vegan together, gets married by rap legends on the Grammys” *). A talk by Hilda Gonzalez Burdugo and reading Skinny Bitch prompted their decision. Patricia went first and it only took Christine one day to follow suit. They didn’t know any other vegans, so they figured things out on their own before connecting with the community. Now they’re active members of Expand Animal Rights Now, where they foster animals, do outreach to middle schoolers in low-income areas, and are helping to develop vegan recipes designed to feed a family of four for $20 or less. In addition to all this, Patricia is in remission for cancer, something they walked through together. These two women are awesome in so many ways!!! 

They haven’t planned a honeymoon yet, but I made sure to suggest staying at the Wynn in Las Vegas (someone please take me there, and pay for room service!). 

Major congratulations to you, Christine and Patricia!!!! May your marriage be filled with many a vegan cupcake and animal rights protests! 

If you missed their interview on Access Hollywood this morning, you can watch it here, or catch them on The Insider tonight! 


#samelove Photo by Maxi Vasquez. 

*You guys, I made that up. But maybe it’ll start a new trend? 


I’ve been reading Gothamist all morning because I’m a masochist. After several articles about terrible violence, I now totally hate the world. I need a pick-me-up! How about you? Well I found just the thing! This dog is hilar. I love him. 


Hey, Davey Havok, how’ve you been? Looking much sharper than 15 years ago when my brother first started playing your EPs, I must say. Nice to see you’re still living the vegan lifestyle!

Usually we don’t post every one of the 80 billion celebrity Peta ads because most celebrity Peta ads are fameballs looking to build their brand by taking off their clothes (like they’d ever spend money on a fur that they could spend on new glamour shots at a pumpkin patch, ahem), but little Davey Havok here has been vegan (and straightedge) for a long time, and he’s got a vegan clothing line called Zu Boutique whose website redirects to the site for his new book, Pop Kids, which you could win a copy of through peta2. The point is, he lives his truth or whatever, and I feel like we’d be doing the Vegansaurus readership a disservice not posting video of a handsome vegan man with a cat, so, here you go. Vegans 4ever.


Nothing but a Chi Thing  »

Can’t see the video? Watch it on!

Check it out: Andrew McFarlane - CHI THANG. 

So you may find this a little corny but I love it. It’s so happy! And it’s a little more kid-friendly than the other vegan rap song I like:

But “lentil soup is mental fruit” is the greatest line. I believe there’s room for lots of vegan rap songs in the world but which of these two do you prefer?!

PS: It’s a chi thang and it’s all in me! I could be anything that I want to be! (that’s from a little known Salt-n-Pepa B side)


Technology is so amazing, it lets J.Viewz here cover Massive Attack on eggplants, strawberries, mushrooms, a bunch of grapes, a kiwi, and a carrot!

(Source: htthttp)


Wha Me Eat by Macka B! Reader Kirstin M. sent this to me and it’s from 2011—how did I miss this?! It’s the greatest! I love the part where he names all the foods. That’s my favorite part. We should put this in a mixtape that’s just all songs about being vegan, right? Someone prob already has one. I wanna hear it! Then let’s make a mixtape all about microdermabrasion because I have a great song about that.


What are you doing tonight, San Franciscans? Have I got the night out planned for you! Soko, my fave french-indie-rocker-vegan is playing at Bottom of the Hill. Super exciting right? I’ll be there, probably solo, so come on out and we’ll hang! It’ll be like an unofficial vegan drinks, WITH a vegan rock star on stage! I saw Soko at SXSW a couple years ago, she’s the cutest!

(The video I posted is so old, and she probably won’t play it tonight, but it’s the song that got me hooked. What can I say, it’s the story of my life. Dude starts dating a girl from Cannes? I don’t know, it could happen. All I can say is that when I dated my co-worker at the Chicago Diner and he started not being as interested in me as I wanted, I listened to this song a lot. TMI? TOO BAD, that’s what happens when we’re friends. Come to think of it, if you ever bought a baked good from the Chicago Diner, summer of 2007, we were listening to this song while baking/decorating/yearning for air conditioning in that restaurant second story.)


Jeff Mangum is VEGAN!? And he’s on TOUR!? Get a rope!  »

You know, so we can all tie him up and marry him. The genius man-boy behind every hip-and-cool person’s favorite band Neutral Milk Hotel* is on tour, which is something he hardly ever does. Except for the animals BECAUSE HE’S AN AWESOME VEGAN. Of course he is! Look at him cuddle that chicken! I can’t wait for him to perform at our wedding when I marry him!

Because I think we should all get to marry him. I think he’ll love that because he’s not an intensely private person, or anything. You can’t escape love, Jeff. Especially when it clubs you on the head and keeps you hostage in an XL dog crate in the basement. 

So, let’s all go see him! Tickets are on pre-sale now but the password is “layover” so SEE YOU THERE.

Finally, no disrespect, but I totally think Jim Carrey could play him in his biopic. Okay, I guess that was a little disrespect.

*who isn’t Azealia Banks. Lick those gums, lady! Really get in there! Also, love when she does the fake stairs thing. Also, don’t watch this if you hate swears because SHE LOVES SWEARS. 


Boy meets girl, girl turns out to be a vegan hipster. I’m actually not a fan of making fun of hipsters, mostly because it seems like a sport in which only hipsters indulge. It’s like that Stuff White People Like blog: Only white people care so much about stuff white people like. Like, why don’t you go jerk off in front of the mirror. 

What I do like though is how famous vegans are. We are the THE go-to minority now when you want an example of someone totally crazy! “Like, VEGAN-crazy!” Every TV show I watch mentions vegans now. Like in that new show with Christina Applegate (she fucking rules, BTdubs) [Ed.: I object! She was amazing as Kelly Bundy and I’ll give you Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter’s Dead but other than that: NOPE. I’d say more but I’d definitely be extremely offensive and unpleasant and also make some stupid easy joke about how blondes are blonde.- Laura] [Megan note: sorry dude, The Sweetest Thing is a quality film!], she says her cool new neighbors are probably vegans. And on this other show this guy was all, “I’d rather date a vegan than do that.” And really just everywhere! 

I actually don’t know any hipster vegans though; most of the hipsters I know are of the OMG BACON variety. My sister’s most hipstery friend even just sent me a Facebook invite to a pig roast. Don’t worry, it’s totes free-range, for sure.

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