Wha Me Eat by Macka B! Reader Kirstin M. sent this to me and it’s from 2011—how did I miss this?! It’s the greatest! I love the part where he names all the foods. That’s my favorite part. We should put this in a mixtape that’s just all songs about being vegan, right? Someone prob already has one. I wanna hear it! Then let’s make a mixtape all about microdermabrasion because I have a great song about that.


Boy meets girl, girl turns out to be a vegan hipster. I’m actually not a fan of making fun of hipsters, mostly because it seems like a sport in which only hipsters indulge. It’s like that Stuff White People Like blog: Only white people care so much about stuff white people like. Like, why don’t you go jerk off in front of the mirror. 

What I do like though is how famous vegans are. We are the THE go-to minority now when you want an example of someone totally crazy! “Like, VEGAN-crazy!” Every TV show I watch mentions vegans now. Like in that new show with Christina Applegate (she fucking rules, BTdubs) [Ed.: I object! She was amazing as Kelly Bundy and I’ll give you Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter’s Dead but other than that: NOPE. I’d say more but I’d definitely be extremely offensive and unpleasant and also make some stupid easy joke about how blondes are blonde.- Laura] [Megan note: sorry dude, The Sweetest Thing is a quality film!], she says her cool new neighbors are probably vegans. And on this other show this guy was all, “I’d rather date a vegan than do that.” And really just everywhere! 

I actually don’t know any hipster vegans though; most of the hipsters I know are of the OMG BACON variety. My sister’s most hipstery friend even just sent me a Facebook invite to a pig roast. Don’t worry, it’s totes free-range, for sure.


It’s a vegan rap video AND a cookie recipe! From Noah Swords, who once co-wrote a post for us on vegan comebacks!

The song is called “Fuck Meat,” and it is totally NSFW, but you’re not making cookies at your desk so save it for later when you can follow the recipe and play it really loud at home. I don’t know, you guys, I like it. Pretty catchy and also it makes me want cookies really, really a lot.

Thanks, Noah!

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