Isa’s kitty benefit dinner makes me almost wish I lived in Omaha  »

OMG this photo makes me SO jealous. I want to be that woman with the tattoos and great arms holding a heart-shaped bowl of raspberries next to the freakin’ QUEEN of vegan food, my hero Isa Chandra Moskowitz. Who cares that I’d have to go live in Omaha.* Isa I love you!

This pic is from a benefit dinner Isa threw last Sunday, to raise money for Feline Friendz kitty rescue. She’s got a full report on the PPK blog, including drool-inducing photos of the food she whipped up. She says she took extra care because in Omaha, the stakes are high (no vegan pizza raining from the sky).

Maybe we can convince her to go on tour? I guess just continuing to write cookbooks might be enough.

*Actually Omaha is pretty up-and-coming, it turns out. Get in now before it turns into Brooklyn! No offense, Brooklyn!

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