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You guys! We’ll add to this but for real right now, here’s what you can do if you have no family because of distance or fighting or deaths or what have you. HERE GOES:

Restaurants serving vegan Thanksgiving!
Millennium is having an amazing Thanksgiving meal, as always. It’s $60 ($30 for kids under 12!), and the menu looks unsane. Go on, get fancy!

Souley Vegan is doing a special Thanksgiving menu (info is further down the post). I’m hoping for a veganized deep-fried turkey leg. I wanna get Medieval on your asses! 

Café Gratitude returns with their FREE VEGAN THANKSGIVING! No matter that it’s raw, it’s free! I mean, you’re already vegan, might as well become a full-on holiday meal weirdo. Oh, and it looks like you might have to work? But, er, FREE FOOD!

If you want to get a meal at a supermarket and bring it home, check out:
Whole Foods
 varies what it offers store-to-store. Our pals in Los Angeles, quarrygirl, got the Whole Foods dinner last year and looooooved it. Search by store location on their site, or give your closest store a call and find out what they’re offering!

Andronico’s has a pretty rad deal at their eight Bay Area locations! They’re introducing a vegan meal this year and it sounds delicious:
Field Roast: Wild rice, cranberry, fig and grain roast en croûte (1 pound)
Roasted root vegetables (1 pound)
Vegan yukon gold mashed potatoes (1 pound)
Vegan mushroom gravy (½ pint)
Cranberry orange chutney (½ pint)
Vegan pumpkin pie (6 inches)

It’s only $30 for all that awesome food! GET ON IT! 

AND NOW: it’s DESSERT TIME! That means PIE!!
You can get vegan options at Mission Pie (order ahead!), Bike Basket Pies (OUR FAVORITES! Best pie in the Bay Area! Order ahead!), or pick one up at Rainbow Grocery or Whole Foods. Also, check out all our our local vegan bakeries and see if they might make you up something special? Bet they will! A cake from Sugar Beat Sweets? Cupcakes from Fat Bottom Bakery? A giant cinnamon roll from Cinnaholic? A toffee treat from Wholesome Bakery? Nabolom Bakery has lots of good vegan options! There are pies and Weekend Ruiner cinnamon rolls from A Fire Inside. Idle Hands Baking Company makes cupcakes and cakes if you aren’t a pie person. Or get a pumpkin pie ice cream cake from Maggie Mudd—that flavor’s coconut milk-based, it’s intense. The options are endless, but you better call now!

Also, if you don’t want others to do the dirty work, you could totally make your own fabulous Thanksgiving, lazy!

Now, let’s get fat, American-style! Happy Thanksgiving!

[photo credits: top, QuintanaRoo; middle, digiyesica; bottom, sweetbeatandgreenbean]


Review: Nabolom Bakery!  »

I used to date this fool who lived all the way in Berkeley and would occasionally bring me a vegan cinnamon roll from Nabolom Bakery. This is probably why the relationship lasted longer than it should have. Another reason that it lasted longer than it should have is that my neighbors at the time were a bunch of busybody old-lady assholes who would frequently comment on the fact that I had a lot of “gentlemen callers” when in reality most of them were friends or lesbians. It’s like, “I KNOW YOU’RE 10,000 YEARS OLD AND THE LAST TIME YOU HAD SEX IT WAS WITH A T-REX BUT PLEASE MIND YOUR OWN DAMN BEESWAX.*” Every time this d-bag came over, he’d be greeted by flashlights and binoculars. FLASHLIGHTS, PEOPLE. Those ridiculous geezers would peer through their windows in their hairnets, dressing gowns and pantaloons (that was the fashion back then), calling each other to be all, “There she goes again! That girl can’t keep ‘em shut!” UGH.

So anyway, that relationship lived on long past its expiration date because of Nabolom’s vegan cinnamon rolls and good old-fashioned neighborly spite. Also, excellent sex. I think, I can’t really remember actually. I, too, am getting old.

OH AND they have an amazing vegan chocolate cake. And carrot muffin. And lots of other yummy vegan baked goods. Delicious.

*I say beeswax here because you gotta speak to them in language they can understand—you know, whatever they were speaking in South Mesopotamia when those hagathas weren’t HELLA OLD.

[photo via yelp]

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