Product review: Nacheez! Because vegan nacho cheese is the new craze!  »

At Berkeley’s first Vegan Earth Day I got to sample Love and Joy Foods’ Nachheez sauce, with tortilla chips. OMG, it was everything I’ve been wanting out of nachos—sorry soy cheddar, you’ve never really done anything for me. Seriously, Nacheez tastes just like that neon stuff from gas stations (you know, you used to eat it on road trips before you wised up) and movie theaters, except it’s wayyyy tastier and made from ingredients you know and love—not chemicals! Bonus: it’s soy- and gluten-free!

Ilsa Hess is the owner/creator, and she is adorable. The host of Good Morning Sacramento and I had the same reaction! Nachos and mac ‘n’ cheese? Done and done. You can buy Nacheez at Never Felt Better Vegan Boutique, located above Sugar Plum Vegan bakery in Sacramento. Isn’t that convenient? Or if it’s not, it’s coming to new locations soon! Vegan nacho cheese sauce dominating my life isn’t a bad thing, so pick some up for me too!

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