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Never Felt Better, the adorable all-vegan store in Sacramento that we all love, has a Kickstarter to raise money to put in a !!!!VEGAN NACHO CHEESE BAR!!!!  If you’re reading this blog then I’m assuming you love nacho cheese. If you’re reading this blog and you don’t love nacho cheese then don’t be reading this blog, you feel me? JK PLEASE DON’T LEAVE WE NEED THE HITS TO VALIDATE OUR EXISTENCE/LOVE YOU.

Anyway, the money you’re donating is going to support the ONLY all-vegan store in California and nacho cheese and the vegan economy. If you’re a vegan with a little extra change in your pockets, do a solid and kick them some. Also, please see our coverage of vegan cheese because it’s pretty great, if not poorly tagged. FUCKING TUMBLR. Now, some nachos one time for your mind:
[Photo via the delicious and amazing Vegan Crunk!]

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