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At my house, Jesus didn’t have much of a presence during Easter. But candy did! We always did the little hunt with our Easter baskets and whatnot. To bring back that nostalgia for you Easter-celebrators, here’s some vegan Easter candy!
Rose City Chocolates
has a ton of Easter stuff and it’s all totally adorbs. Except that big bunny in the middle keeps undressing me with his eyes. Goddamn buck-toothed perv.

put together this nice basket of goodies. The work is all done for you! Lazy bones.

A chocolate basket straight from Sjaak’s! What a coincidence, that’s my favorite kind of basket! Plus, it’s organic and fair-trade. Holler at your ethics! Most of their other vegan Easter stuff is sold out so don’t procrastinate.

From Chocolate Decadence. This link wasn’t working for me today but hopefully it will be up later. Because those eggs are three inches of pure vegan yum! Ew, that sounds gross, Megan.

From Sweet Earth Chocolates. The dark chocolate caramel are vegan. They have little vegan chocolate bunnies too! Plus they are also organic and fair trade. That makes it taste better!

From NOWheyCandies on Etsy. Isn’t this guy cute? I just want to eat him up! And I could! Because it’s chocolate! This one is also gluten-free for our gluten-free pals. Congrats!

I was inspired to make this list by Bay Area Bites and Happy Vegan; they both made vegan Easter candy lists so def check those out. And there’s always Laura’s vegan creme egg taste-off¬†and all of our Easter posts where we talk about shiz like delicious vegan peeps! I was also inspired by chocolate and my main man Jesus.

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