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I love Colorado! But I’ve got a bunch of new reasons to love it more! I thought I’d share just to be a bitch and make you jealous. Or maybe to convince everyone on the coasts that the center of this country has something to offer other than Tea Parties and rodeos. 

  1. VegNews reports that Native Foods Cafe plans to open 15 new locations this year. They were supposed to come to SF and never did, so I’m dubious, but one of those alleged new spots is Boulder AKA Berkeley of the Mountains, home of my office. Chicken Run Ranch Burgers for me EVERY DAY! Don’t fail me, NFC, or there WILL be trouble. Like an angry email, maybe?
  2. This Sunday, Denver’s getting a pop-up vegan market! Boom, town is instantly cooler! Plants And Animals (host of Chomp) is teaming up with Portland’s Food Fight grocery to bring rad things to my city without me even needing to use the internet! I’m so psyched, everyone who’s anyone is gonna be there, including Beet Box vegan bakery and the Denver Seitan Company!
  3. The Vegan Van! Check this: D-town has its very own brand-new fully-vegan food truck! I got to hang out next to its founder, Amie, at the Avocado Takedown a while ago and her food was TO DIE FOR. I actually might have to kill myself to get a chance to try this stuff, that’s how literally I intend that idiom. Or maybe I’ll just go find her on Sunday at the Neat Market and send you photos! Maybe that!
  4. Google Offers has 50% off right now at Watercourse Foods, my current favorite restaurant. Three words: Seitan Hot Wings. I done bought 4 coupons, everyone’s invited!

Oh so you want to come visit now? Fine, fine, I might even let you stay at my house. Maybe. Only if you bring the whole Berkeley Bowl with you.

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