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Another lovely Eastern European supermarket is Net Cost Market, at 2257 E. 16th St. off the Neck Road stop on the Q (way down in South Brooklyn). It’s worth visiting for several reasons, and only one of them is the food. Like so many tiny cultural bubbles in New York, it’s a completely different country. I’m not exactly sure whether that country’s Russia, or Poland, or what. Shuddup, I can’t read Cyrillic. But it’s a CRAZY COUNTRY.

There are a platoon of imperious women in large fur coats and blue eyeshadow, striding around like queens, barking orders in Czech? Latvian? Estonian? at their husbands. The supermarket has an entire AISLE for boxes of chocolate. Another aisle is devoted to cheap tea and odd jam. Yet another aisle is reserved for pickled vegetables; mushrooms, tomatoes, onions, in jars as small as a fist and as large as a jug.

There’s a wall of freshly baked bread—the loaves shaped like horseshoes are $2, a dark rye blend, and some of the most delicious, squishy, yeasty bread I have ever eaten. They’re on the left, in the cubby next to the bread counter.

The produce section looks fantastic, but some things are bargains while other things are expensive. They had seven varieties of pears, at least that many types of apples, and several were mondo cheap.

This supermarket, if you are anything like me (which, I dunno, I  like reading historical novels, OK?), will make you imagine that you are living through a Russian winter, a stranger to the icy steppes. As you pore over the sour cherries in syrup, the eggplant spread, the boxes of tea, you’ll feel swept up in a romantic tide of expatriation. It’s a good way of dealing with those “winter blues” that make you want to “break things.”

It’s also an ace location to take pictures of people, as long as they don’t see you do it! Net Cost Market is open from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m., seven days a week.

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