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Last week I put up a tempeh recipe that even tempehphobes are into and we’ve featured In the Mood for Food dinner parties before. NOW TWO WORLDS COLLIDE. OR SOMETHING.

Philip GelbĀ  & Co. have released a line of artisan tempeh and it’s the best damn tempeh I’ve ever eaten. You don’t even have to steam this stuff before you cook it, it’s already tender and delicious. OH DON’T BELIEVE ME? Well, would you believe MILLENNIUM?* That’s right, Millennium has started serving Dragon Lines Tempeh because it’s so g-d good.

If you want some now, you have to order directly from them. It’s easy, just email and ask how you can get a bunch delivered to your face. You really should because this stuff is truly the best tempeh a person can eat in the entire world and you’re not better than Millennium, okay?

That’s all I got right now. I’m not feeling very writerly today. Or swearly even. I don’t know, maybe I’m dying.

*Also, screw you, I’m hella trustworthy in matters of food.

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