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First of all, SO FLATTERED: We’re on Carpe Vegan’s neat Vegan 100 list: vote us to the top! Also, the San Francisco Bay Guardian totally gave us a Best of the Bay 2011 award for “Best Righteous Vegan Sass” (WHAT?) and we’re extremely pleased and honored and in very fine company so WOO AWARD WINNERS WHAT? 

Apparently in Bosnia, they make bulls fight each other and they used to beat them up first to get them angry. They aren’t going to do that anymore—the beating part at least. A win? Why do people like these crazy events?

Yo! The U.S. (where I keep all my stuff) may impose sanctions on Iceland for whaling! I HOPE THOSE ICELANDIC FUCKERS GET WHAT THEY DESERVE.

Good has a vegan guide to getting it on. Like, sex. 

Downer about dead baby dolphins over at HuffPo.

Birds massage each other! Birds are so smart! And kinky!

Hey, New York! Yankee Stadium will soon have vegan SNAX provided by Babycakes! LUCKYYYY.

The emperor penguin Happy Feet (gag on the name, but whatevs) is recovering well, and here’s a video of him passing his penguin physical.

Guys? The Post-Punk Kitchen doesn’t update a lot, but when it does, OMFG. I would eat an entire loaf of bread’s worth of these sandwiches, in one sitting.

Whaling is a slowly dying form of murder, so we’re happy to see that Japan is hopping on the bandwagon. The country’s Fisheries Agency has released a report with its first-ever mention of discontinuing research whaling as a viable option.

The lovely Sarah M. Smart heavily contributed to these links! Thanks, Sarah!


Vegansaurus NYC: pierogies from Union Market!   »

If you live in Brooklyn, you may be familiar with Union Market; it’s that expensive but really convenient place. I was there the other day buying pineapple as usual when I saw they had these pierogies! I checked the ingredients and they’re vegan! They have potato, and potato and spinach (they have cheese and potato too, but yuck). The pierogies are Union Market’s own brand; I don’t know where they’re made. They are near the milks, surrounded by a bunch of obnoxious non-vegan fancy-pants pasta. Jeez, pumpkin ravioli, get over yourself.

I eat mine with applesauce and I would eat it with Tofutti sour cream too if I had any on hand. The ingredients are so simple, it seems like I could make pierogies pretty easily! If I had any counter space! And the desire to do stuff!


Hey New Yorkers! The Veggie Prom is May 13!  »

Holy cannoli, I love a school dance! So I am more than excited about the Veggie Prom. But I need a date, and I have a month to get one. OK, Megan, you can do this!

From the press release (so pro!):

Veggie Prom Party Kicks off NYC Veggie Pride Weekend on May 13 at Public Assembly (Williamsburg, Brooklyn)
Veggie Prom returns for a second year of drinking and dancing in honor of NYC’s veggie community. People of all dietary persuasions are invited to attend the party, slated for Friday, May 13 at Williamsburg’s Public Assembly. As party organizer Jessica Mahady of Veggie Conquest says: “This is a chance for a compassionate community to come together to celebrate!”

In addition to drinks and dancing, the party promises to serve up free vegan snacks, desserts, and door prizes for a lucky few. NYC’s vegan DJ Lil Ray will keep the dancefloor moving with prom classics and favorites from across the generations. Partygoers are encouraged to dress up in creative prom-wear and vote for their favorite activist to be prom king and queen. For the most up-to-date list of sponsors and giveaways and to submit a prom court nomination, visit

Tickets are on sale now through the Veggie Prom website, and if there are remaining tickets, they will be available at the door ($10 advance/$15 at the door). Public Assembly is located at 70 North 6th St. (L to Bedford). No date necessary to attend!

I guess I can go stag! Regardless, I’m terribly excited. YOU KNOW your friend Megan Rascal likes to light up the dance floor. But don’t worry if your skills aren’t as great as mine; it’s like Miriam Makeba always said: If you can walk you can dance. If you can talk you can sing.

See you there!


Vegansaurus NYC: Dirt Candy!  »

Hey young world! My brother and I went to Manhattan’s Dirt Candy last week and it was pretty awesome. It’s called Dirt Candy because, like, vegetables are the candy of dirt. So all the dishes are like, “carrot” and then it has insane stuff made with carrots in the description (“steamed barbecue carrot buns, cucumber & sesame ginger salad”). The whole place is vegetarian but almost every dish can be made vegan; there was just one dessert that couldn’t be vegan when we were there. It would be a lot cooler if the whole place were vegan, but nobody besides me is perfect.

My omni brother was sweet enough to get vegan stuff too so that I could try more dishes. For our appetizers, we had squash: “butternut squash broth, squash dumplings, delicata coconut cream” and mushroom: “portobello mousse, truffled toast pear & fennel compote.” The mushroom dish (pictured above) is one of their most popular but we both actually preferred the squash dish. The mushroom plate was very good though and looked pretty with it’s crazy cube of portobello mousse.

For our entrees, we had zucchini: “mint & tarragon pasta, squash blossom relish, yogurt & saffron sauce” and cauliflower: “buttermilk battered cauliflower, waffles, horseradish, wild arugula.” The cauliflower was a truly great concept; it’s the veggie take on chicken and waffles. I applaud the idea, but the execution was not good. Though waffle was good of course, the battered cauliflower was pretty much gross. I assume it was supposed to taste smoked or something but it basically tasted like charcoal. We couldn’t finish it. The waitress was very nice and asked if anything was wrong (“usually the plates are licked clean!”) but I am such a nancy, I just couldn’t complain about it. I know, I’m not doing anybody any favors but I hate complaining about stuff while I’m actually in a restaurant. Outside of a restaurant, it seems I’m totally fine complaining! Oh well. The zucchini dish was really great though. We both enjoyed it. It had miniature falafel balls in it and now I wonder why ALL falafel balls aren’t mini; they are great and adorbs.

My favorite part was dessert! I got the chocolate beet cake! BEET cake! Can you imagine? It was actually like a chocolate lava cake which happens to be my favorite dessert ever. You couldn’t taste any sort of beet flavor, which was fine by me. Maybe it was just sweetened with beets. It wasn’t super-chocolaty but the gooey inside was great! I would definitely go there just for dessert sometime. And wine! You know I love dessert and wine—a little combo I like to call, “reason to live.”

[Photo by Scaredy_kat from flickr!]


It’s time to do stuff! Shut down fur stores, help animals in Japan and join the Great American Meatout in this week’s link-o-rama!  »

Have you been thinking about the animals affected by the earthquake and tsunami in Japan? Well, @FigaroRascal’s favorite paper, the Anipal Times, has posted a wealth of information on how the situation with animals in Japan is being handled as well as what you can do to help. GO! READ! HELP!

Lunch Box Bunch had a post this week with 15 food photography tips! I need to read them. Shut up! I do the best job my iPhone can do.

Bay Area vegan Ai Hiruma-Martinez of If Martha Was Vegan got a recipe published in Rachel Ray’s magazine! Go Ai! It’s a quinoa salad. Pick up your copy of the magazine and tell them you love vegan recipes! In other news: I find Rachel Ray insufferable, anybody with me?

If there’s one thing I love, it’s bechamel sauce! I started following this French blog on twitter and they posted this super-looking bechamel recipe. I plugged it into google translate and it doesn’t look that difficult! What’s your favorite recipe that calls for bechamel sauce? Tell me now! I’m hungry!

The oldest wild bird in the northern hemisphere, a 60-year-old albatross named Wisdom, totally got her groove back! Wisdom has a new chick! She is amazing scientists with her longevity and fertility. God bless you and your libido, Wisdom.

Hey, ever wonder what a gay rights activist thinks about being vegan? Check it out!: Being Vegan is SO Gay!

Hey, ever wonder what Glamour magazine thinks about being vegan? Check it out!: Why is Everyone Going Vegan?

Hey sandwich-lovers! Check out this list of the seven best vegan sandwiches in New York for under $7! GIVE THEM TO ME.

Now here’s something, from, a successful grassroots model to shutting down fur stores! Successful stuff is like my fave.

What are you doing this weekend for Meatout? You are supposed to host a meat-free event and get the people excited about vegan food! DO IT! OR go to an event someone else is hosting like this one in San Francisco:

What: Vegan Feed-in, leafleting, and signs at the March & Rally to Stop the Wars
When: Saturday, Mar. 19 at noon.
Where: UN Plaza
RSVP: Contact FARM’s new West Coast Coordinator, Alex Felsinger;


Chow Down and All-Star Veggie Panel! It Was Crazy!  »

[Can’t see the video? Watch it at!]

Like I mentioned on Friday, I went to a screening of Chow Down on Saturday. The movie was good; I liked it. It was hokey as fuck with all these cartoons and shenanigans but it was informative and comprehensive despite the scientific subject matter. The film focuses on two men who are faced with surgery for heart disease. Instead of surgery, both men opt to work with Cleveland Clinic doctor Caldwell B. Esselstyn and follow a “plant-based diet.” The results are very impressive; both men hadn’t had a single coronary indecent since changing their lifestyle even though they were told they would die without surgery.

The other aspect of the movie that was very interesting is it really goes into the business of nutrition in America. It has a lot of information about the hold that the milk and dairy lobby has on the USDA and the huge conflict of interest the government organization has when it comes to being a.) responsible for national nutrition recommendations and b.) in charge of promoting American agriculture. The film interviews the woman who created the first food pyramid and even then, the main component of the recommended diet—the bottom of the pyramid—was supposed to be fruits and veggies. The government rejected that and replaced the bottom with good old American grain. Ultimately, the first food pyramid was bagged altogether under pressure from the meat industry. What a tangled web we weave!

Guess what else: it was made by some Philadelphians! I knew the one guy in the movie was Philadelphian as soon as he opened his mouth. Hilarious.

So that’s the movie; it was fine, good even. But THEN! It was time for the Q&A with the all-star panel! This is when things took a turn for the awful. OMG I think I hate vegans! I know, I can’t believe I said that but these people were kooks! And so like cocky and self-promoting! Maybe I’m overreacting; it wasn’t really the panel that got to me, it was more the Q than the A. The panel included Gene Baur of Farm Sanctuary; Michael Parrish Dudell of Ecorazzi; Simone Reyes, some chick that’s on Running Russell Simmons (haaa, that was a hilarious inclusion); Victoria Moran, super-author; Alexandra Jamieson, super-author, Top Chef veganizer, and co-star of Super Size Me; and Gary Null, crazy-ass mofo. Also on the panel were Julia Grayer and Gage Johnston, the filmmakers.

I really liked Jamieson and Moran; Dudell was good and I liked him, but he said he would be a strict moderator and ended up being a total nancy. That was the problem: crazy people in the audience kept hijacking the discussion! They would make these barely understandable rants with the only question being like, “What are your thoughts on my rant?” I forgot how much I hate Q&As! I used to go to them for films all the time when my mom worked at the Philly Film Festival. You have these really interesting people there but all you end up hearing all about are the trials and tribulations of various audience members trying to get funding for their own projects. It’s the same with authors: “But how do I get my book published?” Oy! Give me a break.

The crazy audience was only half the problem; the other half? Crazy-ass Gary Null. Oh my god, I did a face-palm whenever he started talking. He’s a complete nut. Like Christopher Walken on crack. He only made sense half the time and he kept talking about getting people to be vegan through spirituality, which just isn’t my bag. The worst was that he was like making sermons with dramatic pauses and bringing in Martin Luther King and crap. And he kept directing his rants at the panel too—who the eff are you to lecture them? If I were the panel, I’d be like, Screw you, bro. And he barely let anyone else talk.

One theme that emerged in the questions was about inclusion and how to unite vegans; THEN at the end, this woman who organized the event came up to speak about this initiative she organized called NYC Goes Vegan. The whole event was supposed to kick off the start of this 21-day challenge. Granted, she was not the most eloquent and she really didn’t promote her initiative very well, BUT! The same people who were talking about uniting vegans and asking what we can do to reach the mainstream started talking straight-up shit on this woman WHILE she was talking! She was a very attractive, model-looking woman and she looked about 26—though she’s actually 38—and made a comment about facing old age and the older women around me like ‘bout had a mutiny! And they were talking trash on her “Valley Girl” speech. Is that how you spell inclusion?! Just petty. I was shocked. I wanted to stop being a vegan just to spite these people! Don’t worry, still vegan (I know you were worried).

Basically, your friend Megan was about to bust heads. It was a shame. I wanted to hear more from the filmmakers, like why they avoided the word “vegan” in the movie, and if the doctors are hesitant to talk about veganism and deliberately stick to “plant-based diet.” I would have also liked to hear a lot more from Moran, she was kind of awesome but didn’t speak much.

The movie was pretty good though and you can actually watch it RIGHT NOW on hulu. It’s only an hour long, you can handle it.


Vegansaurus NYC: Foodswings!  »

Jesus Christmas, this is my new favorite place! It’s in Williamsburg, which I am finding out is not the most annoying place in the world after all; they do gots the good vegan food, that’s for sure. Foodswings is a self-proclaimed “fast food joint” and I got the cheese fries to prove it! The cheese fries were not amazing but they were definitely good in that, “yowza are these bad for me!” way. What really stole the show for me though was the chicken cutlet sandwich—it was off the hook! And it comes with soy mayo! You can get vegan bacon on it and all kinds of stuff but I went a little plain-jane with it. Next time, the works! My omni companion got the sausage and pepper hero and I was nice enough to try it and confirm it was delicious as well. The grilled onions and peppers on it were very fresh and yummy. The roll was great too; like, we talked about it. 

The one downer was the side of fried plantains my friend got. They were actually battered and fried and they just didn’t really have any flavor. But the menu is big and diverse! There is plenty more to keep you busy. Oh! And BONUS: they sell Lula’s ice cream! Oh! And another BONUS: It’s full of good-looking people. So really the only downer is that I don’t live upstairs from this place! Seriously, let’s all move in there and eat vegan fast food and die slightly slower than the rest of our compatriots!


Nope, it’s Edward Cullen CAT! He (or she!) was one of the many entrants in the North Shore Animal League’s Fashionable Feline Extravaganza! It was held yesterday in the Algonquin Hotel in New York City, to celebrate Matilda the cat’s (of the Algonquin Hotel Matildas) birthday. Also, of course, as a benefit for the “largest no-kill animal rescue and adoption organization in the world.”
Refinery29 was at Wednesday’s Extravaganza, and oh, the pictures they’ve posted. Oh, the indignities these Fashionable Felines suffered. Although dressing a hairless cat (why hairless cats? It seems so cruel) as the Mad Hatter or “ancient Egyptian” is still significantly less insane than tattooing the poor creature.
[photo by Sarah Cates]


Nope, it’s Edward Cullen CAT! He (or she!) was one of the many entrants in the North Shore Animal League’s Fashionable Feline Extravaganza! It was held yesterday in the Algonquin Hotel in New York City, to celebrate Matilda the cat’s (of the Algonquin Hotel Matildas) birthday. Also, of course, as a benefit for the “largest no-kill animal rescue and adoption organization in the world.”

Refinery29 was at Wednesday’s Extravaganza, and oh, the pictures they’ve posted. Oh, the indignities these Fashionable Felines suffered. Although dressing a hairless cat (why hairless cats? It seems so cruel) as the Mad Hatter or “ancient Egyptian” is still significantly less insane than tattooing the poor creature.

[photo by Sarah Cates]


You guys already know how I feel about animals in people clothes (LOVE), and how I feel when Cute Overload features rescued animals (LOVE, MUST POST). These two minor, entirely healthy obsessions come together in this video of Angelo, the cutest fucking lamb in the entire world. Look at him sproing! Look at him wear a sleeveless turtleneck sweater—perhaps the only instance of a turtleneck sweater ever looking good on anyone, ever (seriously they’re awful)! Look at how teeny tiny he is compared to the giant pig! Look at him EAT FLOWERS!

Excuse me if I never post again, I may have died of an actual cute overload. Thanks, Farm Sanctuary, for being so unbelievably great.

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