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Vegansaurus regular, very fashionable lady, and apparel design student¬†focusing on all things vegan Vi Zahajszky started Plantmade,¬†a blog that’s all about the ins and outs of being vegan and not looking like a scrub. I know you’re incredibly good-looking and well put together but I have two modes: baby hooker, or the bird lady after she’s been electrocuted. Anyway, she’s planning on having guest posts from minds behind the biz, cute and ethical fashion tips, and just generally stylish shit. Check it out! And buy me these for when I want to rock the electrocuted bird lady and baby hooker at the same time:

I kid; someone more fashionable and not as obviously insane as I would look adorable in them rainy day hookin’ boots. And to whoever you are, I say: GET IT.

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